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Lasergunner posted this 01 July 2017

FRIDAY, APRIL 11, 2008


Custom Level 2 / 3050 Clan  Biped 80 Tons
ArcAngel Macross Manufacturing
Warlord IIC DBM (The Drawing Board) File

Faction Availability


Equipment   Mass

Cockpit: Standard 3T

Engine: XL 320 11.5T

Gyro: Standard 4T

  Walk: 4 MP

  Run: 6 MP

  Jump: 0 MP

C Double Heat Sinks: 23 [46] 13T

  12 in Engine

Actuators: L: Sh+UA+LA, R: Sh+UA+LA

  Internal Structure Armor

  C Endo-Steel Standard

Tons 4 15.5

Head 3 9

Center Torso 25 38/12

L/R Torso 17 26/8

L/R Arm 13 26

L/R Leg 17 34



Battle Value: 2206

C-Bill Cost: 18,481,801

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

2 C ER Large Laser LA 2 8

2 C ER Large Laser RA 2 8

1 C Gauss Rifle RT 6 12

1 Ammo (Gauss Rifle) 8 RT 1 1

1 C Double Heat Sink CT 2 1

5 C Double Heat Sink LT 10 5

1 C Double Heat Sink RT 2 1

1 C Double Heat Sink LA 2 1

1 C Double Heat Sink RA 2 1

1 C Double Heat Sink LL 2 1

1 C Double Heat Sink RL 2 1


40 29


The Warlord IIC was one of the Smoke Jaguars favorite designs during the Golden Century. Like many standard battlemechs that used expensive technologies (such as extra-light engines) it fell out of favorite after the introduction of the omni-mech. However, its effect of Smoke Jaguar tactics and design philosophy cannot be underestimated, as over almost a hundred year after abandoning the Warlord IIC, they created a spiritual successor: The Warhawk (Masakari).


The Warlord IIC includes elements from both Warlord mechs developed by Macross Manufacturing, while adding numerous new features, first most is the extra-light engine. The reduced engine weight allows the Warlord IIC to carry 15 and a half tonnes of standard armour in addition to the Warlord I's trademark Guass Rifle while running at 64 kph. Descended from the Warlord II is the mechs primary armament: paired ER Large Lasers (remarkable similar to the paired ER PPCs on the Warhawk Prime). 23 double heat sinks keep the mech cool under most conditions, but the Warlord IIC did have a tendency to overheat during longer engagements.

Configuration / Variants:

Given the Warlords IIC popularity, it is surprising that there are only a few recorded variants, which feature replacement of the Guass Rifle with either an Ultra Autocannon 10, or an LB-10X Autocannon. The freed mass is used for additional heat sinks, or in a few isolated cases, jumpjets.

Battle History:

The Warlord IIC was at the fore front of every major battle that the Smoke Jaguar fought during the Golden Century. All things considered, it is ironic that the Warlord IIC pilots played a critical role in the Trial of Possession where the Smoke Jaguars obtained omni-technology.


No clan currently deploys the Warlord IIC. The last known functioning models were destroyed by Task Force Serpent on Huntress.

User Reviews

4/13/2008  ArcAngel
Thank you for your reviews.
Ice, that is exactly what I have been going for with the entire Warlord series.
As for it needing a crit-seeker, the LB-10X version is listed in the variants, but I though a guass rifle would fit better with the other Warlords.

4/12/2008  Ice Hellion
To me it looks like a Marauder with a heavier firepower.

Nice job (and for the crit-seeker, it is easy: just drop the Gauss Rifle for a LB 10-X).

4/12/2008  Prince of Darkness
Can I say anything?

It's a clanner's dream machine- XL and tons of ranged firepower.

4/12/2008  Ogre4Hire
Damn! That's a seriously unpleasant machine. One ton of Gauss ammo is a bit painful, but it's still a scary design.

4/11/2008  LostInSpace
Ouch! The only thing this lacks is a backup crit-seeker and I don't think it would fit without some serious sacrifice. I'm amazed you managed to cram all those heat sinks in.