Designer: Blue Lord / Armory: Dark Mage Industries

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Lasergunner posted this 01 July 2017

UPDATE: 6/10/2006

Imp DMI-1

Level: Custom Level 1 / 3055

Technology: Inner Sphere Biped

Tonnage: 25 Tons

Designer: Blue Lord

Armory: Dark Mage Industries


Faction Availability

Magistracy of Canopus Periphery


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DMI-1 Imp

Chassis: DM light
Power Plant: Hermes 125
Cruising Speed: 53.75
Maximum Speed: 86
Jump Jets: Lexington Lifters
Jump Capacity: 60 meters
Armor: Starshield
3 Victory 23R Medium Lasers
1 Flamer
Manufacturer: Dark Mage Industries
Primary Factory: Toloria
Communications System: TransComm Alpha
Targeting and Tracking System: KBC Starlight Model

The Imp is a small and mischievious mech who owes much to it's
name sake. Designed as a cheap mech to be given to militia units, it
quickly developed a secondary function as a raider mech. Since it's
debut it has been readily accepted by many miltias and has come to
replace the Panther as the primary militia mech in the Pescht

The Key to the DMI-1 Imp is it's simplicity. Utilizing systems
that are renowned for their easy maintianance the Imp can easily be
kept in good repair by most mech warriors themselves. This combined
with it's freedom from dependency on ammo allow the Imp to function
as a cheap raider or guerilla mech.
While not exceptionally fast
for a light mech, the Imp can still make a good pace and it's armor
protection can protect it long enough for most pilots to escape harms
way. For those things it can't escape, the three Victory 23R medium
lasers will allow it to give a good acounting of its self before it's
destroyed. The Flamer in it's left arm serves both as an anti
infantry weapon and a tool for setting ablaze ammo dumps.
The Imp
has also served in a lesser capcity as a training mech. It's slower
speed, small jump distance, and overall light design are great for
younger would be cadets learning the ropes on the familie's
battlemech. As most retiring mechwarriors in the pescht district
recieve this mech as a gift, there children often learn to pilot it
before ever going to an academy.
The thing an Imp cannot do is
engage any mech that ways more than it and hope to win. Those mechs
it can beat are usually fast enough to escape if they get into
trouble. The main tactic of an Imp is to ambush scout mech as they
wander into it's range and assualt posts garrisoned with infantry.
The Imp has developed a taste for city fights where it can employ
it's tactics effectivly.

The Imp has become a welcome addition to many militia units
stationed on the outer edges of the Draconis Combine. In 3060 the
Pescht War Lord implimented a program that awards an Imp battle mech
to any retiring mechwarrior who had served more than ten years. This
allowed militia units to hold a larger force than they could normaly
afford. As the retired warrior took care of the mech it didn't
burden the militia with the cost. Another benifet of the program was
that many cadets coming from the Pescht District would arrive at the
academy already well versed in the piloting of light battle mechs.
This allowed academies to move through this portion of the training
faster and produce warriors at an increased rate.
Many DMI-1 Imps
have also found their way into hands of pirates and revelutionaries.
Loving it for the same reasons the militia do, the Imp has become a
favorite for anti DC forces with little cash.

Battle History:
The most notable use of the Imp was on the planet of Savinsville.
When clan ghost Bear attacked the planet late in the war of
retaliation for the Black Dragon's assault on Ashlain the planets
garrison force was quickly over run and forced off planet. Several
retired mechwarrriors took to the field in their DMI-1 Imps and began
guerilla operations against the clan forces. One man by the name of
Kenshin, was a vetrean warrior who had served in the 6th Ghost legion
and so was well aquainted with the concepts of hit and run
Kenshin had painted his Imp blood red and had given it
special detail work to make the mech look just like a grinning devil.
He repeatedly infiltrated the clans base and set fire to Ghost bear
gaurd posts and supply depots. his escapes have been put in military
text books on how to correctly use even limited jump capability.
Only once did he actually engage the Ghost bears directly. While
making his escape a point of elementals ambushed his mech. Kenshin
tripped his mech, crushing three of the elemental under it;s wieght
and throwing the other two quite a distance. After three months when
the war ended and the ghost bears were set to withdraw they sent out
a broadcast in which they requested to meet the "Red Devil" who had
plauged them so much. Kenshin consented to their request and met
them in front of their drop ships. The Star Colonel who met him was
shocked to see the mech contained no improved technology. The fact
that the thorn in his side for so long had been piloting such a
simple machine made him even more impressed with the warriors skills.
The Star Colonel was so impressed he allowed the Combine warrior to
take an Omni mech from his forces as isolar for the battles fought.
Kenshin chose a Nova in its primary configuration and precented the
star colonel with a pair of katanas. It was in thanks for never
punishing the civillians for the damage he had done.
Kenshin was
given a position at the Sun Zhang military academy training cadets in
guerilla tactics.

Known Variants:
As the mech's take damages, pilots replace parts with what they
have on hand. This has led to many variants adopting small lasers,
SRM 2s, and machine guns. There has been no official variant.

DMI-1 Imp

Technology Base: - Inner Sphere - Level 1
Internal Structure:-----------------------------2.5
Walking MP:_5
Running MP:
Jumping MP:_4
Heat Sinks:------------12------------------------2
Armor Factor:--------88------------------------5.5

Center Torso
Center Torso(rear)
R/L Torso__6__9
R/L Torso(rear)
R/L Arm__4__8
R/L Leg

Weapons and Ammo-----------Location-------Critical------Tonnage
Medium Laser-----------------------LT-------------1-------------1
Jump Jet(2)--------------------------LL-------------1-------------1
Jump Jet(2)--------------------------RL-------------1-------------1
Medium Laser-----------------------RT-------------1-------------1
Medium Laser-----------------------RA-------------1-------------1


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Show Time 0 2/21/2006  

I bow to you, master of fluff. A little slower than I would be comfortable with in a 25 tonner. But its cheap. Very Good

Ice Hellion 0 2/19/2006  

A nice lvl 1 'Mech with an interesting twist (and a nice battle history).
Maybe a little bit slow but this is more than compensate by its low cost and ease of repair (thanks to the no lvl 2 tech policy).
A good guerilla and militia 'Mech.
Nice job.