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Lasergunner posted this 14 July 2017


Jackrabbit JKR-1L

Custom Level 1 / 3025 Inner Sphere  Biped 25 Tons
Darkwolf Red Skye Armament Inc.


Equipment   Mass

Cockpit: Standard 3T

Engine: Fusion 150 5.5T

Gyro: Standard 2T

  Walk: 6 MP

  Run: 9 MP

  Jump: 0 MP

Standard Heat Sinks: 10  0T

  6 in Engine

  Internal Structure Armor

  Standard Standard

Tons 2.5 4

Head 3 6

Center Torso 8 8/4

L/R Torso 6 6/3

L/R Arm 4 6

L/R Leg 6 8



Battle Value: 504

C-Bill Cost: 1,851,875

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

1 Large Laser RT 2 5

1 Medium Laser RA 1 1

1 Medium Laser LA 1 1

2 Small Laser LT 2 1

4 Heat Sink LT 4 4


10 8


After the production of the radically redesigned 1A, Red Skye decided to produce a second model of the Jackrabbit that more closely matched its original design parameters. Like its original, the 1L is a twenty-five ton machine, the use of a Nissan 150 engine and 4 tons of armor giving it capabilities on par with the popular Commando. However, Red Skye chose to abandon the missile and ballistic weapons of the original Jackrabbit design and instead give the 1L a compliment of powerful energy weapons which would allow it to perform the role of raider and hunter/killer.


The centerpiece of the 1L’s armament is the shoulder mounted RAMTech 1200 large laser which uses the same gyroscopic stabilization system employed on the Mongoose thus allowing the pilot to make effective use of the weapon even at a full run. As backup the ‘Mech carries twin Diverse Optics Type 20 medium lasers in place of hand actuators. For close range combat and anti-infantry work a pair of Starflash small lasers are mounted in the left torso in an over/under configuration. Though now unable to engage in hand-to-hand fighting this is not considered a detriment as such light machines can rarely employ such tactics effectively. Although still somewhat slow for ‘Mech so light the truly impressive firepower of the 1L more than makes up for this. Completely independent from ammunition re-supply the Jackrabbit can operate almost indefinitely as a raider. Moreover the use of a heavy laser backed up with such powerful close range support fire allow the ‘Mech to excel as a hunter/killer unit.

Configuration / Variants:


Battle History:



Despite favorable initial testing the Marauders chose not to deploy the 1L. Although impressed with its power, the Marauder recon lance traditionally prefers speed over firepower, their lone Commando being the exception. Tchernov’s Legacy, on the other hand, has deployed a number of the ‘Mechs with their own light forces. Marketed as a sort of super Wasp or Stinger, as it almost as maneuverable and well armed with considerably more firepower, the Jackrabbit has had some success on the BattleMech market, but has yet to be purchased in large quantities. Although, the ammunition independence of the ‘Mech has caught the eye of militia units and mercenaries.

User Reviews

11/27/2003  Lars
For a level 1 'Mech, this is superb. I've come up with similar configurations but I could never come up with fluffage for it, and you've done that quite well. Serious kudos to you!

11/26/2003  Ice Hellion
This is a 'Mech for all harassing mercenaries. No ammo, a good speed and a reasonnable price.
The problem is I guess with heat management but if you use carefully the different weapons (switching from LL to ML and so on) there should be no problem.