Designer: DeathChef / Armory: Backwater Battle Equipment

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Lasergunner posted this 09 July 2017

UPDATE: 12/11/2004

Warbird WBD-1A1

Level: Custom Level 1 / 3025

Technology: Inner Sphere Biped

Tonnage: 35 Tons

Designer: DeathChef

Armory: Backwater Battle Equipment

DBM (The Drawing Board) File

Faction Availability

All Factions


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Equipment   Mass

Cockpit: Standard 3T

Engine: Fusion 245 12T

Gyro: Standard 3T

  Walk: 7 MP

  Run: 11 MP

  Jump: 0 MP

Standard Heat Sinks: 10  0T

  9 in Engine

  Internal Structure Armor

  Standard Standard

Tons 3.5 7.5

Head 3 9

Center Torso 11 18/4

L/R Torso 8 13/3

L/R Arm 6 12

L/R Leg 8 16



Battle Value: 750

C-Bill Cost: 2,927,500

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

1 Medium Laser LA 1 1

1 Medium Laser LT 1 1

1 Heat Sink LT 1 1

1 LRM-5 RT 1 2

1 Ammo (LRM-5) 24 RT 1 1

1 Medium Laser CT 1 1


6 6



Despite completing a tiny factory in 2966, Backwater Battle Equiment didn't even attempt constructing their own 'Mech for over a decade. Their first two attemps proved so laughably poor that they weren't even named, only given the designations BBE-BM-X1 and BBE-BM-X2. Third time's the charm, as the saying goes, and on their next try, Backwater managed to construct a viable, if somewhat buggy, BattleMech. Refinements made by examining Locust and Flea parts "acquired" from off-world sources enhanced the 'Mech enough that Backwater made it their first standrd production model.



The Warbird, so named for its aerosapce fighter-like torso, was originally intended solely for New Venice's defense forces. It was meant to be a rugged machine capable of holding its own against pirate raiders long enough for one of New Venice's vehicle companies to arrive and fend off the attackers. With this in mind, BBE placed speed and armor protection at the top of their priorities to increase survival (it was fully expected that only one or two of these 'Mechs would have to hold off a whole pirate force for short amounts of time). The fusion engines used (stolen from a FWL shipment) sport an excellent power-to-size ratio which allows Warbird 'Mechs to raech speeds of 120 kph on open ground. BBE was unable to secure reliable jump jets, however. The armor is manufactured by BBE and while it's the best they can make, it often has material flaws that make it weaker than armor produced by Inner Sphere companies. To compensate, BBE loaded the Warbird with as much of their armor as they could fit on it without sacrificing mobility. Weaponry, though a distant third in priority after armor and speed, is noetheless adequate. a single 5-tube LRM rack allows th Warbird to plink at the enemy from afar, using its speed to stay just within firing range. When moving in close, the 'Mech brings its main firepower to bear--a trio of Medium class Lasers. Other 'Mechs of its weight mount more weaponry, but for its job, the Warbird is quite well equipped, and it even runs cooler than many other machines.


Configuration / Variants:

The WBD-1A2 is the only variant produced in numbers (1 'Mech in 5). It shaves off 1 ton of armor and drops a Medium Laser in order to mount a second LRM-5. Though obviously meant more for support, this version is still capable of fighting in other situations. There is one other variant the BBE has produced more than 2 of, the -1A3. Changes are more drastic in this version. It also removes 1 ton of armor, but changes more weaponry. The -1A3 mounts jump jets, 2 each of Medium and Small lasers, and an extra heat sink. Meant more as a scout and harasser, this version is seldom made (only 1 in 15).


Battle History:

The true test of the Warbird came in May of 3016. Two companies of medium and heavy vehicles belonging to a splinter group of the Circinus Federation landed on New Venice in a raid attempt. The companies split and advanced on two different cities well before New Venice's defense forces could muster their own vehicles (still over 90% of their forces at the time). The pirates attacking the larger city of Venetia (planetary capitol) fielded the heavier company and were quite surprised when small volleys of LRMs began raining on them from three directions. The largest concentration of New Venice 'Mechs (one lance) defended the city, consisting of two -1A1 Warbirds, one -1A2 model, and one Commando with heavy field modification. Over the course an hour, the four 'Mechs traded fire with the vehicle company, eventually whittling in down to seven tanks before allied verhicles arrived to finsih off the attackers. One Warbirs was destoyed outright, one was left disabled with little possibility of repair, and third lost both arms but was still operational. The Commando, it must be noted, survived virtually unscathed. The other city attacked fared much worse, as only a single Locust in disreapir guarded it. The pirates were able to proceed well into the city before New Venice could bring up sufficient forces to drive them back. Nearly every Warbird produced that has seen battle has fought for or against pirates during raids. These machines give what they can, though the mismatched electronics and inferior armor quality leave them somewhat vulnerable against more main-stream Inner Sphere 'Mechs. When damaged heavily, most owners have simply canabalized Warbirds rather than attempt costly overhauls on what is essentally a cheap 'Mech.



The largest concentration of Warbird 'Mechs is on New Venice, which currently has six. Several pirate groups and a few other independent Periphery worlds each have one or two.

User Reviews

User Rating Posted Updated

Trent Ward 3 3/30/2005  

Very good, soild, design for Lvl/1 tech. I really like it.

LT. GEN Methos Coldsteel, Coldsteel Services

Rogue 0 8/28/2004  

if only my commando would let me trade in a few of my light mechs in our campaign for a few of these... if ya cant tell "I LIKE 'EM!"

OdMagnus 0 8/28/2004  

What Ice said, nice L1 light.

Ice Hellion 0 8/26/2004  

I like this light 'Mech. It has mobility (7/11, my dream speed), protection firepower at all ranges and nearly no problem of heat.
I am sure that any light unit could make something out of it and would be glad to receive some. The only thing strange is the way you put your weapons but after all you are free to do as you wish.
According to my calculations, your cost and BV are slightly wrong (but who really cares?).
A really outstanding lvl 1 'Mech.