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Hoplite HOP-4X

Custom Level 3 / 3075 Clan Invasion [Experimental Tech] Inner Sphere  Biped 55 Tons
Dracus Helldragon Royal Customs

Hoplite HOP-4X

Rules Level: Experimental Tech

Technology Base: Mixed

Chassis Config: Biped

Production Year: 3070

Extinct By: Unknown

Chassis: Prototype HOP-2D Hybrid Refit Composite Structure

Power Plant: 275 Light Fusion Engine

Cruising Speed: 53.75 km/h

Maximum Speed: 86.0 km/h

Jump Jets: None

     Jump Capacity: 0 meters

Armor: Ferro-Fibrous w/ CASE


     1 (CL) Rotary AC/5

     1 (CL) Streak LRM-15

     1 Light Active Probe

Manufacturer: Arc-Royal Mechworks

     Primary Factory: Arc-Royal

Communications System:  

Targeting and Tracking System:  

[This is from the PDF Experimental Technical Readout: Mercs.  Just downloaded it off the Catalyst website for $4.95]

The experimental Hoplite refit only hit the testing stage very recently, but this is actually considered quite a feat, as the design is actually an amalgamation of Clan and Inner Sphere experimental technologies. Based on a chassis best known as a unit of choice for the shattered Wolf’s Dragoons mercenary command, this design underscores its origins with the former Clansmen who now take shelter on Arc-Royal with Phelan Kell’s exiled Wolves. Yet, at the same time, only the manufacturing capabilities of ARM—with surprise aid from Coventry Metal Works—made this refit possible.

The entire structure and skin of this experimental Hoplite hails from Inner Sphere origins. Most of it—from the light fusion engine, standard gyros, double-strength freezers, and even the CASE-protected ammunition bins—is built to proven, off -the-shelf Spheroid design specs. But Coventry engineers apparently had a hand in the internal framework itself, as the brittle, but extra-light composite bones still bear CMW serial numbers. (This development is still under investigation.)

Where the Clan technology becomes apparent is the Hoplite’s weapons loadout—and virtually all of it is prototype. With the weight savings of the light engine and the composite structure, the Hoplite-4X gains enough space to trade in its LB 10-X for an experimental Clan-made Rotary AC/5 with three tons of ammunition. Its Spheroid LRM-5 launcher is also replaced by a 15-tube Clan-made Streak LRM system. Together, these weapons have the ability to rain massive ballistic and missile destruction down on enemy units at excellent ranges, while a Clan-made light active probe sweeps the nearby area for ambushes.


Technology Base: Mixed 55.00 tons

Chassis Config: Biped Cost: 8,878,625 C-Bills

BV2: 1,946 Tech Rating/Era Availability: X/X-X-X

Equipment     Mass

Internal Structure: Composite Structure 3.00

Engine: 275 Light Fusion Engine 12.00

Walking MP: 5

Running MP: 8

Jumping MP: 0

Heat Sinks: 10 (20) - Double (10 in engine) 0.00

Gyro: Standard 3.00

Cockpit: Standard 3.00

Actuators: L: SH+UA    R: SH+UA

Armor: 185 points - Ferro-Fibrous 10.50

Armor Locations: 2 CT, 2 LT, 2 RT, 2 LA, 2 RA, 2 LL, 2 RL

CASE Locations: 1 LT, 1 RT 1.00


  Internal Armor

  Structure Factor

Head: 3 9

Center Torso: 18 27

Center Torso (rear):   9

R/L Torso: 13 20

R/L Torso (rear):   6

R/L Arm: 9 18

R/L Leg: 13 26


Weapons and Ammo Location Heat Criticals Tonnage

(CL) Rotary AC/5 RA 1 /shot (6 max) 8 10.00

(CL) Streak LRM-15 LT 3 3 7.00

Light Active Probe HD 0 1 0.50

@Rotary AC/5 (60)


3 3.00

@Streak LRM-15 (16)


2 2.00


BattleForce Statistics

MV S (+0) M (+2) L (+4) E (+6) Wt. OV Armor: 6 Points: 19

5 2 2 2 0 2 0 Structure: 3  

Special Abilities: LPRB, RCN, SRCH, EEE, ES, SOA, LRM 2/2/2


Created using Solaris Skunk Werks
Downloadable here

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1/24/2010  Ice Hellion
Exactly what I thought should be an advanced prototype for the Clans.

Nice job.

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