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Lasergunner posted this 16 July 2017


Hacksaw HAK-1A

Custom Level 1 / 2750 Inner Sphere  Conventional 100 Tons
Greywolf79 Phoenix Rising

Faction Availability


AeroTech 2 Vessel Technical Readout

Class/Model/Name:    Hacksaw HAK-1A

Tech: Inner Sphere / 3025

Vessel Type: Aerospace Fighter

Rules: Level 1, Custom design


Mass: 100 tons

Inner Sphere / 3025: Johnston Rapier Mk. VII

K-F Drive System: (Unknown)

Power Plant: Omni 200 Fusion

Safe Thrust: 4

Maximum Thrust: 6

Armor Type: Durallex Super Standard

Armament:2 Federated Autocannon/101 Defiance B3L Large Laser1 Defiance B3L Autocannon/52 Defiance B3M Large Laser2 Defiance B3M Medium Laser1 Medium LaserManufacturer:    Blackwell Corporation   Location:    OutreachCommunications System:    EasyTalk-2Targeting & Tracking System: Apple Churchill 2000


With a need for a fighter to defend their aerospace assetts and to keep an eye over their mechs, Hanse Davion commissioned the creation of the HAK series fighters for the Federated Suns Armed Forces.


Though not the fastest fighter, nor even close to being the fastest, the HackSaw fighters excel at bringing the pain to the battle.

The major downside of this fighter is its slow speed.

The weapons load allows it to take down most enemies in a single volley if the pilot's aim is on mark. Carrying 2 autocannon 10s and an autocannon 5 as its primary systems it can hit hard, but with three large lasers to follow up the main attack it can kill almost anything out there in short order.

For rear defense the HackSaw carries a trio of medium lasers to take down any enemy fighters giving it chase or to hit enemies in a strafing run before it turns around for another run.

Battle History:

Currently there are no unclassified combat reports.


There are no current variants in the field but there is a version 1B on the design boards.

Notable Vessels & Crews:

None on record.


Currently deployed on New Avolon and with the Davion Heavy Guards.

Class/Model/Name: Hacksaw HAK-1A

Mass: 100 tons

Equipment:             Mass

Power Plant: 200 Fusion 8.50

Engine Shielding:   .00

Structural Integrity: 10 .00

Landing Gear:   1,000

   Safe Thrust: 4 1,000

   Maximum Thrust: 6 1,000

Heat Sinks: 21 Single 11.00

Fuel:   3.00

Cockpit & Attitude Thrusters:   3.00

Armor Factor: 328 Standard 20.50

      Armor Value

      (Standard Scale)        

  Nose:   105        

  Left / Right Wings:   83 / 83        

  Aft:   57        

Weapons & Equipment: Loc SRV MRV LRM ERV Heat Mass

1 Autocannon/10 Nose 10


-- 3 12.00

  Ammo (AC/10) 10


1 Autocannon/10 Nose 10


-- 3 12.00

  Ammo (AC/10) 10


1 Large Laser Nose 8


-- 8 5.00

1 Autocannon/5 Nose 5


-- 1 8.00

  Ammo (AC/5) 40


1 Large Laser LW 8


-- 8 5.00

1 Large Laser RW 8


-- 8 5.00

1 Medium Laser Aft



3 1.00

1 Medium Laser Aft



3 1.00

1 Medium Laser Aft



3 1.00

TOTALS:           40 100.00

Tons Left:             .00

Calculated Factors:

Total Cost: 5,284,400 C-Bills

Battle Value: 1,459

Cost per BV: 3,621.93

Weapon Value: 2,917 (Ratio = 2.00)

Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 31; MRDmg = 19; LRDmg = 0; ERDmg = 0

BattleForce2: MP: 4N,   Armor/Structure: 8 / 0

    Damage PB/M/L: 4/4/-,   Overheat: 1

    Class: FH,   Point Value: 15


User Reviews

8/18/2009  jadedtoxicpixie
As a dropship killer or for ground support this would be lethal. As a space superiority fighter it's going to have its work cut out actually getting weaponry on target.

The very limited fuel capacity also limits it, but then it's not got the thrust to burn it too quickly so probably ok

I'm guessing -1b variant addresses some of this, from your note

Removed incorrect speed remark. Design Updated on 8/15/2009 9:03:52 PM

8/15/2009  Lafie
60KPH? Error, that doesn't compute. That's more like the stalling speed rather than the maximum speed. (remember asf movement doesn't fit with the kph of mechs at all)

Extremely well armed, and well armored, but so slow that it has nearly no chance at all to use that weaponry. Sadly this would be torn apart by even a light asf.

8/15/2009  Greywolf79
Would that help? -- I put it with enough speed to keep up with a warship, so it is not too bad a speed. Anyway, next model is gonna have a faster speed.

8/16/2009  Knightmare
4/6 Movement? Does the pilot have to get out and push?

Edit: Lafie, it would have a maximum pull of 3Gs (Movement divided by 2)