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Lasergunner posted this 02 July 2017


Lasergunner posted this 02 July 2017

FRIDAY, JUNE 19, 2009

Atlas AS7-GRE

Custom Level 2 / 3055 Clan Invasion [Tournament Legal] Inner Sphere  Biped 100 Tons
Hexblade Guardian Research Institute
Atlas AS7-GRE

Rules Level: Tournament Legal

Technology Base: Inner Sphere

Chassis Config: Biped

Production Year: 3053

Extinct By: Never

Chassis: Unknown Endo-Steel

Power Plant: Unknown 300 Fusion Engine

Cruising Speed: 32.25 km/h

Maximum Speed: 53.75 km/h

Jump Jets: None

     Jump Capacity: 0 meters

Armor: Unknown Standard w/ CASE


     1 Gauss Rifle

     1 LRM-20

     2 PPCs

     2 Medium Lasers

     1 Guardian ECM Suite

Manufacturer: Unknown

     Primary Factory: Unknown

Communications System: Unknown

Targeting and Tracking System: Unknown

Based on a salvaged AS7-K. Was brought in by a mercenary that is friends with the CEO. Intended to be a mid-range slugger, with the ability to close and brawl.

Overall the team decided to maintain most of the AS7-K weaponry intact. The first change that was made was to rip out the 20 single heatsinks, and replace them with 14 doubles. This free'd up several tons, while increasing the mechs overall heat management. Next the design team decided to replace the ER Large Lasers with a pair of standard PPCs. While this did decrease the range, it increase damage potential and decreased heat. The pilot this mech was built for made the ppc request, saying if he was inside the min range for them, he might as well make use of the mechs fist. The only other real change came in the form of reducing the two rear facing medium pulse lasers with standard mediums. This was a necessary change, for weight and size restrictions.

(despite what the criticals say, the 2 meds. are intended to be rear facing. dont know how to make them rear facing in the mech editor i use.)

Battle History
So far, this mech has yet to participate in any major battles. The unit is currently assinged to garrison duty on the Fed Com, Taurian Concordat border. There have been two pirate raids, only one of which the Atlas actually participated in. The vid of the Atlas's right fist smashing in a pirate Banshee's head, while firing its LA PPC at another target is being considered for advertisement footage, should the decision be made to mass produce.

There is currently only the one in production. However, the mercenaries are sending back performance reports, and depending on how it performs, GRE may decide to make limited runs for general sale.

Technology Base: Inner Sphere 100 tons

Chassis Config: Biped Cost: 10,960,000 C-Bills

BV2: 2,481 Availability: E/X-X-E

Equipment     Mass

Internal Structure: Endo-Steel 5.0

Internal Locations: 5 LA, 5 RA, 2 LL, 2 RL

Engine: 300 Fusion Engine 19.0

Walking MP: 3

Running MP: 5

Jumping MP: 0

Heat Sinks: 14 (28) - Double (12 in engine) 4.0

Heat Sink Locations: 1 LT, 1 RT

Gyro: Standard 3.0

Cockpit: Standard 3.0

Actuators: L: SH+UA+LA+H    R: SH+UA+LA+H

Armor: 304 points - Standard 19.0

CASE Locations: 1 LT 0.5


  Internal Armor

  Structure Factor

Head: 3 9

Center Torso: 31 48

Center Torso (rear):   13

R/L Torso: 21 31

R/L Torso (rear):   11

R/L Arm: 17 33

R/L Leg: 21 42

Weapons and Ammo Location Criticals Tonnage

Medium Laser HD 1 1.0

Guardian ECM Suite CT 2 1.5

Gauss Rifle RT 7 15.0

LRM-20 LT 5 10.0

Medium Laser LT 1 1.0

PPC RA 3 7.0

PPC LA 3 7.0

@Gauss Rifle (8) RT 1 1.0

@Gauss Rifle (8) RT 1 1.0

@LRM-20 (6) LT 1 1.0

@LRM-20 (6) LT 1 1.0

Created using Solaris Skunk Werks
Downloadable here

User Reviews

6/20/2009  Ice Hellion
Interesting but the lack of Medium Lasers in the front might be a weakness against some opponents that could manage to come into range (although I do agree that this 'Mech is supposed to stay at middle range and fire from there).

6/20/2009 4  Lafie
Quite to the contrary, jaded, that's what the lrm's are for.

That having been said I agree with having those medium lasers facing forward as right now you have no forward weapons that don't have a minimum range.

Very nice assault mech though.

6/20/2009  jadedtoxicpixie
Lovely mid range firepower, the heat capacity to use it and no XL - winner! A lot of can openers but nothing to go after the contents; would be tempted to switch the MLs to forward fire and lose the ECM plus... half a ton of armour? for another pair, maybe.

Edit: Lafie - hmmm, yes, the LRMs can fulfill the crit seeker position at range (3 groups on average per salvo?) but close in there's nowt (unless the MLs get switched forward).

6/19/2009  Fabrizo
After you place the weapon on the critical sheet, right click on it and select rear mount.