Designer: Lonely Coyote / Armory: N&B Developments

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Lasergunner posted this 29 June 2017

UPDATE: 2/6/2006

Ripper Mystery

Level: Custom Level 2 / 3067

Technology: Mixed Biped

Tonnage: 60 Tons

Designer: Lonely Coyote

Armory: N&B Developments


Faction Availability

Clan Blood Spirit Clan


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Equipment   Mass

Cockpit: Standard 3T

Engine: Fusion 300 19T

Gyro: Standard 3T

  Walk: 5 [6] MP

  Run: 8 [9] MP

  Jump: 5 MP

C Double Heat Sinks: 10 [20] 0T

  10 in Engine

  Internal Structure Armor

  Standard C Ferro-Fibrous

Tons 6 10

Head 3 9

Center Torso 20 28/11

L/R Torso 14 20/8

L/R Arm 10 20

L/R Leg 14 24



Battle Value: 0

C-Bill Cost: 0

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

1 C ER Large Laser RT 1 4

1 C ER Medium Laser RT 1 1

1 C Flamer RT 1 0.5

1 C ER Large Laser LT 1 4

1 C Medium Pulse Laser LT 1 2

1 C Flamer LT 1 0.5

1 C Active Probe H 1 1

1 C ECM Suite CT 1 1

1 Jump Jets CT 1 1

2 Jump Jets RL 2 2

2 Jump Jets LL 2 2

3 Triple-Strength Myomer RT 3 0

3 Triple-Strength Myomer LT 3 0


26 19



You cannot run.
You cannot flee.
When on your scanners,
The "Ghost Ping", you see.

You cannot run.
You cannot hide.
For Jack and the
Are by your side.

You cannot run.
You cannot dread.
Before it is through,
He will have your head.
-----The Remembrance (Clan Blood Spirit), Passage 8, Verse 12, Lines 9-20

The Ripper is nothing less than a “Bringer of Death”. Its soul purpose and design revolves around crushing the pilot in his cockpit. Nobody knows where the design came from, or who pilots it, but it always has worked to the benefit of Clan Blood Spirit. The Clan Khans deny deploying such a machine, but the evidence points only towards them.



The Ripper has always been at the top end of speed and maneuverability for its weight class. Its primary offensive capabilities revolve around a pair of reinforced battle-claws, able to shear the head off of a ‘Mech in a single blow. The firing patterns of its “backup” weaponry gives evidence to the likely use of advanced Myomer bundles which have increased performance over standard-issue Myomer.

Defensively, the Ripper seems to be covered to near capacity in a ferro-carbide coat of arms. It is able to “sneak” up on its victims under the protective umbrella of an ECM Suite, while avoiding ambush with an Active Probe. This ECM/Probe combination has led to the description of the “Ghost Ping”, where its victim recognizes that it is being scanned, without the Ripper, itself, showing up on scanners.


Configuration / Variants:

It is unknown if any variants have been built into the Ripper design, although its recent “resurrection” points heavily to the use of current Clan technologies that would not have been available immediately following the Annihilation of the Not-Named Clan.

Ferro-Fibrous Crits: 4 RT, 3 LT


Battle History:

From Loremaster Bayle Campbell of Clan Blood Spirit
It was a dark time in our history, when the Ripper first appeared. The Not-Named Clan had been destroyed, and our people knew only rejection and despair. Because we had such strong ties with the Not-Named Clan, our own loyalties were called into question by Kerensky, himself.

While the inquisition dug its claws into our Clan, trying to tear us apart in an attempt to find ANY actions that were contrary to Kerensky’s vision, the other Clans took it upon themselves to seize our holdings, to “protect all that Kerensky had built”, from our “un-Clanlike ways”. As the Inquisition dragged on, unable to locate what it was searching for, a poison was seeping into the minds of the other Clans. They attacked us mercilessly, vowing, each, that they would be the first to prove the treachery that did not exist.

We fought back, of course, but in defense only. Khan Schmitt decreed that no Clansman, not Blood Spirit or other, should die because of this misunderstanding. Unfortunately, the other Clans did not share our values. One Clan, in particular, chose to use Khan Schmitt’s orders against us. Clan Burrock dove upon our holdings with a vengeance unequalled by any of the other Clans. We lost our holdings on Albion and Homer, and the attacks still continued. This was when the Ripper first appeared.

Nobody knew where it came from or who deployed it, but the Ripper, piloted by the self-proclaimed “Jack”, killed the top three commanders in a Burrock assault. Both sides were stunned; the Burrocks, because they had lost three of their best in a matter of a few moments, and the Blood Spirit defenders, because their reede to allow warriors the chance to fight another day, had blatantly been broken.

After a momentary pause, both sides threw accusations of treachery at each other. The fighting began anew, but the Burrock warriors were more subdued than before the incident. At great cost, the tide had been turned by that one warrior, and victory was ultimately ours.

The Ripper would appear three more times, during the inquisition. Each time, the “death machine” would execute the most skilled warriors of the attacking Clan, giving us the edge needed to assure a Blood Spirit victory.

To this day, the mysterious unmarked ‘Mech and its pilot have never been identified. No Clan has admitted to creating, or deploying such a fearsome machine.

Now, over two hundred years later, it seems that the mysterious Ripper has returned. Its legacy held true as it attacked and massacred the 1143rd Gatekeeper Cluster of Clan Star Adder’s Sigma Galaxy on Albion. Made up of the former Eighty-Second Guards Cluster of Clan Burrock, the 1143rd took significant losses before the lone ‘Mech vanished into the night.

Clan Star Adder investigators are currently looking into how a lone ‘Mech could so easily penetrate their security and cause so much devastation without being captured or destroyed. An internal operative is suspected, and the entire 1143rd has been taken off-line until such time as the inquiry is concluded.



No Clan admits to deploying the Ripper, although evidence strongly points towards Clan Blood Spirit.

User Reviews

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Cypher Himura 5 2/8/2006  

Interesting design and accompanying fluff...definitely a shoo in for "most horrifying mech to scare the socks of people" award. Nice work !

Ice Hellion 5 2/7/2006  

Impressive fluff and a 'Mech to be feared (just make a version with real claws following lvl 3 rules and it would be perfect).
I do wonder who is this Jack and its Ripper.
If only for pushing the limit that far, it deserves a good round of applause.

Warhawk 5 2/7/2006  

Regardless of the rules used on this 'Mech, it is pretty terrifying. The fluff is top-notch and a scary read. Amazing what the Clans can come up with when given the right "push."
Well done Coyote.

Ironraven 0 2/6/2006  

As I said in the message boards, a psycho killer clan mech. shudders

Aren't hand to hand attacks frowned on in the clans? In any case, very scary. This thing with the claws rules from THB would seriously mess up most forces. Good fluff. That might keep me up at night.

Lonely Coyote 0 2/6/2006 2/7/2006

You have to push the envelope, to see where it ends.

Currently, you can create anywhere from 3 to 12 heat with the "little" weapons, alone. I'm pretty sure that counts as "heat control".

OK, Lord Cain has decreed: The TSM is not legal, and the 'Mech will be entered without it.
I can handle that.

Samak 5 2/6/2006  

ummmmm contest rules and design be damned, this is probably the best fluff I've ever read. it brings chills to the spine, and makes the blood run cold. The lines from the Remembrance makes me think of E.A. Poe, and thats not a good thing when we're talking about a 60 ton monster. While a TSM clan machine makes me wonder, I don't care, this is simply AWSOME

Nova_Wolf 5 2/6/2006  

Erhm, I thought this was clan tech only. Other then that. This is a pretty bad-ass machine, although a suggestion of mine would be to drop the medium pulse for another HS and ER Medium, giving you better heat control, and the ability to stay at that magic number