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Lasergunner posted this 25 July 2017


Falchion FLC-4N

Level: Custom Level 1 / 2750

Technology: Inner Sphere Biped

Tonnage: 60 Tons

Designer: LostInSpace

Armory: The Age of War Museum

DBM (The Drawing Board) File

Faction Availability

Terran Hegemony Star League


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FLC-4N Falchion

Chassis: Star League FR Standard

Power Plant: Vlar Fusion 300

Cruising Speed: 53.75 km/h

Maximum Speed: 86 km/h

Jump Jets: none

     Jump Capacity: 0 meters

Armor: Starshield Standard


     1 Fusigon PPC

     2 Harpoon SRM-6s

     1 Martell Medium Laser

Manufacturer: Star League Weapons Research

     Primary Factory: Earth

Communications System: Dalban Commline

Targeting and Tracking System: Dalban HiRez-D


The battle was not going well. Dickerson and his lance had been pulled back from the front lines as a reserve while the larger 'mechs duked it out. He waited anxiously, watching long-range missiles streak over the forest to auger in on their designated targets. Explosions were visible from a few kilometers out, likely not 'mechs; The Ares Conventions still held sway. He could see several mechs break off from the attack on both sides as "casualties", their machines scarred but not broken.

A sudden communication on his radio startled him. "Dickerson. Get your lance to the supply dump at grid tango foxtrot four seven."

Dickerson waved his Commando's arm at the rest of his lance, prompting them to follow him. They all would have heard the communication, it was pointless to repeat it. "Anything coming in, sir?", Dickerson asked as he pushed his mech to full speed.

"A lone mech broke away from the fight heading towards the dump. It's moving at a good clip, figure you can handle him."

"Aye, sir." Medium or light, his lance could handle it. Although his lancemates barely qualified as soldiers, Dickerson had been in several battles this side of space and his Commando told the tale. Although properly a recon unit, Dickerson's command had enough armament to give any opponent trouble even though his prefered tactic was to bug out. Even with the Ares Convention, soldiering was still a dangerous job.

Several minutes later they arrived at the dump, a squat, hastily erected concrete structure. Technicians were milling around, packing equipment into the building or moving their armored trucks out of the expected firing lines. Dickerson motioned to Thompson and pointed at the tree-line behind the structure. He acknowledged, placing his Thorn inside cover and out of any short-range weaponry. Dickerson gave the signal for his two Wasps to form up as he waited in the path of the approaching mech.

Without warning Thompson cried out. Soren, in the right hand Wasp, pointed towards the forest as several trees fell, a compact mech emerging at full tilt. Thompson fired a barrage of LRMs, failing to hit the rampaging machine as it closed with Dickerson's rear guard. The mystery mech raised it's gun arm, an imposing barrel covered in short cooling fins, and let loose with a blast of coherent blue-white lightning. The shot bored into the right side of Thompson's mech and found the ammunition, turning the Thorn into a staccato inferno as each unexploded round added it's fuel and explosives to the carnage, some spiralling out of the mech to pock-mark the meadow. It was a damned lucky shot but Thompson would live to fight another day; Dickerson noted that the Thorn's autoeject had worked flawlessly.

There was no time to gape in terror at the explosion. Dickerson ordered his two Wasps into the fray, moving his Commando around the side of the supply building as the smaller mechs jumped over it. Ensign Soren had barely enough time to scar the enemy with his medium laser before it expertly maneuvered behind him, placing it's own back against the structure. Technicians scattered as heavy footfalls shook the concrete. Before Soren could react, the enemy's torso erupted with flame and smoke; Dickerson thought for a moment that it surely must have exploded from some mishap or glitch. It turned out to be a flight of SRMs, twelve to be exact, that tore into the back of Soren's machine. Sparks flew and smoke bellowed from the yawning back armor of the Wasp, but the enemy wasn't finished: A laser beam stabbed out of it's chest to shear off the right leg of Soren's mech at the hip. As the enemy casually slapped the Wasp to the concrete, Dickerson knew that Soren was finished, at least for this fight.

Dickerson's other lancemate jumped out into the forest and started into a full run. Coward! Coming around the building in full view of his opponent, Dickerson fired his entire arsenal. His rocket batteries scored good hits and only two missiles spiralled into the meadow to plow deep furroughs in the earth. The Commando's right arm and laser tracked the enemy as he jogged away from the concrete wall, cutting into chest armor and swiping a deep rivulet of molten ceramic from the mech. Dickerson's opponent raised the gun arm and flared lightning, but he was ready and managed dodged the blast, firing another salvo of missiles. The enemy ducked them and bore in on Dickerson.

Dickerson squared off against the mech, which was no further than twenty meters from him, and was caught completely by surprise when the mech let loose with a full barrage from all it's weapons. It's particle cannon completely disintegrated the right arm of Dickerson's Commando while the medium laser turned most of his torso armor into molten slag. Then the missiles hit, peppering his mech with small explosions, each one tearing into armor with their shaped-charges. Alarms screamed in his cockpit as the Commando tumbled backwards only to trip and fall heavily into the earth of the meadow. Dickerson blacked out.

His vision clearing, Dickerson looked out of the cracked glass of his cockpit into the gaping barrel of a particle cannon, the mech behind it visibly smoking as it dissipated the massive heat of an alpha-strike. It stood over him, it's foot pressing into the chest of his mech preventing the nearly crippled Commando from moving. Then he heard the voice, cold, emotionless, professional, and, above all, commanding. A voice that would haunt him for the rest of his military career.

"I am Bashar Teig Ibrahim al Wassud. My reinforcements will arrive soon. You surrender these supplies to me."

Dickerson laughed nervously. The enemy commander had personally come and kicked his ass. By himself. What could he do? He toggled the regimental frequency on his radio to let his force know the facts. "You're right, I do surrender."



In February 2502 Director-General Theodore Cameron called for the design of a front-line strike mech to serve dual purpose as a shock-troop. Star League Weapons Research jumped at the challenge, providing several designs in differing weight categories. After extensive trials throughout 2503 and 2504, the Falchion was eventually chosen as the superior design. Agile, well-armed, and fast, the Falchion was an excellent complement to earlier mech designs and proved it's worth in many battles during the Hegemony and Star League eras.



Entering production in 2505, the FLC-4N is a compact, agile design. Utilizing specialized construction techniques that significantly speed up it's myomers, the Falchion can dodge, weave, punch, and kick with supreme alacrity. A Vlar 300 fusion engine provides more than enough power to produce a surprising top speed while being small enough to fit inside the small torso. A tough shell of Starshield Standard armor protects the tight-fitting internal components. Thirteen heat sinks help keep the mech cool, but pilots must be careful when engaging targets at close-range as they cannot compensate for continued firing of the mech's entire arsenal.

The main armament of the Falchion consists of a Fusigon Particle Cannon slung under the left arm. Lacking a hand actuator, the arm ends in a frightening barrel capable of intimidating even the most stalwart foes. Under the shoulders on either side of the engine are two Harpoon-6 missile racks for close range work. These batteries exploit any holes made by the Fusigon cannon while the mech advanced and can destroy light mechs in one volley. Added almost as an afterthought, a Martell medium laser next to the right Harpoon launcher provides punch for close-range penetration.

Because the design is so compact it's component's tend to retain heat. This flaw is especially apparent in the particle cannon, which can only be fired once every twelve seconds if the pilot is to prevent heat damage to the weapon. Designers attempted to resolve the problem with cooling fins on the barrel but they are often damaged in combat, reverting the cannon to it's un-altered state. The Dalban HiRez-B targeting system, installed on the prototypes and particularly susceptible to over-heating, was eventually redesigned specifically for mounting on this mech. The new model is the HiRez-D, a much more robust component.

Working on such a speciaized and compact chassis has resulted in much swearing and teeth-gnashing from Hegemony technicians but, despite all it's flaws, the Falchion is well-loved by it's pilots.



The Falchion was assigned to strike and front-line combat units of the Terran Hegemony and later absorbed into the Star League Defense Force. No House units ever received the mech until after Kerensky's Exodus. Never produced in great numbers, only a few Falchions left with General Kerensky and the rest were destroyed in the First Succession War. The design has never been ressurected.

It is rumored that Comstar may have a few FLC-5Bs mixed in with their regular units, but the report is unsubstantiated circa 3025.


Battle History

Falchions fought with distinction through the Age of War and well into the Star League era. The mech was a terror in the Periphery, where it's speed and agility proved the undoing of many would-be upstarts. Used primarily against the Taurians, the Falchion would also see service on both sides of the Civil War with Kerensky's and Amaris' forces. As it's role was mainly strike and shock, these mechs suffered damage far exceeding what a normal line mech was expected to receive and it's compact design only complicated repairs, a supposed benefit that ultimately proved to be the mech's downfall.


Notable 'Mechs and Mechwarriors

Bashar Teig Ibrahim al Wassud
The commander of an all-Persian Hegemony mech division, Teig Ibrahim is a cold, calculating opponent. Known for leaving his command lance to go "hunting" only to call them in later to reinforce the position, his experience and talent have served him well during his little expeditions. Of note is that he retains command of his division during such escapades and frequently wins battles from kilometers away from the action. A stern and fair commander, Teig Ibrahim is well loved by his troops. A devout Muslim, he rejects as much vice as possible, drinking wine sparingly only when social pressures demand it. His mech, Hashashin, is painted a deep blood red with white accents.

Teig Ibrahim's exploits during the Age of War are the stuff of legends.


Known Variants

The Falchion was never officially modified from it's original form, although it's production line was later upgraded with newer technology. The FLC-5B sported a foamed-titanium/steel chassis, Ferro-Fibrous armor (one less ton with a slight improvement in arm armor), a Fusigon Long-Tooth Extended Range PPC, CASE for it's left and right torsos, and Myomer Acceleration Circuitry. It also replaced both Holly launchers with four Arrowlite SRM-4 racks with three tons of ammo and received the new double heat sinks, allowing it to reduce it's complement to ten.



FLC-4N Falchion

Technology Base Inner Sphere Level 1 60 tons

Cost: 5,182,080 C-Bills

BV: 950


Equipment     Mass

Internal Structure: standard   6.00

Engine: 300 fusion 19.00

  Walking MP: 5  

  Running MP: 8  

  Jumping MP: 0  

Heat Sinks: 13 (12 in engine) single 3.00

Gyro: standard   3.00

Cockpit: standard   3.00

Actuators: L: Sh+UA+LA    R: Sh+UA+LA+H

Armor Factor 160 - standard 10.00


    Internal Armor

    Structure Factor

  Head: 3 9

  Center Torso: 20 20

  Center Torso (rear):   7

  R/L Torso: 14 20

  R/L Torso (rear):   6

  R/L Arm: 10 16

  R/L Leg: 14 20


Weapons and Ammo Location Critical Tonnage

PPC LA 3 7.00

SRM-6 LT 2 3.00

SRM-6 Ammo LT 1 1.00

Heat Sink LT 1 1.00

SRM-6 RT 2 3.00

SRM-6 Ammo RT 1 1.00

Medium Laser RT 1 1.00


User Reviews

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Black Moor 5 10/10/2007 10/10/2007

Sweet Mech, One of the best level One Machines I have Seen!!
I would Like to See your Level Two Posted!!!

Cowboy 5 10/8/2007  

what could I say that hasn't already been said.

I am in awe.. 

Damn good design. Damn Good fluff.. Damn good pic.. Damn good.. Good.


Ice Hellion 5 10/6/2007  

Nice fluff, nice lvl 1 'Mech with a good layered firepower.
A good companion to the Champion and the Dragon.

Good job.

LostInSpace 0 10/5/2007  

Thanks guys, I'm glad you like it!

I'd like to point out that the art is not mine. The picture was modified from the Highlander IIC art (if the artist comes along, I'll gladly take it down). I've a fair hand when drawing people, but mechs are not my forte.

Ironraven 5 10/5/2007  

Rear armour is a little thin, but for some reason if these are deployed right I think that is going to be a problem. Good firepower, good blend of ranges, very good speed for the weight. Very good fluff, very good art. It is even solid, stable, fix it with a hammer L1 tech! 

I'm going to rate it. That isn't somethign that happens very often.

Toodles 5 10/5/2007  

you have got to be kidding me. this is a Awesome mech! this has speed, firepower, armor, and heap dissipation! Awesome job LIS, keep up the good work

Prince of Darkness 5 10/5/2007  

Holy hell! what a level 1!

Lets see...good fluff, check. HEavy weapons-fire, check, high armor protection, check. The capacity to use it, check.

Damn nice job, LIS. Keep it up with the custom pictures!