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Lasergunner posted this 18 July 2017


Name Technology Tonnage Level Year R # Posted Views

Argus AGS-1 Clan 9T 2 3067 5 1 11/30/2005 947

Chocobo CCB-1 Clan 9T 2 3067 0 1 10/23/2006 586

Djinn DJN-1 Clan 9T 2 3067 0 0 8/1/2005 1028

Djinn DJN-2 Clan 9T 2 3067 0 1 8/8/2006 450

Laelaps LLP-1 Clan 9T 2 3067 4 4 1/9/2006 874

Medusa MDA-2 Clan 9T 2 3067 4 3 7/15/2006 823

Phoenix PNX-1 Clan 9T 2 3067 0 0 8/5/2006 955

Troll TRL-1 Clan 9T 2 3067 0 0 8/1/2005 1421

Unicorn UCR-1 Clan 9T 2 3067 4 2 7/15/2006 803

Valkyrie VKR-O

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Battle Armor

Name Technology Type Class Level Year R # Posted Views

Zerg  Clan Humanoid Medium 3 3075 0 1 6/14/2010 181

Elemental Mrk. II Clan Humanoid Medium 2 3067 0 2 10/24/2004 1685

Corona II  Clan Humanoid Heavy 2 3075 5 2 3/26/2010 220

Alchemist  Clan Humanoid Heavy 2 3075 0 0 10/24/2009 239

Brimstone . Clan Humanoid Heavy 2 3075 4 2 7/26/2008 300

Fractal  Clan Hum

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Name Technology Tonnage Level Year R # Posted Views

Diopter RC Clan 10T 3 3076 0 0 11/25/2010 62

Nergal Prime Clan 15T 2 3067 5 1 3/11/2006 519

Ankt . Clan 30T 3 3075 4 2 3/2/2009 121

Badb Omni Clan 30T 3 3075 0 0 3/8/2009 121

Clan SRM Carrier IIC Clan 40T 2 3025 0 1 7/30/2006 279

Lugh LGH-1 Clan 80T 2 3067 5 2 8/1/2005 285

Ahulane 1 Clan 90T 2 3075 5 1 8/25/2008 171

Ontos IIC Test Clan 95T 3 3067 5 3 3/3/2009 152

Dafydd .

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Name Technology Tonnage Rules Level Era R # Posted Views

Fire Moth T Clan 20T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 4 7 11/17/2003 894

Kitfox (Uller) T Clan 30T Tournament Legal Succession Wars 0 1 10/16/2004 583

Adder (Puma) T Clan 35T Tournament Legal Succession Wars 0 3 10/22/2003 667

Meerkat Prototype Clan 35T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 4 3 12/5/2005 527

Lupus  Clan 40T Tournament Legal Dark Ages 4 4 6/10/2010 203

Sand Harrier (Sonic) SHR-1 Clan 40T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 5 4 8/6/2006 314

Lightning Vine  Clan 45T Tournament Legal Dark Ages 3 9 3/19/2010 291

Canis II Clan 80T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 0 2 11/17/2003 497

Naga T Clan 80T Tournament Legal Succession Wars 0 2 10/16/2004 411

Obsidian Idol Omni

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Clan New Technology Forum

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We are sorry. Due to a Trial of Possesion that got out of hand, The Lab facility that was acting as the central repository for the forums database was, well to put it mildly, Slagged. We have however sent requests though out the chatter web for backup files to be sent to the new facility which we are bringing online. It is hoped that in the near future the Forum will take up its place once more as the premierer research and design facility of the Scientist and Technitican Castes in support of the Warrior Caste (however undeserving they may be of it.) 


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  4/3/2003  Capt. Hawk
u... wut do u do?? i am new to this thing  

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Thanks Lasergunner!

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SUNDAY, JULY 30, 2006
3026 SRM Carrier

Clan SRM Carrier IIC

Custom Level 2 / 3025 Clan  Tracked 40 Tons
Thunder Clan New Technology Forum
Clan SRM Carrier HMV (Heavy Metal Vee) File

Faction Availability


Type/Model: SRM Carrier IIC

Tech: Clan / 3000

Config: Tracked Vehicle

Rules: Level 2, Modified design


Mass: 40 tons

Power Plant: 120 Dynamic hydro-carbon fuelcell I.C.E.

Cruise Speed: 32.4 km/h

Maximum Speed: 54.0 km/h

Armor Type: Simple Armor Plate Standard

Armament:10 Type 1 Six-Shooter SRM 6s1 Tracker Series Narc Missile BeaconManufacturer:    Various   Location:    VariousCommunications System:    Basic Communicator EpsilonTargeting & Tracking System: Series III TTS


When the SLDF left the Inner Sphere centuries ago they took with them examples of almost every mech and vehicle in general use within the clans.   Included among the forces they took with them were a fair number of Missile Carriers.   Though later fighting during the exodus civil war would destroy the surviving combat units of the Amaris coup, brain cache's still contained a significant stockpile of combat units, once again including missile carriers.   The new society that was forged during that conflict embraced a strong tradition of using all available resources.   Missile carriers found in brain cache's would enter service in the various clans and naturally suffer losses in the incessant, if ritualistic warfare.   Despite a focus on Battlemechs as the weapon platform of choice the usefulness of conventional vehicles would prompt an occasional production run to replenish their depleted ranks.   For nearly 3 centuries this cycle continued, but on each successive cycle refinements were added to the new generation of vehicles.   Today the modern decedents of the old Star League era weapons fill the toumen's of the clans, including the age old Missile Carrier.


Centuries of refinement have left an SRM carrier that is both cheaper, deadlier, and more survivable then its modern cousins within the Inner Sphere.   The single greatest factor in the development of the Clan SRM carrier was the introduction of smaller more compact Missile launchers.   With each successive wave of smaller launchers the SRM carrier was reduced in step with the launchers.   Exceptions to this rule came in two phases.   Early on an attempt to improve the battlefield lifespan of the SRM carrier was made by adding an additional layer of armor to the front, above and beyond the traditional anti-back blast armor.   The second change occurred early on in the golden century when the design finalized to its current form.   Missile Launchers reached a plateau in their development which has held to this day, and a new generation of construction was underway.   Initial Modifications of the SRM carrier to incorporate the latest generation of missile launchers had left a considerable amount of unused space.   Not wanting to let the space go unused Technician added a NARC missile beacon.   The improved missile performance was so great that the final generation blueprints retained it over an even lighter vehicle body.

Battle History:

The most infamous use of Missile Carriers in Clan history occurred on October 25, 2823.   Clan Wolf Dropships descended upon Circe intent upon the annihilation of Clan Wolverine.   With the dropships sensors focused on the Wolverine forces, coming to dispute the landing, they could be excused for missing the signatures of the Missile Carriers hidden within the landing zone.   Just as the dropships were beginning to settle down, a swarm of missiles rose to meet them.   In a terrible wave of destruction Dropships were struck down taking their compliment of mechs and vehicles with them.   The Wolf response was swift and immediate.   The surviving Dropships opened up with everything they had while Battlemechs swarmed from their bays.   Within seconds the entire group of Missile Carriers was destroyed, but not before exacting a terrible price on the invading Wolves, who now had to face the desperate fury of the Wolverine counter attack.

Notable Vehicles & Crews:

Star Captain Andrew
Born just before the horror of the exodus civil war engulfed the Pentagon worlds Andrew grew up never knowing peace.   When he was 14 he was "drafted" into the army of a weaker warlord.   Somehow he survived the battles in which he was forced to participate, in the process learning important lessons in conventional vehicle upkeep, leadership, and battle tactics.   In November of 2821 he found himself in the path of Clan Wolverine as they prosecuted operation Klondike.   The warlord who pressed him into service had no intention of surrendering and had arrayed his pitiful forces against the oncoming Wolverine push.   Andrew knew he would not survive the upcoming battle and took the one chance at survival he could see.   Unleashing the full might of the SRM Carrier he was in command of into the warlords mech at point blank range served as due notice of his resignation.   The shock of such treachery from a man everyone liked held the former warlords forces in stunned silence, long enough for Andrew to make a speech, telling of their hopelessness against the advancing mechs, and offering them the same chance of survival he had chosen.

In the next months the Clans finished their conquest of the pentagon worlds, and Andrew found himself a Star Captain in the Wolverine conventional vehicle forces.   For a short time he knew relative peace, his family was finally safe from the threat of unexpected death.   This time of happiness was short lived.   In the latter half of 2823 ilKhan Kerensky showed his true nature and betrayed the Wolverines.   Andrew was only able to watch as the situation deteriated to its conclusion, a trial of annihilation.   Andrews family was evacuated while Andrew, fiercely loyal to those who had given him peace, volunteered to stay behind and help the front line forces hold off the oncoming wolves.   After consulting with the rest of his unit he put forth the plan of ambushing the Wolves as they landed.   His Star Colonel pointed out that the mission was suicide, but Andrews resolve did not falter.   His Star followed behind him, and more volunteers from the cluster followed.   The plan eventually reached the ear of the saKhan who while unhappy with the suicidal nature of the plan could not deny the telling effect it could have.   Knowledge of the plan soon spread within the toumen and more volunteers came forth.   In the end nearly 2 clusters worth of troops had volunteered for Andrews plan.   Due to the number of possible landing sites the entirety of this force could not be concentrated.   Instead small packets were dug in and hidden in the most likely landing zones of an invading force.   As Luck would have it Star Captain Andrew's force was positioned perfectly.   Losses began to mount even before a shot was fired as the Fusion torch of the landing dropships vaporized hidden units before they could even let loose their payloads.   Star Captain Andrew's SRM Carrier was lucky, only catching the peripheral of one such blast.   His tank and most of his crew died a horrible burning death.   Star Captain Andrew survived long enough to be summarily executed by the Clan Wolf forces.

Type/Model: SRM Carrier IIC

Mass: 40 tons

Equipment:   Items Mass

Internal Structure: 16 pts Standard 0 4.00

Engine: 120 I.C.E. 0 8.00

   Cruise MP: 3    

   Flank MP: 5    

Heat Sinks: 0 Single 0 .00

Cockpit & Controls: 0 2.00

Crew: 3 Members 0 .00

Armor Factor: 64 pts Standard 0 4.00

    Internal Armor

    Structure Value

  Front: 4 28

  Left / Right Sides: 4 12/12

  Rear: 4 12

Weapons & Equipment: Loc Heat Ammo Items Mass

10 SRM 6s Front 0 60 11 19.00

1 Narc Missile Beacon Front 0 6 2 3.00

CASE Equipment: Body     0 .00

TOTALS:   0   13 40.00

Items & Tons Left:       0 .00

Calculated Factors:

Total Cost: 1,741,600 C-Bills

Battle Value: 717

Cost per BV: 2,429.01

Weapon Value: 518 / 518 (Ratio = .72 / .72)

Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 61; MRDmg = 10; LRDmg = 0

BattleForce2: MP: 3T,   Armor/Structure: 0 / 3

    Damage PB/M/L: 6/6/-,   Overheat: 0

    Class: GM,   Point Value: 7

Posted with the assistance of HeavyMetal Vee

User Reviews

7/31/2006  DethOkay
While a thoughful design I doubt the clans would ever build a non fusion design, while it cheap a Shamash would kill it.