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Lasergunner posted this 26 July 2017

Improbable Designs

CEO: Thunder Location: Minderoo Founded: 12/19/2002 Data Updated: 11/26/2009  

           -Project Demios Log, Zenith Research Station September 3rd, 2107. 
          -Improbable Designs Historical Record 
          "History is written in terms of the First Success, and the Biggest Failures. 
          "Once Success is Achieved, All Failures are Forgoten"




Improbable Designs


In The Begining
Improbable Designs Was founded in 2437 as an onsight sub division of Products Unlimited Inc. for the purpose of solving several problems that were plauging the Mackie Design process. These problems were generally cases of "It should work, but it doesnt." In order to solve them, some of the most creative minds of Products Unlimited were assembled to form what is now a standard research tool for us, A think tank. The Solutions that We came up with were outlandish, Strange, and as one of our earliest members said, "Improbable," hence our name. But They worked.

As was the custom and Buisness decision for Products Unlimited Inc, Improbable Designs Was Cut off and forced to sink or swim on its own. Using what profits we had from our work on the Mackie and the Company starter money we received from Products Unlimited Inc., Improbable Designs did the only thing it could. Invested The Money in stock, Built a small industrial center focused on the needs of our "home" planet, and Continued to work for Products Unlimited Inc.'s Multiple Over Companies and Sub Companies as trouble shooters and Consultants. As our Income grew, our investment increased, untill we were finally a self sufficent company capable of More Free Lance activites with higher pay offs and higher risks. Still, During this time, our history was really the history of Products Unlimited Inc.

"If its Stupid, but it works, Its not stupid"



"In the begining there was a void, Neither Darkness or Light, Matter or Energy, Nor even existance Filled the Void. It was perfection within its self. God did look upon the void and shake her head. A Single Tear Dropped from her Eye. And From this Tear, The Universe Was born. The Lord did then smile and laugh. From this laugh the universe took shape. And So, The Spirit of man was born, In the tears of sadness and the laugh of joy.

-Verse 1, Book of Light. Church of the Unified Spirt. Now Extinct.


"Sir!, Multiple Contacts have just launched from russian Air Space. Oh Shit! Tracking says they're from Silos. Those are Nukes."

"Mother of Mercy, What have those crazy bastards done. Where are they heading?"

"Tracking is working on it, Damn! They're heading towards the NATO nations."

"Sir!, Defence satalite 3 Just opened up with laser fire. Its engaging The Missles. Satalite 2 and 4 just opened up too. Whats Happening?"

"The Ruskies Are Attacking! Those satalites must have decided to start shooting on their own. Amazing AI."

"Sir, Tracking is reporting That the main missle Swarm is passing The First satalite Grid. Kinetic and Missle Killer Weapons are coming on line for the second Grid. We are also becoming close enough to engage our selves. Shall we open fire?"

"Affermative. We Dont want to give any of those missles a chance to get through."

"Affermative, Weapons online, Crap! The Master Alarm just went off. The Primary Targeting Computer just crashed. Secondary Computer is picking up the load. It seems to be doing well. Lasers are firing. Number 3 is acting up a bit, but The computer seems to be handeling that too. Not much else I can do now."

"Do What you can, And Pray that none of them get through."

The First Space battle of humanity unfolded in the slow percisision of space combat. Defence Satalites slowly shifted in their orbit. Occasionally a minute pyrotechnic flower would blossom signalling the death of yet another warhead. Thrity-one Minutes After The Initial Missle Launch, The Last warhead was destroyed by the combined efforts of Defence Satalite #42, 43, and Bush Ground Defence Station 50 Twenty Miles above Pearl Harbor, Hawaii When Multiple Ion Bolts, Laser Beams and Surface Launched intercepters Combined to Finally vaporize the warhead.

-Crippen Station Combat Log, January 20th 2014
-Improbable Designs Historic Files.

Products Unlimited Inc. Was created in the late 1990's under an entirly different name, NATO Defence Contractors. While given a number of minor contracts, Their big break came in 2002 When they were given the task of designing the Backup Military Targeting and Tracking computer for the Missle Defense Module on Crippen Station. The Backup Computer and its associated programing were ready by January 2005, and were one of the last components added. Launched in Spring, Crippen Station Became the Hub of NATO orbital defense.

NATO Defence Contractors Languished over the next decade, Remaining Viable, but also on a subsistance level. Several minor contracts came and went, and the company continued to exist.

On January 20th 2014, The Conservative Faction in the Russian Civil war Attempted to launch a preemptive Strike against NATO targets to prevent their intervention in the war on the side of the Liberals. Never Publiced, Was the Abject Failure of Crippen Stations Primary Combat computer. Investigation showed that the cause of failure was Extremely cheap and faulty construction as well as poor programing. The Company that produced that system was heavilly fined. However, It also put NATO Defense Industries in the Lime Light. Sudenly, The small company was over run by a choice of high paying defense contracts. The hard times were over. The Harder Times Began.


Sustained Growth

In all Likely hood, The single most important technological advance in human history was not the Battlemech, or even the KF drive. It was instead The Simple Discovery and use of Fusion power for energy. From this Discory, Humanity was able to generate enough power to go on to other achievments, The Colonization of Sol, The invention of the KF Drive and Unfortunatly, the Pursuit of War as a Means to an End. 
-Human History 101 text book 
-Improbable Designs Tech School


User Reviews

  10/25/2003  Shadowwolf1
Longest history i've ever read. amusing, though.  

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Lasergunner posted this 26 July 2017


Foot .

Custom Level 3 / 3076 Inner Sphere  Spheroid Dropship 12,000 Tons
Thunder Improbable Designs


AeroTech 2 Vessel Technical Readout

Class/Model/Name:    Foot

Tech: Inner Sphere / 3067

Vessel Type: Spheroid DropShip

Rules: Level 3, Custom design


Mass: 12,000 tons

Length: 118 meters

Power Plant: Standard

Safe Thrust: 4

Maximum Thrust: 6

Armor Type: Ferro-aluminum

Armament:4 Arrow IV System4 Light Gauss Rifle4 ELRM-20 (THB)8 ER PPC8 Gauss Rifle8 LRM 20+Artemis IV8 Ultra AC/208 Streak SRM 68 Large Pulse Laser4 Small Pulse Laser50 AMS4 Flamer



It is often said that a landed dropship is a fearsome opponent, capable of unleashing untold firepower and laying waste to all who dare stand against it.   The reality is somewhat lacking.   Though most combat dropships are more then a match against a limited number of opponents,   Few can stand up to the concentrated attention of an actual battle formation.   As such commanders are wary of allowing combat near their dropships.   This tendency is exploited ruthlessly with the Foot.   Surprise is often the key to victory, and nothing is quite as surprising as a dropship landing on the enemies commander.






The ability to stand up to concentrated fire on the ground is the defining characteristic of the Foot.   Where as most dropships have only a few tons of armor covering their flanks, the Foot has hundreds of tons of armor built into its outer carapace.   Supporting such mass during combat maneuvers is difficult to say the least, but nothing massive over engineering can't handle.   Most observers are surprised to learn that the Foot weights more then almost all other combat dropships given that it's about the same size as a fortress class Dropship.   It's just another function of the Foots dense structure.

Though the majority of armor on the Foot is devoted to absorbing hostile fire, the shock assault mission role calls for tolerances well beyond that of traditional dropships. Specifically the aft armor plating is tasked with not only absorbing enemy fire, but is also tasked to absorb harsh landings if not an outright crash.   Collapsible armor baffles absorb such rough treatment well enough that the crew and cargo have yet to be unable to walk away from a crash.

Weapons on the foot are optimized towards ground combat.   This trend begins with the nose firing arcs. Only capable of engaging airborne targets the foots armaments create an air defense umbrella.   Foremost of these weapons are the Air Defense Arrow IV's.   Besides these weapons the other air defense weapons seem more of an after thought.   Extended Range Long Range missiles offer the most impressive range of any non artillery Anti-Air weapon.   The Light Gauss rifles were also chosen for their extended range in addition to their improved ability to punch through an aircraft's armor compared to the LRM's.

The side weapon bays focus on both long and short range coverage.   The Upper deck bays offer ERPPC,s Gauss Rifles and LRM launchers.   Meanwhile the lower deck weapon bays focus on brutally clearing any nearby opposition it faces.   Utra Autocannons, SRM's and X-Pulse lasers fill this job admirably.   The Aft weapons are solely there to prevent sappers from undermining the ship. Almost never used these weapons are mostly a security measure used when the ship is docked in a spaceport.   Then there is the AMS system.   Recently added in current block construction. The AMS array allows the foot to land despite some of the more common space defenses.

The final facet of the Foot is it's cargo.   A full company of mechs unloaded into the midst of the enemy can wreak untold havoc.   Given the mission environment, these mechs are invariably Assault class.   Equally invariably these mechs suffer heavy losses.   This leads to one of the downsides of the foot.   It's focus on combat operations makes it a poor fit for battlefield support.   It's Mech bays, intended to allow mechs to exit the craft while incoming fire strikes the craft, are cramped affairs making repairs beyond replacing armor plate almost impossible.


Variation within a ship class is usually a gradual process.   The most recent refit was the inclusion of the capital grade AMS system.   This refit is significant largely because its the first time the foot's fire control was upgraded to modern standards since the original design specifications.   With the improvement to the Fire Control additional weapon mountings can be integrated into the Foot.   This is prompting a new wave of design work on the shock assault dropship concept.   One experimental configuration of the foot trades the majority of weapons for a battery of Arrow IV launchers complete with an Integrated TAG system for precision work.   This weapons load out has proven to be popular in testing, especially when the Mech contingent is equipped with additional TAG systems.

It has been suggested that it may be time for the Foot to be retired.   A proposed replacement that devotes additional tonnage to firepower and support roles at the expense of structure, engine power and armor could potentially out class the traditional Foot.   Though commanders are hesitant to accept the reduced defenses.   The raw firepower is able to suppress hostile forces around the dropship faster reducing the overall damage the ship takes.


Proportional to other combat systems used within the IPD Foot class shock assault dropships are relatively rare.   The problem is the foot competes with orbital bombardment.   Standard doctrine calls for a hardened ground target to be pounded with orbital artillery.   There are few cases when there is a conflict with this doctrine.   The primary case is when the enemy has set up in an area that is desirable to minimize collateral damage.   This is rarely an issue when the fleet is on the attack, but does come up when our own territory has to be retaken.   The second case is when the enemy has built up planetary defenses to the point where placing a ship above them is a bad Idea.   Normally such a problem can be resolved by using multiple bombardment ships in a caracole, giving them time to make repairs before reengaging.   When there isn't time, sending in the foot can open a hole quickly.   The final case is perhaps the most obvious, despite doctrine there isn't always a bombardment platform when you need one.

Class/Model/Name: Foot

Mass: 12,000 tons

Equipment:             Mass

Power Plant: Standard 3,120.00

Structural Integrity: 180 4,320.00

Safe Thrust: 4  

Maximum Thrust: 6  

Heat Sinks: 289 Double 144.00

Fuel & Fuel Pumps:   129.00

Bridge & Controls:   90.00

Fire Control Computers:   14.00

Armor Factor: 12,332 Ferro-aluminum 648.00

      Armor Value

      (Standard Scale)        

  Fore:   1,015        

  Left / Right Sides:   4733 / 4733        

  Aft:   1851        

Equipment & Options:              


   Bay 1: BattleMechs (12) with 4 doors 1,800.00

   Bay 2: Cargo (1) 436.00


Crew and Passengers:    

   5 Officers (5 minimum)   0.00

   1 Crew (1 minimum)   0.00

   20 Gunners (20 minimum)   0.00

   12 Marine Battle Armor Troopers/Elementals   0.00

   24 Bay Personnel   0.00

Weapons & Equipment: Loc SRV MRV LRV ERV Heat Mass

4 Arrow IV System(80 rounds) Nose 8(80) 8(80) 8(80) 8(80) 40 76.00

4 Light Gauss Rifle(80 rounds) Nose 3(32) 3(32) 3(32) 3(32) 4 53.00

4 ELRM-20 (THB)(80 rounds) Nose 5(48) 5(48) 5(48) 5(48) 40 92.00

4 ER PPC FL/R 4(40) 4(40)


120 56.00

4 Gauss Rifle(80 rounds) FL/R 6(60) 6(60)


8 140.00

4 LRM 20+Artemis IV(84 rounds) FL/R 6(64) 6(64)


48 116.00

4 Ultra AC/20(160 rounds) AL/R 12(120)


-- 128 184.00

4 Streak SRM 6(45 rounds) AL/R



32 42.00

4 Large Pulse Laser AL/R 4(36)


-- 80 56.00

4 Small Pulse Laser Aft



8 4.00

50 AMS(2004 rounds)



-- 50 192.00

4 Flamer Aft



12 4.00

TOTALS:           570 12,000.00

Tons Left:             .00

Calculated Factors:

Total Cost: 1,882,224,848 C-Bills

Battle Value: 41,244

Cost per BV: 45,636.33

Weapon Value: 37,915 (Ratio = .92)

Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 958; MRDmg = 581; LRDmg = 136; ERDmg = 5

Maintenance Point Value:    MPV = 459,566 (435,352 Structure, 9,340 Life Support, 14,874 Weapons)

Support Points: SP = 31,173 (7% of MPV)

BattleForce2: MP: 4N,   Armor/Structure: 06 / 5

    Damage PB/M/L: 37/32/16,   Overheat: 0

    Class: DL,   Point Value: 412






TLDR: Dropship. Lots of Armor on the sides. And some weapons. And Mech Bays.


Lasergunner posted this 26 July 2017


Name Technology Tonnage Rules Level Era R # Posted Views

Mouse MS-2 Inner Sphere 20T Introductory Clan Invasion 3 1 7/6/2004 753

T.D.F.T. WTFWT! Inner Sphere 20T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 0 3 4/25/2003 544

Mandible MND-4Q Inner Sphere 25T Introductory Age of War/Star League 0 1 4/29/2003 468

Hussar HSR-1000-J Inner Sphere 30T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 4 2 8/20/2008 185

Urbanmech UM-P100 Inner Sphere 30T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 0 1 4/26/2003 316

Jenner JR-8K Inner Sphere 35T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 4 4 4/29/2003 527

Battle Mallet BMT-17 Inner Sphere 40T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 0 1 4/29/2003 296

Mangler MGL-6X Inner Sphere 45T Experimental Tech Clan Invasion 4 3 3/3/2009 110

Milites Gregarius MGG-II Inner Sphere 45T Experimental Tech Clan Invasion 0 1 10/17/2006 125

Toad Sticker TS-2R Inner Sphere 45T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 5 4 3/21/2006 529

Hippogriff HGF-3-IPD Inner Sphere 50T Experimental Tech All Eras (non-canon) 0 0 11/26/2010 79

Puck P-47 Inner Sphere 50T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 0 2 9/15/2003 217

Close Assault LAM IPD-LAM2 Inner Sphere 55T Experimental Tech Clan Invasion 0 1 4/26/2003 712

Dervish DV-6P Inner Sphere 55T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 0 2 3/6/2006 201

Stealth Catapult CPLT-IPD1 Inner Sphere 65T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 3 4 4/24/2003 888

Archer ARC-2F Inner Sphere 70T Introductory Age of War/Star League 0 2 8/21/2003 897

Eisenfaust EF-87S Inner Sphere 70T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 0 5 10/6/2004 283

Perseus PW-O Inner Sphere 75T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 5 1 10/16/2006 217

Toyama TYM-2A Inner Sphere 75T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 0 1 10/16/2006 204

Awesome AWS-8IPD Inner Sphere 80T Introductory Age of War/Star League 4 2 4/25/2003 825

Stalker STK-7W-IPD Inner Sphere 85T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 0 3 10/13/2004 267

Anji DSTR Inner Sphere 95T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 0 5 3/30/2007 162

Eviscerator EVCR-III Inner Sphere 95T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 0 2 8/25/2008 152

Eviscerator Mrk-2 Inner Sphere 95T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 2 4 3/31/2003 392

Atlas AS7-U Inner Sphere 100T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 5 4 3/8/2008 265

Atlas AS8-IPD2 Inner Sphere 100T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 0 2 10/8/2004 553

Black Flame BKF-4A Inner Sphere 100T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 2 4 10/22/2003 450

Mackie II MSK7R Inner Sphere 100T Tournament Legal Age of War/Star League 0 1 10/13/2003 473

Thunder Demon THD-2IPD Inner Sphere 100T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 0 1 9/29/2003 405

Thunderhawk TDK-7IPD Inner Sphere 100T Tournament Legal Clan Invasion 4 3 5/14/2003 908


User Reviews

  10/25/2003  Shadowwolf1
Longest history i've ever read. amusing, though.  

Lasergunner posted this 26 July 2017

VehicleNameTechnologyTonnageLevelYearR#PostedViewsOrca OC-1Inner Sphere10T13025038/28/2006373Stooge Pigeon STP-30Inner Sphere13T33076533/23/2010188Raptor KLNSHA-EInner Sphere22T12750413/11/2006412Houyi .Inner Sphere25T23060008/15/2007153Atropos FT3-cInner Sphere30T23067417/6/2008137Uchi .Inner Sphere30T23055413/7/2006188Gladius Hovertank (RL Variant) IPDInner Sphere40T23067537/25/2005421Bolo A & BInner Sphere50T22750443/14/2005280Bolo CInner Sphere50T23067003/15/2005164Bolo D, E & FInner Sphere50T23067003/17/2005148Bolo G H I & JInner Sphere50T23067013/17/2005180Bolo PrimeInner Sphere50T23067007/1/2004319Scope EWHInner Sphere50T23067007/2/2004283Vedette-Upgrade SteinerInner Sphere50T23067532/18/2007250Armored LRM Carrier A-LRMInner Sphere60T127504112/1/2005322Armored SRM Carrier A-SRMInner Sphere60T12750433/12/2005330Raju HBTInner Sphere75T127505110/8/2004341Gillette BMGInner Sphere80T13026317/28/2005293Alacorn XIII-IPDInner Sphere95T23067523/25/2006540Vesper VSPRInner Sphere100T12750527/30/2005693

Lasergunner posted this 26 July 2017

Aerospace Fighter

Name Technology Tonnage Level Year R # Posted Views

Woomera . Inner Sphere 10T 2 3075 0 0 6/21/2010 127

Mighty Duck DCK-V5 Inner Sphere 70T 2 3067 5 1 2/11/2008 137

Mighty Duck DCK-V7A Inner Sphere 70T 1 2750 0 2 7/5/2010 128

Grim GRM-5 Inner Sphere 95T 2 3057 4 7 10/31/2009 245

Brimstone BRS-5 Inner Sphere 100T 2 3067 0 0 3/28/2005 401

Implacable IPB-1&2 Inner Sphere 100T 2 3067 4 1 11/3/2009 238

Jugernaught JRN-I Inner Sphere 100T 2 3067 0 0 3/27/2005 476

Relentless RLL-1 Inner Sphere 10

Lasergunner posted this 26 July 2017


Name Technology Tonnage Level Year R # Posted Views

Burro Long Range Transport  Inner Sphere 200T 2 3075 4 3 2/26/2009 200

Fly Swatter Anti Missile Escort Craft AMEC Inner Sphere 200T 2 3067 5 1 10/9/2006 456

Schlep personnel transport  Inner Sphere 200T 2 3067 0 0 3/18/2005 535

Black Tomato  Inner Sphere 1200T 2 2750 4 6 11/18/2009 252

Foot . Inner Sphere 12000T 3 3076 5 3 11/22/2010 100

Cid Engineering Support Craft  Inner Sphere 60000T 2 3067 4 2 3/18/2005 378

Parapet Block II Inner Sphere 300000T 2 3076 0 0 10/31/2010 91

Gold Chariot Class Assault Jumpship . Inner Sphere 500000T 2 2750 0 0 8/28/2006 404

Pocket Dreadnaught IPD-2

Lasergunner posted this 26 July 2017

Battle Armor

Name Technology Type Class Level Year R # Posted Views

Improved I.S. Battle Armor Laser Inner Sphere Humanoid Medium 2 3067 0 0 10/9/2006 460

IPD Elite 1 Inner Sphere Humanoid Medium 2 3067 0 1 6/28/2004 561

Persecutor WoB-13-IPD Inner Sphere Humanoid Heavy 2 3067 3 4 10/30/2004 648

Tsunami IPD Inner Sphere Humanoid Heavy 2 3067 0 1 6/28/2004 688

Eisenrustung A-BA Inner Sphere Humanoid Assault 2 3067 0 1 10/29/2004 818

Ivor  Inner Sphere Humanoid Assault 2 3067 4 2 10/22/2004 821

Saint Elmo  Inner Sphere Humanoid Assault 2 3067 3 1 10/21/2004 829