Designer: Verian / Armory: Diemaco

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Lasergunner posted this 08 July 2017

MONDAY, APRIL 12, 2004

D-Wagon DWV-1

Level: Custom Level 1 / 3025

Technology: Inner Sphere Wheeled

Tonnage: 5 Tons

Designer: Verian

Armory: Diemaco


Faction Availability

All Factions




Vehicle Technical Readout

Mass: 5
Movement Type: Wheeled
Power Plant: 25
Engine Type: I.C.E.
Cruise Speed: 95.4 km/h
Flank Speed: 148 km/h
Armor: Standard
   Machine Gun

Manufacturer: Diemaco
Communications System: Diemacomm. 1
Targeting & Tracking System: MG Optical 1

After two decades of manufacturing small arms, Diemaco felt it was time to expand, and made the decision to move into the vehicle market. For their first vehicle, they wanted simple and small, and found a contract offer from a planetary militia in the Federated Suns which was looking for a new vehicle for the light wheeled utility vehicle (LWUV) role. Diemaco engineers responded with the DWV-1, nicknamed the D-Wagon, which has since become its official designation. The D-Wagon design process was short and simple. A compact 5 ton chassis was chosen, and designed sort of like a jeep. The front houses the engine, and behind it sits a ferro-glass windshield which offers some protection for the driver and an optional passenger. The rear of the vehicle is open, and features a small mount where light weapon turrets can be mounted, although sometimes the weapon is left out in favour of carrying additional passengers and/or limited cargo.

The D-Wagon is a fast, all-terrain vehicle effective at skirmishing with infantry forces, serving as a battle-taxi, light reconnaisance, and patrolling. The 25 ICE engine provides speeds in excess of 140 kilometers an hour, while the suspension and large tires give it excellent all-terrain abilities. The standard vehicle can fit three people, although the standard crew is two, one driver, and one person manning the triple-barrelled turreted fifty-caliber machine gun. During battle, soldiers will often hop in the passenger seat and use the vehicle itself for additional cover, firing off assault rifles, anti-armour weapons, or infantry machine guns from the relative safety of the vehicle. Many D-Wagons have been modified for SRM launchers, rocket launchers, twin machine guns, LRM launchers, cargo carrying, and sensors for scouting.

Diemaco easily won the first contract with the rugged D-Wagon, and soon demand far outstripped production and additional production facilities were built. To this day, the D-Wagon remains a staple product of Diemaco. It currently sees service with planetary and private militias all over the Inner Sphere, Periphery armies, and many are in use with Davion, Marik and Steinar infantry forces.

Technology Base: Inner Sphere Level 2
Movement Type: Wheeled
Tonnage: 5


Equipment   Mass

Engine: 25 I.C.E.     1.0

  Cruise MP: 9

  Flank MP: 14

Internal Structure: Standard     0.5

Heat Sinks: 0     0

Turret:       0.5

Control Equipment:       0.5

Lift Equipment:       0.0

Power Amplifier:       0.0

Armor Factor: 24     1.5

    Internal Armor

    Structure Value

  Front: 0 5

  Right: 0 5

  Left: 0 5

  Rear: 0 4

  Turret: 0 5

Weapons and Ammo   Location Heat Mass

Machine Gun   Turret 0 0.5

Ammo-Machine Gun   Body 0 0.5

Vehicle Cost: 35,960

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User Reviews

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NightStalkerX 0 4/22/2004  

Very affordable, the fluff defeintly justifies the design.

Knightmare 0 4/13/2004  

Good job, excellent design overrall, that fits a particular niche. Bloody good fluff as well, compliments the armory.