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Lasergunner posted this 03 July 2017

UPDATE: 10/21/2004

Vindicator VND-2AA

Level: Custom Level 2 / 3050

Technology: Inner Sphere Biped

Tonnage: 45 Tons

Designer: Warhawk

Armory: Sunset Pleasure Craft


Faction Availability

House Allard-Liao Inner Sphere

House Steiner-Davion Inner Sphere





Equipment   Mass

Cockpit: Standard 3T

Engine: Fusion 225 10T

Gyro: Standard 3T

  Walk: 5 MP

  Run: 8 MP

  Jump: 5 MP

Double Heat Sinks: 10 [20] 0T

  9 in Engine

  Internal Structure Armor

  Standard Standard

Tons 4.5 9.5

Head 3 9

Center Torso 14 20/7

L/R Torso 11 16/6

L/R Arm 7 14

L/R Leg 11 22



Battle Value: 0

C-Bill Cost: 4,094,945

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

1 PPC RA 3 7

1 Double Heat Sink RT 3 1

2 Jump Jets RL 2 1

2 Jump Jets LL 2 1

1 Jump Jets CT 1 0.5

1 Medium Laser H 1 1

1 LRM-5 LT 1 2

1 Ammo (LRM-5) 24 LT 1 1

1 CASE LT 1 0.5

2 Small Laser LA 2 1


17 15



The original "Avenging Angels" conversion of the Vindicator was an attempt to increase the ground speed of the original model. It was not as popular because of the reduced armor load and a large portion of these 'Mechs were sold off to MechWarrior families. A large portion of the regular army Avenging Angels were a part of the St. Ives Lancers. After the 4th War and the succession of the St. Ives Compact, a large number of these "Angels" remained in the Compact's service. Several units also were used by victorious Davion units as well.

When the Star League memory core recovered by the Gray Death Legion secrets began to become common knowledge, some of them were applied to the 'Mechs in service. The "Avenging Angels" model of the Vindicator was largely ignored except for the few influential families that had some access to the advanced equipment. Many of these 'Mechs were upgraded later on, though only because of the Clan Invasion and the Federated Commonwealths need for more 'Mechs.

A relatively simple upgrade to accomplish, only the inclusion of the new double chambered heat sinks caused any difficulties with the upgrades. A program was instituted at Sunset Pleasure Craft that followed the AFFC's official program on Coventry modified several different designs with advanced Star League tech. The low number of Vindicators of this configuration made it a seldom used program, but the large number in the St. Ives military along with pressure to trade with Compact companies provided a market for this upgrade. Ceres Metals was given a license for the new upgrades being used by the Federated Commonwealth and has also begun production of this "new" variant of the Vindicator that is a bit more acceptable to many hard-core Compact units.



At the heart of the -2AA configuration is the original Vindicator internal skeleton. A higher rated 225 standard fusion engine gives the -2AA a higher ground speed and the inclusion of another jump jet gives it a higher jump capacity. The biggest change to the original -1AA variant is the inclusion of the new double chambered heat sinks. For the first time, the Vindicator does not have major heat problems. The maximum amount of Durallex Medium armor gives the -2AA excellent armor protection and the inclusion of CASE makes the 'Mech safer, a vital concern for many of the owner/pilots.

The weaponry of the -2AA remains about the same as the original version of the Vindicator. The major upgrade has been the modification of the original's head mounted laser. The protuberance into the cockpit has been modified so that the pilot's command chair will not strike it causing catastrophic destructions. The left arm small laser has been retained and a second laser is mounted alongside it. The right arm PPC also remains untouched, though the new heat exchange system no longer requires the water intake valves of the original model. The chest mounted LRM launcher is in its original location with the ammunition stored in a new CASE-protected bay.

The higher speed and the greater protection of the -2AA has made it popular with many of the pilots assigned to this 'Mech. It blends rather nicely with standard Fed Com medium lance structure and complements the standard medium 'Mechs that the Fed Com likes to use rather well. Even the St. Ives Compact has started to use this new model with increasing frequency mainly because of its low cost when compared to other new designs. In fact at 4,094,945 C-bills it compares nicely to the -1AA's price of 3,864,033 C-bills.


Configuration / Variants:

Several other variants of the -2AA has been proposed by the St. Ives military, though the Fed Com is not likely to field these 'Mechs, because of the low number of Avenging Angels in their own ranks.


Battle History:

Several -2AAs have been assigned to several Federated Suns units that have been transferred to the Lyran-half of the Fed Com and the unit commanders are expected to fight against the Clans soon, though at the time of this printing they have not.



Only the St. Ives. military fields most of the -2AAs with a few scattered mainly in Fed Com units that fought on the Liao front in the 4th Succession War.


Lasergunner posted this 03 July 2017

UPDATE: 10/21/2004

Atlas AS9-X

Level: Custom Level 2 / 3067

Technology: Inner Sphere Biped

Tonnage: 100 Tons

Designer: Warhawk

Armory: Sunset Pleasure Craft


Faction Availability

House Davion Inner Sphere

House Kurita Inner Sphere

House Steiner Inner Sphere





Equipment   Mass

Cockpit: Standard 3T

Engine: Light 300 14.5T

Gyro: Standard 3T

  Walk: 3 MP

  Run: 5 MP

  Jump: 0 MP

Double Heat Sinks: 12 [24] 2T

  12 in Engine

  Internal Structure Armor

  Standard Standard

Tons 10 19

Head 3 9

Center Torso 31 47/14

L/R Torso 21 32/10

L/R Arm 17 34

L/R Leg 21 41



Battle Value: 2002

C-Bill Cost: 18,436,000

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

1 Gauss Rifle RA 7 15

3 Ammo (Gauss Rifle) 8 RA 3 3

1 Autocannon/20 RT 10 14

1 Medium Laser H 1 1

1 ER Medium Laser CT(R) 1 1

1 Medium Laser LT 1 1

1 LRM-10 LT 2 5

1 Artemis IV FCS LT 1 1

2 Ammo (LRM-10) 12 LT 2 2

3 Ammo (Autocannon/20) 5 LT 3 3

1 CASE LT 1 0.5

1 Medium Laser LA 1 1

1 Anti-Personnel Pod RL 1 0.5

1 Anti-Personnel Pod LL 1 0.5


35 48.5



Designed for the SLDF and ordered into production by General Kerensky, the Atlas has been the harbinger of death for many MechWarriors. Several upgrade programs was been attempted on the Atlas with mixed results. The engineers at Sunset Pleasure Craft acquired the technical specifications and plans for the Atlas from Al'Nair in the Draconis Combine in exchange for the technical specifications of their Titan. The engineers at Sunset Pleasure Craft deemed this as necessary for the companies survival as a BattleMech manufacturer.

The design team assigned to the Atlas decided to take another look in mind for the Atlas. Instead of being used exclusively as a command 'Mech, the version built by Sunset Pleasure Craft was built as a dedicated assault machine. That proclamation made House Steiner to take notice of the design and have backed its production. The loyalties of many members of the design team has been strained by that notice, but they are firmly committed to the company.



Externally the Sunset Pleasure Craft version of the Atlas looks rather similar to the original produced on Defiance, though some changes have been made in the 'Mech's weaponry and internal systems. A brand new Lyran-built 300 Light engine gives the Atlas the same ground speed as the original variant and makes the 'Mech far safer as well. Almost all of the original heat sinks were dropped in favor of the double chambered variety. The reduced system is still sufficient in keeping the Atlas a cool running 'Mech. The Durallex Special Heavy armor has been retained in the original layout, though CASE has been added to protect against ammo explosions.

Some parts of the Atlas' armament remains untouched while several new systems have been added. A massive Poland Main Model A Gauss Rifle is mounted in the 'Mech's right arm. Three tons of ammunition supplies gives the Atlas sufficient ammunition for most engagements. The original autocannon has been replaced by a newly manufactured Zeus-36, Mark III Autocannon that occupies the entire right torso region of the Atlas. Three tons of ammunition is carried in the 'Mech's single CASE protected flank. A single Artemis equipped LRM 10 provides long range cover fire. A trio of Martel medium lasers provide reliable back-up at close ranges along with one of the new Diverse Optics ER medium lasers defending the back of the 'Mech. Leg mounted A-Pods provide a last ditch defense against infantry.


Configuration / Variants:

As of this printing there is only the production variant. A rather simple variant involving the replacement of the autocannon with either an Ultra version of a LB-X model has been considered, though there have been some difficulties with allocated all of the space that these monster autocannons take up.


Battle History:

The As9-X has not participated in any combat situations outside of normal battlefield simulations and exercises.



The lack of a battle history for the upgraded Atlas has more to do with when it was manufactured. That vast majority of these Atlas' that have been built have gone to rebuilding units in both sides of the splintered Fed Com and a large share of them have been produced in the Draconis Combine under license.

User Reviews

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Zenigata 4 7/9/2005  

Wow. I'm not usually for post-3025 'mechs, but this Atlas is impressive. Giving it the gauss rifle, along with the LRMs certainly reverses the complaint about range on the vanilla AS7-D. And being able to deal 40 potential points of damage a turn without heat problems is nothing to sneeze at. I wish you years of trouble-free maiming in this crate.

Have a good one! 

Lasergunner posted this 25 July 2017



Sunset Pleasure Craft

Company President: Warhawk

Planetary Location: Gulf Breeze

Date Founded: 10/17/2003

Last Update: 4/13/2004

While an odd location to find a BattleMech manufacturer the reasons for its location is simple enough: no one would look for it here. 
(author's note: I've never seen any fluff for this planet in the Lyran Alliance and didn't even know that it existed until seeing the name on the Planetary Locater. Evidently someone at FASA has been to Gulf Breeze, its in Florida for those of you who don't know where it is. I've been there and it is a pleasant place, near the Gulf of Mexico, and is rather picturesque. Not the usual setting for a BattleMech factory, but this why fluff is needed to describe my reasons for doing this, so here goes.....) 
(author's note: Yesterday I noticed on the Classic BattleTech website some new canon material including some information about Gulf Breeze. "The largest habitat station in current use floats just inside the orbit of a large asteroid belt in the CMO 26 system�whose name was recently formally changed to Gulf Breeze�located in the Lyran Alliance�s Coventry Province." This would imply that Gulf Breeze is an uninhabited system. In light of this recent information I have decided to continue with the plot line that I"ve created for the system. Even though my decision does go against data which has been recognized as canon by FASA's successors, I did not know about it until the other day. So enjoy as I change some history around a bit)

An almost completely forgotten world near the periphery of the original Lyran Commonwealth few, if ever, people have even set foot on this world. Made up almost completely of oceans with a few small land masses and several large archipelgo island chains, Gulf Breeze is a picturesque locale. The first colonists were unwilling in some ways, a transport from Coventry misjumped and ended up in the Gulf Breeze system. They were some of the lucky few who have survived a misjump and lived. Their jumpship was heavily damaged, though their dropships were not heavily damaged. The would-be colonists made their way down to the planetary surface and set-up a base of operations on one of the larger archipelgo island chains near the equator of the planet. Luckily for them, the planet was blessed with a large adbundance of amphibian and fish life in the large oceans. The forming of the Star League completely passed the world by as did much of the wars that came after it. 

Fortunately for the inhabitants of Gulf Breeze their dropships had sufficient supplies and a small supply of industrial equipment. With these supplies and a little ingenuity the colonists set up a budding fishery industry. A rather large pleasure boat and work boat market sprung up to support life on the planet. 

Eventually the colonists gave up any hope of returning to their old homes at least until the world was visited by a small Commonwealth scouting team. The team was surprised to find any inhabitants at all on this uncharted world. They were content to leave the "indigs" there, though they did set-up a small spaceport on the main archipelgo so that they could come and go as they pleased. After the Star League was formed, Gulf Breeze became a resort world. Even at the height of the Star League there were few tourists and very little impact on the environment of their world.

Even the start of the 1st Succession War and the subsequent chaos that followed did nothing to the residents of Gulf Breeze. They simply were forgotten and allowed to live their own lives. It wasn't until the Clan Invasion that they actually recieved some attention from the Federated Commonwealth as a forward base for raiding against the Clans, but their small population and scattered nature precluded them from becoming what the Fed-Com wanted. Even the battles for Coventry and the Fed Com Civil War left the world untouched.

During the period of nonintervention during the Succession Wars several of the larger pleasure boat manufacturers merged to create the larger Sunset Pleasure Craft. For several decades they produced large pleasure crafts for the inhabitants of Gulf Breeze and for some of the longtime tourists. Even though the demand did not increase it didn't decrease either. Like so many companies that filled a niche market they wanted to diverify out into other markets.

Their fortunes changed in late 3066 with the grounding of a dropship belonging to the CEO of Bacchus Heavy Industries. Intriqued by this untouched world and approached by the CEO of Sunset Pleasure Craft with an interesting proposal. Both parties resolved their talks to their complete satisfaction. Sunset Pleasure Craft added another wing onto their main factory complex with aid from Bacchus Heavy Industries engineers dedicated solely for the manufacture of advanced BattleMechs. Several Zero-G facilites were placed in orbit around Gulf Breeze making the factories on world almost completely self-sufficient. Extreme care was taken not to harm the environment of the world so much of the heavy industry was placed into orbit. A smaller satellite facility was built on one of the smaller uninhabited island chains as well.

The new BattleMech division of Sunset Pleasure Craft is currently producing several of Bacchus Heavy Industries' signature designs. Both HellCats and WildCats are being produced at the primary production facility. The smaller facility will produce some designs developed by both their new design team and several designs dreamed up by the engineers at Bacchus Heavy Industries. The lack of space at even the new facility on Solaris VII allows for several new designs to be built on Gulf Breeze.

Sunset Pleasure Craft's signature line of cabin cruisers and the newly developed line of military craft is also available as part of the agreement with Bacchus Heavy Industries. Several fighter designs are currently in the works at the larger Zero-G facilities.

Anyone interested in either a new 'Mech design or a new pleasure craft can contact the main office of Sunset Pleasure Craft at the nadir jump point recharging station in the Gulf Breeze system. A smaller satellite office has been included at Bacchus Heavy Industries' main facility at the Solaris City SpacePort.


BattleMech Name Tonnage Technology Level TRO Rvw

Clint-CLNT-1-2S 40 Inner Sphere 1 2750 2

Galahad-GLD-1 40 Inner Sphere 1 2750 0

Galahad-GLD-2 40 Inner Sphere 2 3055 0

Cleaver-CLV-1R 45 Inner Sphere 1 3025 1

Chasseur-CHS-1R 45 Inner Sphere 2 3060 2

Vindicator-VND-2AA 45 Inner Sphere 2 3050 0

Crab-CRB-32 50 Inner Sphere 2 3055 1

Ostroc-OSR-2M2 60 Inner Sphere 1 3025 0

Valiant-VLT-1T 60 Inner Sphere 2 3067 0

Guillotine-GLT-5N 70 Inner Sphere 1 3025 0

Guillotine-GLT-4N 70 Inner Sphere 1 3025 0

Lancer-LNR-1A 70 Inner Sphere 2 3050 1

Rising Star-RST-1A 80 Inner Sphere 1 2750 1

Zeus-ZEU-6S2 80 Inner Sphere 2 3050 0

Rising Star-RST-2A 80 Inner Sphere 2 3058 0

Torrent-TRT-1A 100 Inner Sphere 1 3025 0

Atlas-AS9-X 100 Inner Sphere 2 3067 1

Titan-TT-1AN 100 Inner Sphere 2 3058 1


Vehicle Name Tonnage Technology Level TRO Rvw

Sea Demon-SD-741 70 Inner Sphere 1 3026 2


Fighter Name Tonnage Technology Level TRO Rvw

Wildcat II-F4F 30 Inner Sphere 2 3058 3

Thunderbolt-THN-1S 60 Inner Sphere 2 3060 0


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Ah Warhawk! I do miss him.