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Lasergunner posted this 03 July 2017

UPDATE: 10/22/2004

Osprey LAM OSP-1X

Level: Custom Level 3 / 3067

Technology: Mixed LAM

Tonnage: 50 Tons

Designer: Warhawk

Armory: Warhawk's Happy Fun Place & Grill

DBM (The Drawing Board) File

Faction Availability

Clan Wolf in Exile Clan

  Ark Royal Defense Cordom Inner Sphere

House Davion Inner Sphere


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Equipment   Mass

Cockpit: Standard 3T

Engine: XL 300 9.5T

Gyro: Standard 3T

LAM Conversion Equipment: 5T

  Walk: 6 MP

  Run: 9 MP

  Jump: 6 MP

C Double Heat Sinks: 12 [24] 2T

  12 in Engine

  Internal Structure Armor

  C Endo-Steel C Ferro-Fibrous

Tons 2.5 8.5

Head 3 9

Center Torso 16 23/7

L/R Torso 12 18/6

L/R Arm 8 16

L/R Leg 12 22



Battle Value: 0

C-Bill Cost: 12,759,375

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

1 C ER Large Laser RA 1 4

2 Jump Jets RT 2 1

2 Rocket Launcher/10 RT 2 1

1 C Targeting Computer RT 1 1

1 Jump Jets RL 1 0.5

1 Rocket Launcher/10 RL 1 0.5

1 Medium Laser H 1 1

1 Beagle Active Probe CT 2 1.5

1 Jump Jets LL 1 0.5

1 Rocket Launcher/10 LL 1 0.5

2 Jump Jets LT 2 1

2 Rocket Launcher/10 LT 2 1

1 CASE LT 1 0.5

1 C ATM-3 LA 2 1.5

1 C Ammo (ATM/3) 20 LA 1 1


35 16.5



A unique colaboration between units in the Arc Royal Defense Cordon, the Wolves-in-Exile, and select units of the Federated Suns, the Osprey is a new and unusual design. Even though most Land-Air-Mechs have had to be scrapped due to the lack of spare parts, both House Davion and House Steiner had a small stockpile of parts for their dwindling number of these unique units. A design team comprising engineers and techs from the Kell Hounds and the Wolves-in-Exile worked together to develop a new recon 'Mech for their armies. Even though LAM training is not a part of the usual training that a Clan Warrior undergoes, the close ties that have been forged with the Kell Hounds has given several Clanners another chance.

The Osprey was built with some of the most advanced technology available to the Hounds and the Wolves. Technical assistance from Clan Nova Cat after their acquisition of the last LAM factory in the IS helped to speed along the Osprey. Techs have hailed the simple design and applaud the usage of readily available equipment available to both the Clans and the IS while not being a burden on the rebuilding Wolves.

While it is interesting to note that usually the Clans would not use a 'Mech of this type, the Wolves have been a bit more liberal in their thinking and are willing to use anything to help rebuild their touman. Recognition of this fact has led them to ally themselves more closely with their brethren in the Arc Royal Defense Cordon. Funding and support has also come from the former Archon Prince with some hopes of using these 'Mechs in his crusade to free the Federated Suns from the tyrranical hold of his "dear" sister.



The frame of the Osprey is made-up of a reinforced skeleton that uses endo steel members both for their strength and for their light weight. A Clan Consolidated Fusion 300 XL engine powers the Osprey to a comparable speed of other medium 'Mechs. A complete set of jump jets allows the Osprey to jump up to 180-meters and allows it to propel itself along at high speed while in Fighter mode. 95% of the maximum amount of ferro fibrous armor along with IS CASE protects the Osprey. While using IS CASE may seem odd on a mainly Clan design, it was cheaper to use since the body of the 'Mech was not set-up to use the lighter Clan design.

The main weapon of the Osprey is the Clan ER large laser that makes up the right arm of the 'Mech. Along with a standard IS medium laser, the ER large laser is tied into a sophisticated Clan targeting computer. The left arm uses a relatively new ATM 3 with a single ton of ammunition, usually the HE type. It is a rude surprise since the launcher is hidden from normal view. Another weapon system that the Osprey uses is from an odd location, the Marian Hegemony. The Rocket Launchers used by the Osprey comes from several captured units brought to the design team by Federated Suns scientists. Six separate RL-10s dot the hull of the Osprey. Each one of the launchers remain hidden just as the ATM rack.

The Osprey can also function as a heavy scout with its sophisticated Beagle Active Probe. The BAP also is an excellent learning tool as the system is able to remember how an opponent fought and can broadcast this knowledge to a pilot in their "down-time" and can even display changes in the tactical profile given inputs on a joystick by the 'Mech's pilot.


Configuration / Variants:

A proof-of-concept design, the Osprey remains a prototype design at least until the Kell Hounds finish retooling the Eire Mech factory on Arc Royal. Another variant that was seen before the inclusion of the RLs had a larger ATM 6 with two tons of ammo mounted on the left arm.


Battle History:

The prototype of the Osprey has been flown only once against live fire, unlike many Clan trials all of the ones involving the Osprey were concluded with simulated fire only. The first live fire combat that the Osprey was involved in was against the Jade Falcons in a reprisal raid conducted just before the start of their second incursion against the Lyran Alliance.

The garrison cluster on Black Earth was unprepared for the speed of the Osprey and were puzzled to see it streak towards them in Fighter-mode. In front of their startled eyes, the Osprey converted into Air Mech-mode and outshot a pair of OmniMechs with its accurate main weapon. The star of Falcons were further surprised to see the Osprey convert into a 'Mech, which led the rest of its ad-hoc star against the Falcons. The strange movements of the Osprey along with its high speed and the willingness of its pilot to fully use all three modes enabled the Osprey to win out against the Falcons.



Currently only the Kell Hounds and the Blue Star Irregulars make use of the Osprey among the Cordon's defenders. The Wolves-in-Exile make use of the Osprey, though only in the most elite of units. The 4th Davion Guards RCT also makes good use of this 'Mech in several of their raiding companies.

User Reviews

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Ironraven 0 1/29/2006  

LAMs aren't a violation of the rules, just a tactical nightmare.

I like this guy. It could have been built by the Dragoons, to, as they would have had clan techspecs and they had some LAMs. I just don't see Wolf-in-Exile using them, unless the Dragoons have reintegrated with the rest of the clan.

Decent dog fighter, good trooper. Solid replacement for the PHX-LAM.

MajorTom 0 12/20/2003  

This looks to be a straight across Macross/Robotech Valkyrie conversion, and a fairly decent one at that. Have an issue with the mixed tech, but it's an LAM so is on the outskirts of the rules top begin with =), so it's not as bad a violation as it could be (plus fluff backs it up a little). Overall an interesting design, and a great conversion of a Veritech.

Lasergunner posted this 22 July 2017

SUNDAY, MARCH 13, 2005

Cloud Skipper CLS-1K

Custom Level 3 / 2750 Inner Sphere  Conventional 5 Tons
Warhawk Warhawk's Happy Fun Place & Grill
Cloud Skipper HMA (Heavy Metal Aero) File

Faction Availability

AeroTech 2 Vessel Technical Readout

Class/Model/Name:    Cloud Skipper

Tech: Inner Sphere / 2680

Vessel Type: Conventional Fighter

Rules: Level 3, Custom design


Mass: 5 tons

Inner Sphere / 2680: Skipper 21 Deluxe

K-F Drive System: (Unknown)

Length: 6 meters

Power Plant: Fermi Thrustjet 25XL

Safe Thrust: 12

Maximum Thrust: 18

Armor Type: Boeing C-tran Standard

Armament:NoneManufacturer:    Foxfire Light Industries   Location:    New EarthCommunications System:    Sony MSF-21Targeting & Tracking System: None


     For the longest time mankind has dreamed of being able to fly like the birds in the sky.   It wasn't until much later that this dream was realized with the introduction of the airplane.   Even still the dream of having one's own airplane has been the dream for centuries since the development of the airplane as a viable means of transportation.   Even with mankind's journey into space, the airplane has remained one of the more useful tools available to the common explorer.

     With the coming of the Age of War, the civilian use of aircraft slowly was phased out in favor of military applications.   Rather than being made for the select few, the few civilian aircraft were used in their centuries old tasks of providing transport for the masses.   Though many yearned for the past and their seemingly unlimited access to aircraft for the consumer, the needs of the military superseeded their dreams.   With the signing of the Star League Accords, many thought that mankind would enter into a new Golden Age bringing with it enlightenment and advancement for all men.   However, what it brought was War once again in the form of the Reunification War fought against the Periphery nations.   Determined to unite all man under a single banner, the steps taken soon compared to the excesses during the Age of War.

     It was only after the Star League was able to consolidate its power did Civilian Aviation take up its own stride.   On the world of New Earth in the Terran Hegemony, the company Foxfire Light Industries designed its own answer for the questing public's interest in personal transports, the Cloud Skipper.   Foxfire Light Industries pulled out all the stops in their design of the Cloud Skipper.   Motivated by both the dream of a personal aircraft and by the dreams of the profits that they would reap, the Cloud Skipper is unlike any other comparable aircraft.


     The Foxfire technicians labors quickly proved to the Star League that the dream of having one's own aircraft was a reality.   Realizing that the "conventional" aircraft of the day could not be used for the design of the Cloud Skipper, the design teams assigned to the project decided to take a radical approach.   Rather than using a stock engine, they developed their own lighter air turbine for the aircraft.   This expensive power plant was the epitome of minaturized technology available to the Hegemony.   While the specialty engine was being developed, the structural design team was rapidly seeking out the best possible configuration for the Cloud Skipper.   Realizing that a normal person does not have a runway available to them, the design team made a unique choice, they decided to make the Cloud Skipper a VSTOL.

     The specialty power plant used by the Cloud Skipper consists of a pair of turbines mounted on an adjustable pylon on either side of the aircraft.   Using these minituarized turbines, the aircraft has the ability to hover in mid-air, climb from sea-level to high altitudes in less time than a conventional aircraft, and it also can fly backwards by manipulating the mountings.   All of this performance comes at a steep cost, the Cloud Skipper is extremely expensive to buy.   The one main redeeming aspect of the aircraft is that the maintenance costs are extremely low.   Even though the turbines are smaller than those used by military models, they are surprisingly modular and are easy to replace if the pilot has the inclination to repair their own craft.   This ease of maintenance made the Cloud Skipper available to anyone who could afford the craft.

     Aerodynamics were not neglected by the Cloud Skipper design teams.   Using ideas pioneered on Terra, the Cloud Skipper's body is designed as a lifting body.   The small stub wings that hold the split turbines provide very little lift by themselves, but when added into the streamlined body, they provide anough lift to keep the craft in the air in the event of engine failure.   The complex tail surfaces are the only feature that tends to give many owners problems during regularly scheduled maintenance.   This is further compounded because the small amount of standard forged armor does not protect the rear of the craft.   Weight concerns were enough that this area is not protected from mid-air collisions with birds.   The damage to a control surface is enough to put the Cloud Skipper into a flat spin, which could prove to be deadly for the pilot.

     The cockpit area is surprisingly roomy with a small cargo area that can carry up to 10 kilograms of "supplies," usually a picnic basket.   While the cockpit area is designed for a single pilot, a passenger can be carried, though the conditions are a bit cramped.   More than one young pilot has been known to have taken a loved one out for a relaxing picnic.   The space can also be used for luggage, but the limited room does tend to reduce the amount that can be carried.   The fuel tanks carried by the Cloud Skipper make use of a normally military invention, self-sealing tanks.   Each wing pylon can carry up to a ton each of fuel.   A third tank is mounted underneath the pilot compartment.   The endurance of the Cloud Skipper makes it more than a simple luxury "toy."


     The only production variant produced by Foxfire Light Industries used a slightly larger engine at the expense of fuel supply and the small armor covering.   Only an experienced pilot had an chance of controlling the small aircraft, and after two crashes the production variant was cancelled.

     The modifications made by many of the younger owners of the Cloud Skipper are too numerous to catalogue, with each one reflecting their owner in their own way.   As such each "variant" had little to do with another pilot's model even if both took a similar approach.   Enlarged engines were very common as were outlandish paint schemes and specialized cockpit areas.   Another model that was popular stripped off all of the protective armor for an increased cargo capacity.   Part of the increased capacity went into making the once roomy cockpit into one that was slightly more cramped, but could now carry a second person.


     Built originally during the "Golden Age" of mankind, almost every person with the funds to purchase a   Cloud Skipper could boast that they owned one.   The relatively simple maintenance also made them popular with the younger members of society.   It was not uncommon that the Cloud Skipper could be modified with a larger engine system in place of fuel.   Several "street" groups began to race the Cloud Skipper in illegal races with heavily modified units that boasted speeds almost 50% faster than the base model.   The readily adaptable nature of the Cloud Skipper's frame combined with the ease of repair made it the dream of aspiring youngster with the funds to purchase one.

     The fall of the Star League proved to be the death knell for the Cloud Skipper.   The destruction visited upon the Hegemony was too much for Foxfire Light Industries.   Damage received from the Republican Guard when they attacked New Earth was enough to put Foxfire Light Industries out of business.   With the manufacturer put out of business, many Cloud Skippers began to break down and their expenisve engines soon began to breakdown with a steady supply of spare parts.   A small number were seized by the militaries of the Periphery nations for use as a spotter, but the extremely light armor of the few that they possessed soon resulted in a number of destroyed of Cloud Skippers.

     It was only after the Clan Invasion that production of the Cloud Skipper has once again been resumed.   These new model Cloud Skippers once again make use of the light-weight turbines which made the first production run so successful.   The sheer cost of the newly built aircraft have placed it far outside the reach of the ordinary citizen.   Only those worlds with enough high industry can support the Cloud Skippers and so they remain relatively uncommon except in the interior worlds of both halves of the Federated Commonwealth, the Free Worlds League, and even in the Draconis Combine the Cloud Skipper is a status symbol for many teens of affluent parents.

Class/Model/Name: Cloud Skipper

Mass: 5 tons

Const. Options: Fractional Accounting

Equipment:             Mass

Power Plant: 60 .53

Engine Shielding:   .27

Structural Integrity: 12 .00

VSTOL Equipment: Equipped .50

Safe Thrust: 12  

Maximum Thrust: 18  

Heat Sinks: 10 Single .00

Fuel:   3.00

Cockpit & Avionics:   .50

Armor Factor: 3 Standard .19

      Armor Value

      (Standard Scale)        

  Nose:   1        

  Left / Right Wings:   1 / 1        

  Aft:   0        

Weapons & Equipment: Loc SRV MRV LRV ERV Heat Mass

TOTALS:           0 4.99

Tons Left:             .01

Calculated Factors:

Total Cost: 194,801 C-Bills

Battle Value: 48

Cost per BV: 4,058.36

Weapon Value: 0 (Ratio = .00)

Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 0; MRDmg = 0; LRDmg = 0; ERDmg = 0

BattleForce2: MP: 12N,   Armor/Structure: 0 / 0

    Damage PB/M/L: -/-/-,   Overheat: 0

    Class: FL,   Point Value: 0

User Reviews

3/20/2005 5  Lord Cain
Are "outlandish paint schemes" extra and does the factory have available collision avoidance radar available?

3/15/2005 5  DethOkay
great pic, wonderful fluff, where can I buy one,

3/15/2005  truegrit
love the pic

3/15/2005 5  Lonely Coyote
I did a double-take on the pic. Nice!

So, let me get this straight...
A collision with a bird puts the Cloud Skipper into a flat spin...
...I'll have to contract out their advertising team, they do good work.

3/14/2005 5  Knightmare
I love it! Just lovely. The Fluff, what else can I say! The Springer of the skys!


Lasergunner posted this 25 July 2017


Warhawk's Happy Fun Place & Grill

Company President: Warhawk

Planetary Location: Coventry

Date Founded: 10/4/2003

Last Update: 11/10/2003

Come in weary traveler you look like you need something to drink. We have only the best here, but not the most expensive stuff though. Come you must be tired from your journey. I will tell you a tale of an intrepid Warrior who fought and fought until he could fight no more. You don't want to hear about him?!?

Oh well, sit back and share a drink with me at least.

Greetings from sunny Coventry. The weather here is grand and the view is spectacular. Nothing warms the soul more than relaxing on a beach and lounging in the sun, especially when you have so many grand things to look at. Where else in the Inner Sphere would you find the wonders of this world?

Walk along picturesque beaches and watch the seagulls and other ocean-going birds wheel and fight over the remnants of a battlefield. The many majestic regions of Coventry are full of such historic places like Port William and the Coventry MechWarrior Academy. The walking tours through the countryside are some of the best exercise, but watch out for all of those unexploded minefields which really do tend to ruin your day. The majestic vistas from your hotel room's only surviving window bring much into focus. The view of BattleMechs as they march by the hole where you are cowering is something not to be missed by anyone. One of the tourist attractions that should be on every traveler's to-do list is the almost daily pro-Katrina or pro-Victor rallies. They truly are inspiring, especially when the riot police come to break them up.

(author's note: Seriously now, this is supposed to be the place where I can put all of my Clan designs and other miscellaneous things as they are though of. Mainly I don't want to clog up my other armory. So enjoy, visit often, and be sure to tip your designer.)

So come along now everyone, Warhawk and his merry band of Project Engineers and their assorted minions are here to astound and amaze you. Join us now in the singing of our Fellowship Song.

A new addition to the line-up of designs here is several modified designs for the 66th Assault Battalion of the new 2nd Royal BattleMech Regiment of the SLDF. The 'Mechs used by this combined-arms battalion is a mix of both Clan and IS designs. The one unifying feature of all of the 'Mechs is that they can be included in a C3 network. 

Be merry and enjoy a few cold ones.


BattleMech Name Tonnage Technology Level TRO Rvw

Hound-X- 50 Clan 3 3060 0

Reaver- 55 Clan 2 3055 2

Rabid Dog- 60 Clan 2 3060 3

Cuirassier- 60 Clan 2 3060 2

Bull- 70 Clan 2 3067 2

Huntress-- 70 Clan 2 3067 0

Timber Wolf-Custom 75 Clan 2 3055 1

Marauder-C 75 Clan 2 3050 2

Mad Cat-Mk IV 80 Clan 2 3060 1

Masakari-(Warhawk) 85 Clan 2 3050 2

BattleMaster-C 85 Clan 2 3050 1

Great Father- 100 Clan 2 3060 1

Hornet-VIF-1X 15 Inner Sphere 3 3050 2

Drider-DRD-X1 100 Inner Sphere 3 3067 3

Adder-alt. conf. 35 Mixed 2 3060 1

Chimera-CMA-CC 40 Mixed 2 3060 0

Bloodhound-B1-HNDC 45 Mixed 2 3060 0

Bishamon-BSN-3CC 45 Mixed 2 3060 0

Uziel-UZL-2SC 50 Mixed 2 3060 0

Osprey LAM-OSP-1X 50 Mixed 3 3067 1

Argus-AGS-4DC 60 Mixed 2 3060 0

Cestus-CTS-C 65 Mixed 2 3060 1

War Crusader-WCDR-1X 70 Mixed 2 3060 1

Avatar-AV1-O 70 Mixed 2 3060 0

Timber Wolf-(alt. con) 75 Mixed 2 3060 0

Thanatos-TNS-4SC 75 Mixed 2 3060 1

Victor-VTR-6AS 80 Mixed 2 3060 0

Tai-sho-TSH-7SC 85 Mixed 2 3060 0

Warhawk-(alt. conf 85 Mixed 2 3060 0

Spartan-X 100 Mixed 3 3060 0


Fighter Name Tonnage Technology Level TRO Rvw

Cloud Skipper-CLS-1K 5 Inner Sphere 3 2750 5


User Reviews

User Rating Posted Updated

OdMagnus 0 1/12/2004  

Cheers to a really funny armory background, and one of the most active reviewers in the armories here on S7.

AllenTemple 0 10/12/2003  

I liked this armory, and I wish there was a rating system, because I'd give it a solid four. The 'mechs are basically book 'mechs with some changes to armor and heat sinks (basically Warhawk here doesn't let free engine space go to waste) and are not all that inspired, but they are solid designs, and he makes a good effort at the fluff.

President & CEO

Bucket of Blood Industries/
Wing Fu Technologies

TripleG 0 10/6/2003  

I hope the hotel beds are as fluffy as the intro!

Headshot 0 10/5/2003  

Nice fluff... weather tends to be excellent unless it is raining Clan 'Mechs...

Sturm-Kr�he 0 10/4/2003  

yeah a mine tends to ruin you life at some point. LOL nice Fluff.

Lasergunner posted this 25 July 2017

3025 Wasp LAM

Hornet VIF-1X

Custom Level 3 / 3050 Succession Wars [Experimental Tech] Inner Sphere  LAM 15 Tons
Warhawk Warhawk's Happy Fun Place & Grill

Faction Availability


Equipment   Mass

Cockpit: Standard 3T

Engine: XL 90 1.5T

Gyro: Standard 1T

LAM Conversion Equipment: 1.5T

  Walk: 6 MP

  Run: 9 MP

  Jump: 6 MP

Standard Heat Sinks: 10  0T

  3 in Engine

  Internal Structure Armor

  Standard Ferro-Fibrous

Tons 1.5 2

Head 3 6

Center Torso 5 6/2

L/R Torso 4 3/1

L/R Arm 2 3

L/R Leg 3 4



Battle Value: 0

C-Bill Cost: 1,714,434

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

1 Medium Laser RA 1 1

3 Heat Sink RT 3 3

2 Jump Jets RL 2 1

2 Jump Jets CT 2 1

2 Jump Jets LL 2 1

1 Small Laser H 1 0.5

3 Heat Sink LT 3 3

1 Heat Sink LA 1 1


33 4.5


Just before the initial Clan Invasion, the Federated Commonwealth was working on developing a highly mobile transformable unit that could be used by its infantry units in its RCTs. As much of the technical data for developing a LAM, let alone a small scale one, had been lost due to the Succession Wars. A covert raid on the only LAM production facility in the IS, ironically in the Draconis Combine, netted some important technical specifications for the production of LAMs. The technology demonstrator that the design team produced was truly a marvel of the recovered lostech.

The initial idea behind the Hornet Variable Infatry Fighter, not affiliated with the 'Mech of the same name, was to produce a small unit that was transformable and could be used by individual infantry troops for rapid insertions. The idea also was to simplify the controls of the new combat unit so that troops who did not have the skills to pilot a 'Mech could pilot this vehicle. Some of the initials objectives were met for this design, but several problems threatened the entire system. The fragile transformation system was extremely exposed on the prototype and the armor needed to fully cover it was not available without leaving the unit defenseless. The original prototype's speed also was reduced to allow the current prototype to have a respectable weapons mix.

Overall the entire Hornet program ended rather poorly with only a couple of units produced and the entire program shutdown due to the Clan Invasion's drain of resources. Looking back on the program, it can be said that it was a bit too ambitious for its time, though it was rather innovative.


At the heart of the Hornet is the modified internal sturcture that allows it to transform into a light fighter or into a lightweight 'Mech. A specially produced 90 XL engine powers the Hornet. The smaller engine was vital because it allowed the Hornet to carry an armament that rivals several other light 'Mechs. Specially designed jump jets allow the Hornet to either jump 180-meters or to cruise at high speed in either the Land-Air mode or in Fighter mode. A recent devolopment that was used on the Hornet is the ferro fibrous armor that covers the airframe of the LAM. While not the heaviest available, the armor is sufficient enough to protect against infantry small arms and light 'Mech weapons.

The Hornet's "stinger" is a Magna Mk II medium laser. Its carried in the 'Mech's right arm in a blister mounting that leaves the hand free. The other weapon carried by the Hornet is a Magna Mk I small laser mounted in the head. The small laser is used primarily against soft targets like other infantry units.

Overall the idea of a highly mobile infantry unit that could be used much as a small scale 'Mech had some merit, enough that the Fed Com was willing to back the project. Even now, the idea of a specialty unit of infantry that can launch from a waiting dropship as a fighter, then land like a 'Mech to take an objective has a lot of appeal even now. Against the Clans, this type of unit would be perfect for the fast raid against isolated Clan outposts.

Configuration / Variants:

The original prototype, which carried a slightly large engine system, was completely unarmed. Only two of these prototypes were built, but later they were dismantled for the spare parts.

Battle History:

Outside of the countless simulations that the VIF-1X Hornet was subjected to, it was used once in an action against the Clans. Rather than being operated by a regular infantry troop or even a jump infantry-trained trooper, they were used by the Rabid Foxes for an infiltration of a Clan-held world. The troopers were brough in-system by a Leopard and were launched once the dropship entered orbit around CENSORED. They were able to avoid several of the Clan patrols on world and were just in sight of their objective when they were spotted by a small patrol of Elementals. The point of Elementals was unprepared to face 'Mech sized infantry units that were better armed than they were. Even though the Rabid Fox team was able to take out the patrol, the word was out and they knew that the Jade Falcons would be waiting for them at their objective. However, the Falcons were completely unprepared for the high speed of the Hornets and the Rabid Fox team was able to enter the industrial complex and were able to steal several technical specs that they had come for.

This one successful use of the Hornet was almost enough to give reason to continue with the program, but the funds that originally were available no longer were.


Currently only the Rabid Foxes have only CENSORED Hornets which they use whenever rapid assaults are necessary. The original plans for the Hornet is a part of the technical library at the NAIS, though recent attempts to access that data has come up with errors.

User Reviews

3/22/2009  MECHTECH
i have idea to use this in a small unit using battle armor get back to you went finished

11/27/2006 4  Prince of Darkness
Quick little bastard, isn't he?

12/1/2005 5  Ironraven
As a commando mech, this is a little lightly armed, but the the shock value is a worthy trade off. I assume that it was origionally intended to be supported by larger LAMs, such as the Wasp? Wonderful idea, very potent.

3/15/2004  OdMagnus
Yeah, what Ice Hellion said. Special forces fielding this thing would be very deadly indeed.

12/16/2003  Ice Hellion
A LAM minimech, that's brilliant. No wonder that the Clans did not understand what was happening. 
A really great idea although the high cost when compared to a "normal" battlesuit will probably make this design available only to elite units.