Designer: BobCat / Armory: Clan Land Shrike

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Lasergunner posted this 02 July 2017

UPDATE: 2/9/2005

Bacchus Infantry Fighting  Vehicle

Level: Custom Level 2 / 3067

Technology: Clan Wheeled

Tonnage: 15 Tons

Designer: BobCat

Armory: Clan Land Shrike


Faction Availability

Clan Fire Mandrill Clan

Clan Hell's Horse Clan

Clan Star Adder Clan

Clan Wolf Clan

Clan Wolf in Exile Clan





Vehicle: Bacchus Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Tech Base: Clan - Level 2

Chassis Design: Wheeled

Vehicle Mass: 15 tons


Engine: 70 Fusion

Vehicle Movement:

Cruise Speed: 64.8 km/h

Flank Speed: 97.2 km/h

Armour Type: Various Ferro Fibrous

2x Lamda Medium Pulse Laser
1x Unknown Infantry Bay
Manufacturer: Various
Location: Foster, Bismarck, Kirin, Eden
Communications System: Various
Targeting & Tracking System: Various

Clan Land Shrike has never been a big believer in conventional
infantry units. This is because the casualty rates among infantry
units are attrocious, and to the Shrikes, a waste of valuable
warriors. While the Land Shrike infantrymen were of high quality and
deployed to front line forces, they were rarely used offensively, instead
defending their bases and landing zones to free up more mobile and
heavily armored mechs and tanks. For a time this was acceptable,
but when Clan Wolf unveiled the terrifying Elemental during the
Golden Century, the Shrikes found their front line clusters obsolete.
While the Shrikes had a relatively easy time establishing Elemental
bloodnames, they knew that their defensive tactics would not serve
them well in the role that the Elemental was intended for.

saKhan Elenor Wang formed the 1st Infantry Training Cluster in 2875
to address this need. Here, warriors fresh from their sibkos would be
given additional training in working as a unit and mechanized training
before they were promoted to front line Elemental posts. Also, it was a
humbling experience, as the 1st would be called upon to serve the
lower castes in search and rescue operations, law enforcement and
against bandit raids.

To assist the new unit in operations against the new breed of armored
infantry, Wang commissioned the Bacchus Infantry Fighting Vehicle.
The scientists who worked on it originally wanted to call it the Bradley,
in honor of the ancient Terran vehicle that inspired their work.
However, the Uniform Designation Protocols required them to name it
for a god of ancient Terra. As a sign of their protest, they named the
IFV for the Roman God of wine and revelry.

The requirements for the Bacchus were that it be optimized for urban
combat, durable and relatively inexpensive. The fifteen ton vehicle
accomplishes all of these objectives with ease. Its fusion engine
seems to contradict the low cost requirement, but the small engine is
still cheap and allows the Bacchus to mount energy weapons, a major
plus in extended campaigns. A wheeled chasis was used to reduce
costs. Although this limits its mobility in rough terrain, it allows it to
operate with ease on paved roads. Its top speed of 96 kilometers per
hour allows it to keep pace with many light mechs, particularly the
garrison quality machines it finds itself operating with. It can boast as
much armor plating at the Uller omnimech, even though it is twice the
Bacchus' weight. A pair of turret mounted medium pulse lasers are
ideal weapons for urban combat, giving it exceptional accuracy and
the ability to cut down infantry and battlemechs with equal ease.

What seperates the Bacchus from similar units units is how closely
its lone crewman works with the five man squad its bay can carry.
Even the famous Goblin tank has a distinct line between the crewmen
and the infantry. The pilot is capable of operating the entire vehicle
singlehandedly, thanks to the fairly advanced computers used by its
targetting and control systems. However, the Bacchus is at its best
when the infantry point assists him in its operation.

The crewman's cockpit and the one ton infantry bay are a single
compartment which can be seperated into two sections by a thick
blast door when need be. This helps protect the infantry in the event
that the cockpit is breached and prevents fire from hitting the pilot
when the infantry are disembarking. Most of the time, this blast door is
raised, and the infantrymen, who are crosstrained in vehicle operation,
assist with gunnery duties. This occupies one of the squad members,
who mans the turret mounted guns. The remaining four soldiers can
use any of the numerous sealable gun ports to use their infantry grade
weapons to assist in point defense. As the Bacchus has no weaponry
outside of its turret, these ports are vital to its defense. While these
hand held weapons cannot hope to harm a mech, they can prevent
enemy infantry from swarming the Bacchus' unprotected flanks and
rear, and have been known to occasionally discourage Elemental
attacks. This distinguishes it from APC's in terms of its objective; while
an APC simply drops its infantry off and then provides covering fire or
withdraws, the Bacchus serves as a mobile base of sorts for the

The Bacchus is found primarily in two roles. It serves in the 1st
Infantry Training Cluster as the infantry support vehicle of choice, and
among the vehicle "sibkos" shared by the Land Shrikes and Hell's
Horses on Eden. It is rare outside of these units despite its excellent
anti-mech abilities for two reasons. For one, it lacks the mobility, long
range and all terrain abilities that non-urban environments require.
For another, the majority of Land Shrike forces lack the conventional
infantrymen required to make the Bacchus truly effective. When it is
present outside of its normal posting, it is a sign that the Cluster is
using it as a stopgap to temporarily replace battlefield losses.
This said, a few Stars of Bacchus' have recently found their way into
Shrike and Hell's Horse second line units as more advanced machines
are shifted to the front line. Their excellent performance in several
battles is calling into question their traditional role in Shrike and Horse
forces, and there is talk of building a larger, more versatile Infantry
Fighting Vehicle. If this proposed "super-Bacchus" was ever built, it
could signal a revival in the use of standard infantry forces among
Land Shrike units. A few other Clans field limited numbers of
Bacchuses as training vehicles, and few of these ever see real

Despite its long history, the Bacchus has few common variants. Only
one version reflects anything more than the preferences of individual
pilots. This version is intended more as an anti-infantry unit, replacing
one of the pulse lasers with a pair each of turret mounted machine guns
and forward mounted plasma flamers. This model was far more
common before the Elemental completely replaced conventional
infantry forces in more Clans, and now only one in twenty Bacchuses
has this loadout.

Virtually every Land Shrike warrior has served in a Bacchus, either as
a pilot or as a member of an infantry point. This is because all Shrike
warriors spend a minimum of six months in the 1st Infantry Training
Cluster. These soldiers are fresh from their sibkos, be they washouts
who won a post in the Shrike vehicle units or as a seasoning
experience for graduates of the sibko program. Unlike other Clans,
every Mechwarrior, Aeropilot or Elemental could theoretically serve as
a conventional infantryman if the need arose. This gives them
valuable combat experience and prevents anti-infantryman prejudice
seen among other Clans.

Among the most spectacular uses of the Bacchus was by the current
Land Shrike Khan, Heracles Fitzgerald, in his first year as a warrior.
Having passed his vehicle "sibko" training on Eden, he was assigned
to the 1st as a vehicle pilot. After five months in the unit, he began his
meteoric rise to the top when he and his assigned infantry accounted
for two light omnimechs during a Jade Falcon raid on Bismarck. When
asked how he managed to achieve such an astonishing kill ratio,
Heracles said, "The Mechwarriors ignored us. Now they are buffing
the scorch marks they made in our armor."

Type/Model: Bacchus Infantry Fighting Vehicle

Mass: 15 tons

Vehicle Details:   Crits Mass

Internal Structure: 10 0 1.5

Engine: 70 Fusion 0 2.00

Engine Shielding:   0 1

Cruise: 6 MP    

Flank: 9 MP    

Heat Sinks: 10 0 0

Cockpit and Controls:   0 1

Vehicle Crew: 1 0 0

Turret Equipment:   0 0.5


Armor: 77 points Ferro Fibrous 1 4

    I.S Armor

  Front: 2 20

  Left / Right: 2 / 2 13 / 13

  Rear: 2 11

  Turret 2 20

Weapons and Equipment: Loc Heat Shots Slots Mass

2 Medium Pulse Laser Turret 8 N/A 2 4

1 Infantry Bay Body 0 N/A 1 1


Crits and Tons Left:       4 0

Vehicle Cost: 373,562 C-Bills

Battle Value: 408



User Reviews

User Rating Posted Updated

Modok 5 2/14/2005  

great design, nice touch with the fluff, does a lot,

Orochi Cavalcanti 5 2/10/2005  

It is a good design (4) with a supperb fluff (5).
It has sufficient speed, armor and firepower at a razoable cost. And it could be very dangerous against every type of infantry (ever BA).
You did a pretty good work in the fluff ...

Cain "Mordred" Arthur 3 2/10/2005 2/10/2005

hey, that looks better (output wise). only 1 c-bill of heavymetal vee, which would be my rounding function.

oh, and a nice IFV as well

edit: did you edit the html? the case is missing from the equipment?