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Lasergunner posted this 09 July 2017


Kaiser K5R-S

Custom Level 1 / 2750 Inner Sphere  Biped 90 Tons
Einherjar House Steiner Supplemental TRO

Faction Availability

Kaiser K5R-S

Technology Base: Inner Sphere

Production Year: 2760

Extinct by: Never


Chassis: Chariot Type III Mk II

Power Plant: GM 270 Fusion Engine

Cruising Speed: 32.25 km/h

Maximum Speed: 53.75 km/h

Jump Jets: None

     Jump Capacity: 0 meters

Armor: Valiant Lamellor Standard


     2 Parti-Kill Heavy Cannon PPC

     1 Light Crossbow LRM-10

     2 Coventry 90mm Six-Rack SRM-6

     2 Defiance B3M Medium Laser

     2 Coventry Light Autogun Machine Gun

Manufacturer: Defiance Industries

     Primary Factory: Furillo

Communications System: Olmstead 840 with SatNav Module

Targeting and Tracking System: TharHes Ares-7



From 2751 to 2761, numerous Cameron Edicts were passed after the death of First Lord Simon Cameron. Specifically, the Arms Amendment act of 2752 allowed the Great Houses to double the size of their standing militaries. With the floodgates thrown open per se, the House Lords fell into a fervor of military build up.

Concerned, the great General Kerensky sent a small army of intelligence agents on a mission of reconnaissance, to measure the strength and growth of the House armies. Over the course of two years, the Star League agents infiltrated the military and industrial hot-zones of the Great Houses.

As reports came in, General Kerensky became quite worried. One project undertaken vy his close personal friend, Archon Michael Steiner of the Lyran Commonwealth, was of particular concernn and showed evidence of a great threat not necessarily to the Terran Hegemony, but potentially to the other great houses. Determined to counteract the looming menace of a possible House uprising, Kerensky put into action his own project. From his fear the Atlas AS7-D was born.

Part of the inspiration for that fear was the Lyran Commonwealth's Kaiser project.



The brainchild of Archon Michael Steiner II, the Kaiser project was initiated in order to add a definitive edge to the fighting forces of the LCAF, considering the military build up occuring throughout the other great houses of the Inner Sphere. Though the Zeus had long been the LCAF's favorite Assault BattleMech, Archon Michael desired a new machine to epitomize the military might of the Commonwealth. By order of the Archon, the Kaiser was to be "so powerful as to carry the standard of the Lyran people with pride and honor, and so imposing as to make the enemies of the Commonwealth tremble in fear at the might of the Lyran Armed Forces."

Tapping Defiance Industries, one of the oldest and most successful BattleMech construction companies in the Inner Sphere, Archon Michael Steiner tasked the company with developing the Kaiser. Hoping to keep the production of the Kaiser as secret as possible, Defiance Industries elected to develop the Kaiser at the company's secondary plant, on the world of Furillo. Long a Hegemony monitored facility, Michael knew that there would be no way to prevent the HAF, and thus the SLDF, from discovering the Kaiser project. His intention however, was to as much as possible; prevent the other Houses from learning of the Kaiser's development.

Though tasked with developing a new, never-before-seen BattleMech design, Defiance Industries could not ignore the tremendous success the Zeus had enjoyed. As per the Archon's demand, the Kaiser would need to be possessed of tremendous firepower, as well as staying power. Defiance engineers determined the best compromise would be to utilize a modified, reinforced Zeus chassis, while at the same time downgrading the engine. By doing so, land speed would be reduced to a maximum of 54.0 km/h, yet the available tonnage to allocate towards weapons grew by eight tons.

Before weapon selection began, Defiance engineers had to determine the role of the Kaiser on the battlefield. With its comparatively poor land speed, it was determined that the 'Mech would be a command unit, offering direction and support firepower to the faster moving 'Mechs in its company. As a commander's machine, it would need to be capable of enhanced communication, processing large amounts of data in a short amount of time.

Taking their cue from Stormvanger Assemblies, the producers of the Cyclops, Defiance Industries chose to import the communication suite from Terra. Since its initial production in 2710, the Cyclops' Olmstead 840 SatNav equipped communication suite, made by Aldis Industries, was proven to provide the most efficient and reliable planet-wide communications available to a MechWarrior. With the Archon's emphasis on battlefield performance, Defiance felt the import costs for the Olmstead system were well worth the final payoff. Tied into the TharHes Ares-7 battle computer, the Kaiser's initial simulations showed tremendous potential.

With the smaller GM engine, and slow ground speed, Defiance engineers knew the Kaiser would face many types of enemies, and would need to engage those enemies at many different ranges. Making such a task simpler was the free tonnage available to mount numerous weapon systems, thanks to the lighter engine.

For long-range direct fire-support, the Defiance engineers elected to equip the Kaiser with a Parti-Kill Heavy Cannon PPC in each arm, mounted directly beneath the 'Mech's massive battle-fist. To supplement the PPCs with indirect fire-support, Defiance also equipped the Kaiser with a Light Crossbow LRM 10 missile system mounted securely in the 'Mech's massive chest. Though firing both PPCs and the LRMs would put a heavy strain on the Kaiser's twelve additional tons of heat management system, the 'Mech would still be able to dissipate the bulk of the heat generated in a single volley. Multiple combined volleys were not however recommended by Defiance engineers.

For enemies who weathered the storm of PPC and missile fire, the Kaiser was equipped with a Defiance B3M medium laser, housed in a dual-mount with the PPC in each arm. Defiance also provided the Kaiser with a Coventry 90mm Six-Rack SRM missile system in each torso. Fed by a dedicated ton of ammunition each, the SRMs and medium lasers made for a dangerous combination to the brave enemy pilot who chose to engage the Kaiser at such ranges.

Because the Kaiser could only run at a maximum speed of 54.0 km/h, the engineers knew the 'Mech would be subject to attack by enemy infantry. To help deter any infantry from being foolish enough to attack the 'Mech, the Kaiser was equipped with a Coventry Light Autogun machine gun in each torso, mounted directly beneath the SRM missile rack. Supplied by a ton of shared ammunition, thanks to an internal cross feed system, the 'Mech carries enough ammo to make any infantryman nervous.


Battle History

The Research and Development phase of the Kaiser was quite long. Initiated in 2758, the first Kaiser did not roll off the assembly line until late 2765, five years after Robert Steiner assumed control of the Commonwealth, and two years before Stefan Amaris murdered the Cameron family, and usurped control of the Terran Hegemony. Designed from the start to be a front-line command unit, the first Kaisers were sent to those units that saw the most combat.

Though distributed amongst the assault and heavy 'Mech regiments of the LCAF, it would be several years before the Kaiser saw battle against enemies of the Lyran Commonwealth. Its baptism of fire however, came much sooner.

A lifelong friend of Aleksandr Kerensky, Michael Steiner sadly was not the Archon sitting upon the throne when the Usurper took control of the Terran Hegemony. Archon Robert Steiner II, the son of Michael Steiner II, refused to offer aid to General Kerensky and the SLDF forces embroiled in war with the Republican forces of Amaris the Usurper. Loyal to the General, the Eridani Light Horse, then known as the 3rd RCT, waged a hit-and-run war against Amaris and his forces within the Hegemony. During the course of their personal war, the 3rd RCT sought refuge in both the Free Worlds League and the Lyran Commonwealth. Sympathetic Barons would offer aid in the form of supplies and spare parts to the Eridani Light Horse, and among those supplies, were a company of "lost" Kaiser BattleMechs.

Provided to the 3rd RCT by Baron Helmut Granger of Alcor, the Baron had in turn, received twelve of the new Kaisers to provide a powerful backbone to his standing forces. The 'Mechs were not assigned to any specific LCAF military unit, and the Baron saw an opportunity in August of 2764 to provide aid to the Eridani Light Horse when they took refuge on his world after a particularly ferocious battle with Republican forces on Milton. Supplying the loyal SLDF warriors with as much equipment and spare parts as he could, the Baron offered the 3rd RCT his Kaiser BattleMechs in an attempt to quell the guilt he felt over the inaction of Archon Robert Steiner II.

The Kaiser first saw battle on 3 October 2764, on the world of Galatea, against the 174th Republican Guard. Striking hard and fast, the Eridani Light Horse deployed their Kaiser 'Mechs in a defensive pattern around their Dropships once they made planet fall, using their faster more mobile units to attack the Usurpers forces.
Facing heavy combat from the initial landing, the Kaiser and other heavy 'Mech's assigned to defend the Dropships struggled continuously against the Republican forces, while the swifter 3rd RCT 'Mech and armor companies attempted to outflank the defenders. Ultimately, the Light Horse had to fight a running retreat against the well-supplied Republicans. One light 'Mech pilot commented later that a Kaiser 'Mech stepped out from its defensive trench and opened fire on the Republicans, covering his retreat and making himself a target. The MechWarrior was friends with the pilot of the Kaiser, and stated in his memoirs that the man "seemed to be one with the machine, a metal god of destruction. I had seen assault 'Mechs fight before, but never with such defiant glee, and though my friend died that day, I know he savored his death, secure in the knowledge that he was fighting in a machine made for a king!"

The Kaiser's first "official" baptism of fire came in the later years of the Terran Reclamation. Amaris, desperate for supplies, and fighting a five-sided war with the SLDF, staged an attack on Skye.

Defending Skye were the 4th Skye Rangers, an elite fighting force, and the pride of the Federation of Skye. The battle with the hodge-podge Republican forces that landed on the world was short and brutal. The Assault class Rangers simply ravaged the Republicans, and in the fray were the Kaiser 'Mechs assigned to the unit. Victory was never in question.

From this combat action, the first of many complaints about the Kaiser were made. This was no unusual occurrence. No war machine will ever be able truly satisfy every user, and the Kaiser was no exception. The primary complaint was the relatively light armor on the 'Mech's legs and torsos. This was deemed a minor complaint however due to the success of similar armor protection on comparable 'Mech's in the Kaisers class. A secondary complaint was the heat dissipation, which was again ignored by Defiance, since a wise pilot will know to "bracket" his weapons fire.



Since the fall of the Star League, and the Succession Wars, the Kaiser has become a major command unit within the LCAF. A Lyran 'Mech from its inception to the current day, the machine is well regarded within the MechWarrior families of the Commonwealth, despite its shortcomings.

Most commonly, the Kaiser BattleMech is seen in Assault lances. In some cases however, the Kaiser is found commanding heavy lances, offering its firepower from the rear as it slowly advances on the enemy.


Known Variants

With the Succession Wars destroying many war materiel factories, some variants of the Kaiser have been discovered. None of them are "official" Defiance Industries produced, all being field modifications. Some are numerous enough to earn their own model designator however.

The K6R-S model has been seen without the Light Crossbow LRM system. In its place appears to be a third Parti-Kill Heavy Cannon PPC. The K6R also seems to drop the medium lasers on its arms, presumably adding more heat exchangers.

The K7R-S appears to drop the PPCs altogether, trading them for dual Defiance large lasers. The SRM systems seem to be downgraded to 4 tube racks, and it is assumed that the extra weight is devoted to additional heat exchangers.


Notable 'Mechs and Mechwarriors

Hauptman Wilhelm Kohst

Wilhelm is an intense, some consider fanatical, supporter of the Lyran Commonwealth. It is his greatest hope in life to sacrifice himself in battle to the cause of his great House. His loyalty has made him a favorite amongst the elder commanders within the LCAF. His fanaticism however, has placed him at odds with his troops. Though they understand their commander's desire to die in battle for the Archon, they do not necessarily share his desire. As yet, his troops have followed him because of his skill as a commander. Should it ever become a matter of life or death to serve under him however, it is unlikely that his soldiers will give their lives as freely as he would give his own.

His 'Mech, named Kommandant, has been in his family since it was first issued to his ancestor Caleb Kohst in 2767. Though the 'Mech is ancient, it has been kept in loving repair by the Kohst family for more than 250 years, and amazingly carries a significant amount of original equipment and weaponry.



Kaiser K5R-S

Technology Base Inner Sphere 90 tons

Cost: 8,159,360 C-Bills

BV2: 1,690 Availability: C-E-D


Equipment     Mass

Internal Structure:     9.0

Engine: 270 Fusion Engine 14.5

  Walking MP: 3  

  Running MP: 5  

  Jumping MP: 0

Heat Sinks: 22 (10 in engine) Single 12.0

Heat Sink Locations: 6 LT, 6 RT

Gyro: Standard   3.0

Cockpit: Standard   3.0

Actuators: L: SH+UA+LA+H    R: SH+UA+LA+H

Armor Factor 264 points - Standard 16.5


    Internal Armor

    Structure Factor

  Head: 3 9

  Center Torso: 29 44

  Center Torso (rear):   13

  R/L Torso: 19 28

  R/L Torso (rear):   10

  R/L Arm: 15 30

  R/L Leg: 19 31


Weapons and Ammo Location Critical Tonnage

PPC LA 3 7.0

Medium Laser LA 1 1.0

PPC RA 3 7.0

Medium Laser RA 1 1.0

SRM-6 LT 2 3.0

Machine Gun LT 1 0.5

@ LRM-10 (12) LT 1 1.0

@ SRM-6 (15) LT 1 1.0

SRM-6 RT 2 3.0

Machine Gun RT 1 0.5

@ Machine Gun (200) RT 1 1.0

@ SRM-6 (15) RT 1 1.0

LRM-10 CT 2 5.0

User Reviews

4/30/2009 5  jadedtoxicpixie
Lovely Lvl 1 design, a real grown up Warhammer!

Nice fluff, great pictures as well.

4/29/2009 5  scourge72

4/28/2009  Donteras
Wait! There's a program for making those pics? I want it!

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10/7/2008  Aracnid
wow. i like.

8/21/2008 5  Ice Hellion
Nice 'Mech: a true solid Steiner 'Mech that I do not know why reminds me a bit of the Grizzly (but an Assault version of it).

As always the pictures are great.

Great job.

8/12/2008 5  Thumper
I gotta agree with Knightmare. Solid L1 design. Never really been too fond of assaults but, this one I'd like to play with.

8/11/2008 5  Samak
Good to see you back Gaunt, and its good to see the Kaiser back too. Excellent fluff, excellent pics, and a good ass kicking machine. Twin PPCs, twin SRM-6 and enough support weapons to make a Warhammer proud. I hope this signals a comeback.

8/11/2008  Knightmare
A great 'Mech Gaunt, well done! Some fluff errors...mostly with Defiance, Hesperus (and some equipment) as Tak previously mentioned, but otherwise a solid Level 1 machine. (I love the art. You're getting quite good at the program!) Great work!

- KM

8/11/2008 5  Takiro
Love that fluff.

I did check on the founding of Defiance Industries and it was a shared Terran-Lyran corporation. I was previously concerned that it might not have existed at this time but was wrong. All appears to be in order.

Nice job!

8/10/2008 5  Prince of Darkness
The ole' Kaiser. I remember how proud Knightmare was about the fluff (but it seems to have been changed).

I wonder- what do you think if I did my own impersonation of this design, image-wise? I just have an add qualm about the placement of the missile racks and their appearance, and I was just wondering if I could do my own impersonation (?)

8/10/2008 5  LostInSpace
Truly a mech fit for a king. Even I would use this, and I'm not so fond of assault mechs. Excellent pictures and fluff are icing on the cake. Well done!