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Lasergunner posted this 30 June 2017

Phoenix Hawk IIC

Phoenix Hawk IIC

Custom Level 2 / 3025 Succession Wars [Tournament Legal] Clan  Biped 40 Tons
Ice Hellion Hector MechWorks Facility Zeta
Phoenix Hawk SSW (Solaris Skunk Werks) File

Faction Availability

Phoenix Hawk IIC

Rules Level: Tournament Legal

Technology Base: Clan

Chassis Config: Biped

Production Year: 2900

Extinct By: Never

Chassis: Orguss Stinger Clan Extra Light Endo-Steel

Power Plant: Fusion Extra Light 280

Cruising Speed: 75.25 km/h

Maximum Speed: 118.25 km/h

Jump Jets: Pitban 9000 Standards

     Jump Capacity: 180 meters

Armor: Dagda Ferro-Fibrous Ferro-Fibrous


     1Alpha Serie Large Pulse Laser Large Pulse Laser

     2Lambda Serie Medium Pulse Laser Medium Pulse Lasers

     2Chi Series Small Pulse Laser Small Pulse Lasers

Manufacturer: Hector Mech Works Facility Zeta

     Primary Factory: Hector

Communications System: Tek BattleCom

Targeting and Tracking System: Tek Tru-Trak

Extract from: The Clans: Mysticism and combat efficiency by Corrine Wexford (ComStar Scholastic Press, 3060)

Mysticism and combat efficiency have more than often be linked through the history of humanity: from the Shaolin to the Janissaries or on a less historical level with the Fremen/Sardaukars.
Among history, no one brought the two together like the Clans and among the Clans no one like the Clan Goliath Scorpion.
A detailed summary of how they came up with the Phoenix Hawk IIC is better than any words to explain the link between both.

"On the Black Seam they dance.
Moonlit steel gleaming in the twilight.
Black and gold, red and silver,
Their clothes stir the still night air.
Five steps taken, five cuts drawn,
The Scars of Moreau's tribulation.
These pay heed to our debt, to our past
Reborn with the death of our Mother"

The Remembrance (Clan Goliath Scorpion), Passage 316, Verse 12, Line 1-8

To most Clans, this would just sound like a mere description of a final combat, worth of being revered as a part of their Remembrance but nothing more.
However, this is not the way of the Goliath Scorpions: to them, those were the final deeds, words and thoughts of saKhan Jenna Scott in her challenge against Loremaster Lan Kirov and his Seekers and as such they are sacred.

After his Surkairede, Loremaster Lan Kirov felt compelled to honour the memory of saKhan Jenna Scott and the way she had sacrificed herself for the greater good of the Clan.
Knowing that she had been a warrior at heart, he decided that the Remembrance was one thing, insuring near immortality for as long as there would be Clans, but that it was not enough.
So he turned to the members of the Scientist Cast asking them to make a weapon that would embody her dedication to the true spirit of the Clan Goliath Scorpion and allow her to protect the Clan forever.
To allow them to know what he wanted, he ordered them to use Passage 316, Verse 12, Line 1-8 of the Remembrance.

The members of the Scientist Cast assigned to that task were puzzled by this unusual request as usually they received more precise and less "poetic" requests.
After days of arguing with each other, the team had only managed to agree on one thing: it had to be a BattleMech, the king of the battlefield.

This is when the Harbinger assigned to the team by Loremaster Lan Kirov came with a solution to the team problems.
His argument came from a deep knowledge of myths and poetry as for him the only part of the Remembrance Passage they had to use that could refer to the name of a BattleMech was the last line "Reborn with the death of our Mother." and the 'Mech was the Phoenix Hawk named after the mythical firebird of old, who was born from fire (its Mother) and reborn again from ashes (the death of its Mother).

Agreeing that this was the only solution, the members of the Scientist Cast decided to create a new Phoenix Hawk but one that would follow the guidance of the Remembrance Passage.

"On the Black Seam they dance."
The meaning of this passage was quite obvious and meant that the new 'Mech had to be mobile and speedy.
However, even with the modern technology available to them, there were limits to what the team could do.
In order to maximise the mobility, they decided to reduce the total weight of the 'Mech by 12.5% bringing it to 40 tons while increasing its ground speed by 16.6% allowing it to achieve an impressive running speed of 118.8 kph.
This was only made possible through the use of an advanced XL engine, freeing precious tons for weapons and other systems.

"Moonlit steel gleaming in the twilight." was a bit more obvious and was seen as a reference to the Endo-Steel Internal Structure that while lighter than the normal one was as stronger.

"Black and gold, red and silver," was still rather obscure until one Scientist remembered that some experiments had been done to produce Ferro-Fibrous armour from different alloys made of some minerals from the underwater mines of Dagda.
While it was slightly more flexible than the usual Ferro-Fibrous, it also needed more care to be produced and the final result displayed several different colours when scratched.
In spite of the increased cost and difficulty, they decided to use these alloys to make the Ferro-Fibrous armour and after several failed intents, they managed to produce enough of it to give the 'Mech 6 tons of armour, slightly decreasing its protection but still ranking it as one of the most protected 'Mechs of its weight class.

"Their clothes stir the still night air" could mean different things but the Scientists decided that the clothes stired because of the movements of the fighters in the air, which for a 'Mech was to be translated as implementing Jump Jets.
The original 180 meters of maximal jumping distance were kept as they seemed more than enough to deal with most situations, the 'Mech might encounter.

"Five steps taken, five cuts drawn,
The Scars of Moreau's tribulation."

"Five cuts" and "the Scars of Moreau's tribulation" could only mean that five weapons were needed but that they should be selected to reflect the military ethos of the Scorpion Touman with heavy reliance on precise energy weapons.
The original Phoenix Hawk had been a versatile 'Mech able to fight different enemies and the same should apply to the new one.
One Large Pulse Laser was selected to provide the main punch with two Medium Pulse Lasers to provide back up at middle to short ranges and two Small Pulse Lasers to deter infantry attacks.
The weapons were put in the same place as those of the original Phoenix Hawk, paying respect to it as mentioned in the last verse non used "These pay heed to our debt, to our past,"
The only change was to put them inside the arms so as to be able to surprise its opponents.
Following the same philosophy all the Communication and Tracking/Targeting Systems where kept with just a small software upgrade to bring them to 2900s level.

Battle History
The few Phoenix Hawk IIC produced have been extensively used by Clan Goliath Scorpions, be it in Front Line units or with Seekers.
For example, in 3049, it was thanks to the sacrifice of Al Niyatn, that saKhan Posavatz managed to escape the wrath of the Clan Smoke Jaguar on Tranquil.
Using zellbringen and issuing a challenge to all the units too close to the saKhan, its pilot, Warrior Pava Baba bought enough time to allow saKhan Posavatz to escape.
He even managed to earn 3 victories in a row against the Smoke Jaguars but he had suffered fatal injuries in doing so and instead of allowing his precious 'Mech to be captured, he charged straight ahead into the jaws of the Smoke Jaguars before him, breaking zellbringen in the process.
Pava Baba met his destiny when his 'Mech took several hits in the fusion engine and exploded.

Only 5 Stars worth of this design were ever produced.
The Goliath Scorpions produced the first 10 models, naming them after 10 stars of the Scorpius Constellation.
They are held in great honour and are stored in the Temple of the Nine Muses..
Of those 10 'Mechs, 6 are still intact: 3 have been lost in combat and 1 has been captured (leading to the feud with Clan Ice Hellion).

The Ice Hellions managed to capture one during a Trial of Possession and reengineered it, using it as the basis for their own production;
15 of these were manufactured before the production stopped.
They can be found either in mothball or in some second line units.

Every time, the Goliath Scorpions hear about a Phoenix Hawk IIC being used by Clan Ice Hellion, they dispatch one of their own to punish those "arrogant people who stole our pride."
So far, the results have been 8 wins for 2 loses for Clan Goliath Scorpion.

Surprisingly enough (after all this honour is usually only awarded to 'MechWarriors), the Goliath Scorpions keep a Codex for each of these 'Mechs (including those of Clan Ice Hellion) and have even named them after stars.
Clan Goliath Scorpion Phoenix Hawk IIC are named after the main stars of the Scorpius constellation while those of Clan Ice Hellion are named after those of the constellation Orion, named after the legendary hunter killed by a giant scorpion.

Known Variants
No variant has ever been produced be it by Clan Goliath Scorpion or by Clan Ice Hellion.
Both Clans did the same but for different reasons.
On one hand, the Goliath Scorpions believe that this 'Mech is perfectly suited to their needs and as an historical relic of their past, it should not be changed.
On the other hand, the Ice Hellions consider it a costly Second Line 'Mech and prefer to invest their resources in Front Line units.

Notable 'Mechs and Mechwarriors
Thanks to the extensive Codex written by Clan Goliath Scorpion, it is possible to follow every Phoenix Hawk IIC.
The most famous one is Antares, the first Phoenix Hawk IIC ever produced.
Like its namesake, this 'Mech is painted in deep red with Kalb al Akrab written in Arabic caligraphy.
When in battle, it always seem eager to slaughter its opponents and it was used with great efficiency to hunt the Ice Hellions Phoenix Hawk IIC, winning 5 of the 8 victories of Clan Goliath Scorpions.

Another famous Phoenix Hawk IIC is Bellatrix, an Ice Hellion 'Mech that was always given to women 'MechWarriors with great results.
The only time it was given to a male 'MechWarrior (whose name has been removed of the Clan history), he never managed to get the Phoenix Hawk to work and he fled ashamed.
Bellatrix is the only Phoenix Hawk IIC that saw extensive action in an Ice Hellion Front Line unit.

Technology Base: Clan 40 tons

Chassis Config: Biped Cost: 7 308 093 C-Bills

BV2: 1 778 Tech Rating/Era Availability: F/X-D-D

Equipment     Mass

Internal Structure: Endo-Steel 2.0

Internal Locations: 2 LT, 2 RT, 1 LA, 1 LL, 1 RL

Engine: 280 XL Engine 8.0

Walking MP: 7

Running MP: 11

Jumping MP: 6 Standard

Jump Jet Locations: 3 LT, 3 RT 3.0

Heat Sinks: 13 (26) - Double (11 in engine) 3.0

Heat Sink Locations: 1 LT, 1 RT

Gyro: Standard 3.0

Cockpit: Standard 3.0

Actuators: L: SH+UA+LA+H    R: SH+UA+LA+H

Armor: 115 points - Ferro-Fibrous 6.0

Armor Locations: 2 LT, 2 RT, 1 LA, 1 LL, 1 RL


  Internal Armor

  Structure Factor

Head: 3 9

Center Torso: 12 17

Center Torso (rear):   5

R/L Torso: 10 14

R/L Torso (rear):   4

R/L Arm: 6 11

R/L Leg: 10 13


Weapons and Ammo Location Heat Criticals Tonnage

Medium Pulse Laser RA 4 1 2.0

Large Pulse Laser RA 10 2 6.0

Small Pulse Laser RA 2 1 1.0

Medium Pulse Laser LA 4 1 2.0

Small Pulse Laser LA 2 1 1.0


Created using Solaris Skunk Werks
Downloadable here

User Reviews

8/24/2009 5  Warhawk
Wow, excellent fluff and the use of the Remembrance.

8/24/2009 5  MechRat
Fantastic write-up Ice and wonderful to read! LIS was spot-on with his assessment. I'd give this a 6 of it were possible.

8/24/2009 1  cmstea0
Another all-laser clan design... Your write-up is extensive, at least. Why would a clan-produced mech still have components named after Inner Sphere companies? [eg Tak Battlecom or Orguss stinger chassis]

8/23/2009 4  Konehead677

8/23/2009 5  Lafie
I know I'm voting for it when the contest voting time comes, great job mate.

8/23/2009 5  LostInSpace
I have only one word for this 'Mech: Epic. Honestly, I am in awe. Excellent usage of the Remembrance and a concise, detailed write-up brings life (in more ways than one) into a set of stats that anyone would be proud to field on the battlefield. Well done and well-earned! It is good to see you posting a 'Mech, Ice, I truly enjoyed the reading.

Fixing some minor html issues. Design Updated on 8/22/2009 9:513 AM Design Updated on 8/22/2009 9:47:08 AM


Lasergunner posted this 30 June 2017

3025 Assassin

Assassin II C

Custom Level 2 / 3067 Clan Invasion [Tournament Legal] Clan  Biped 40 Tons
Ice Hellion Hector MechWorks Facility Zeta

Faction Availability


Equipment   Mass

Cockpit: Standard 3T

Engine: XL 280 8T

Gyro: Standard 3T

  Walk: 7 MP

  Run: 11 MP

  Jump: 0 MP

C Double Heat Sinks: 10 [20] 0T

  10 in Engine

  Internal Structure Armor

  C Endo-Steel C Ferro-Fibrous

Tons 2 7

Head 3 8

Center Torso 12 17/7

L/R Torso 10 13/7

L/R Arm 6 12

L/R Leg 10 19



Battle Value: 1693

C-Bill Cost: 9,803,268

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

1 C Streak SRM-6 LT 2 3

2 Ammo (Streak SRM-6) 15 LT 2 2

1 C ER Large Laser RA 1 4

1 C LRM-20 RT 4 5

1 C Artemis IV FCS RT 1 1

2 Ammo (LRM-20) 6 RT 2 2

1 C CASE LT 0 0

1 C CASE RT 0 0


26 17


Battle Value: 1501

C-Bill Cost: 9,414,768

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

1 C ER Large Laser RA 1 4

3 C ER Medium Laser LT 3 3

1 C Double Heat Sink LT 2 1

1 C LB 5-X AC RT 4 7

2 Ammo (LB 5-X AC) 20 RT 2 2

1 C CASE RT 0 0


26 17


Battle Value: 1534

C-Bill Cost: 9,824,268

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

1 C ER Large Laser RA 1 4

2 C ER Medium Laser LA 2 2

1 C ATM-6 LT 3 3.5

2 C Ammo (ATM/6) 10 LT 2 2

1 C CASE LT 0 0

1 C ATM-6 RT 3 3.5

2 C Ammo (ATM/6) 10 RT 2 2

1 C CASE RT 0 0


27 17


Battle Value: 1900

C-Bill Cost: 9,019,268

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

1 C ER Large Laser RA 1 4

1 C Targeting Computer LT 2 2

1 C Double Heat Sink LT 2 1

1 C ER PPC RT 2 6

4 C Double Heat Sink RT 8 4


29 17


Battle Value: 1624

C-Bill Cost: 9,421,768

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

1 C ER Large Laser RA 1 4

1 C Streak SRM-6 LT 2 3

1 Ammo (Streak SRM-6) 15 LT 1 1

1 C CASE LT 0 0

2 C Streak SRM-6 RT 4 6

1 Ammo (Streak SRM-6) 15 RT 1 1

1 C CASE RT 0 0

1 C Double Heat Sink LT 2 1

1 C Double Heat Sink RT 2 1


27 17


When developing the ASN-23 C and ASN-24 C, one young scientist of the armory was pretty impressed by the potential he felt within this design coupled with the modularity of the components, which he felt was close to those of the Mercury, the Omni Mech ancestor. However, due to the small ressources inside the armory, it was decided that unless an opportunity arrised, further efforts should not be directed into that direction. Therefore the initial plans were put into some corner waiting. It was not until the team tried to develop a new promising version of the Guillotine with a Extra Light fusion engine. The project failed because the Guillotine although manoeuvrable was not seen as being a real design for any Ice Hellion. However, the young scientist saw an opportunity in the stocks of fusion engine that were perfect for its intented design. Since the waste of resources is nearly forbidden within the Clans, it was decided that some trials should be done to see if this variant of the Assassin should be further developed.


This is an Omni 'Mech version of the venerable Assassin. Every version tried to retain the original concept of the 'Mech, a 'Mech able to have a shooting power at all ranges. However at a rather advanced state of the creation process, it was found out that the original Targeting and Tracking system, the Garret 500S had difficulties dealing with more than three different systems of weapons. However since the design was in the latest steps, it was decided to go ahead and to try to develop a software solution to this hardware problem but this limits the number of different systems in all the configurations of the Omni Mech.

Configuration / Variants:

In order to retain the original "feeling" of the Assassin, the Omni Mech retains an ER Large Laser fixed in the right arm, a curious setting for an Omni Mech. The prime configuration is "just" an updated version of the normal Assassin with the fixed ER Large Laser, an Artemis IV LRM 20 and a Streak SRM 6. All these weapons have two tons of ammo that combined with the increased accuracy allow the 'Mech to retain its efficiency on the battlefield for longer period of time than the original. The Alpha configuration is a direct fire version with a LB 5-X, two tons of ammo and 3 ER Medium Lasers. The potential range is a bit longer than the Prime version and the 4 lasers insure that this 'Mech can stay almost forever on the battlefield while still carrying an impressive punch. The Beta configuration is mostly a classical fire support version with the ER Large Laser and two ATM-6 and 4 tons of ammo and two ER Medium Lasers provide more than a defense at close range. The Gamma configuration is a sharpshooter variant. It combines the ER Large Laser with a ER PPC and a Targeting Computer. To deal with the increased heat, this configuration carries 15 Double Heat Sinks making it the coolest of the different configurations. The latest configuration, Epsilon is a close in fighter. Its speed allows it to get close to the target, deliver the fire of its three Streak SRM 6 and then withdraw. It carries enough ammo to allow 10 shots for each of its SRM 6, which with the precision of the Streak system is more than enough. Furthermore, the target can be softened up by the ER Large Laser while the Assassin is moving towards its new target.

Battle History:

Since this Omni is so new, it has been involved in no battle at all.


Only a Star of the Assassin II C has been manufactured. So far, it is waiting in the warehouse. It is rumoured that Clan Ice Hellion is planning to create a Trinary unit to test the new model, their integration with the old ones and their tactical possibilities. Maybe the Assassin II C is just stockpiled there waiting for this unit to be created or maybe there is no more stock of some parts.

User Reviews

11/27/2003  Cain
mutter, grumble. fancy clan weapons.

awesome design, well done, but how the heck did you fit all that in??? makes mine look a tad underpowered. the gamma variant is one cool mech and i want one..

11/22/2003  Lars
Yeah, but its TOO good to be an Assassin. Its an Omni, it has an XL, and it can actually kick ass... This 'Mech warrants a whole new name. It deserves to have its own fierce designation rather then the name of a crappy mech.

11/22/2003  Warhawk
Wow that's a really good Assassin. It truly puts some of my variants to shame. I especially like the variant with the ATMs. I also would like to see one with some heavy lasers as well.
A truly impressive design.