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Lasergunner posted this 16 July 2017


Mosby Tiltrotor TMV-22

Custom Level 2 / 3060 Inner Sphere  VTOL 30 Tons
Isamu Tredegar MechWorks

Faction Availability


Technical Readout

Class/Model/Name:    TMV-22 Mosby Tiltrotor 

Tech: Inner Sphere / 3062

Vessel Type: Fixed-Wing VSTOL Support Vehicle

Rules: Level 2, Standard design


Mass: 30 tons

Frame: Tredegar Standard

Power Plant: twin GM  Turbines

Safe Thrust: 5

Maximum Thrust: 8

Armor Type: Standard

Armament:       1 Quikscell gatling Gun 20mm        Machine Gun Ammo (100)     1 Garret-Guardian Interface 2B ECM Manufacturer:                          Tredegar Mechworks   Location:                              DixieCommunications System:       Lassitor-3QZTargeting & Tracking System: none 

     The TMV-22 Mosby is a VSTOL transport vehicle designed for long range delivery and quick deployment, recovery, and supply of special operations forces.        Capabilities:
     The TMV-22 is capable of both VTOL and (by tilting the rotors 45 degrees) STOL operations.  When in flight, the Mosby operates as a conventional fixed-wing turboprop, providing a greatly enhanced range and cruising speed when compared to standard VTOLs.  The Mosby's internal compartment has room for up to 28 soldiers and their gear, as well as advanced medical equipment for treating badly wounded soldiers until they can be returned to a field hospital.  In addition, the Mosby is capable of delivering up to 30 tons of equipment or supplies (or a light vehicle) slung externally from the belly of the aircraft.  An aft-mounted machine gun provides direct fire support to troops loading or unloading.  However, the TMV-22 is lightly armoured and is meant for rapid infiltration and exfiltration, rather than sustained combat.  It is equipped with an advanced Guardian ECM to help improve mission survivability.     With 6 tons of fuel in the tanks and the option of a mid-air refueling probe, the Mosby's combat range is limited only by crew fatigue and wear-and-tear on critical engine components.  The standard crew of 3 includes pilot, co-pilot, and gunner/loadmaster.     Deployment:
     The TMV-22 has recently completed field trials on Dixie and is ready for deployment. 

Class/Model/Name: TMV-22 Mosby Tiltrotor

Mass: 30 tons

Equipment:             Mass

Power Plant: Turbine ICE 9.00

Structural Integrity: 5 (with prop and VSTOL chassis modifications) 7.50

VSTOL Equipment: Equipped (tiltrotor) 0.0

Safe Thrust: 5  

Maximum Thrust: 8  

Heat Sinks: None .00

Fuel:   6.00

Cockpit & Avionics:   0.00

Armor Factor: 33 Standard 1.50

      Armor Value

      (BAR 7)        

  Nose:   12        

  Left / Right Wings:   7 / 7        

  Aft:   7        

Weapons & Equipment: Loc SRV MRV LRV Slots Heat Mass

Machine Gun aft 1 2 3 1 0


Machine Gun (ammo)



1 0


Infantry (foot) compartment



1 0


Bay Door



- 0


Paramedic Equipment



2 0


Guardian ECM


- 6 2 0


TOTALS:             30.0

Tons Left:         1    0.00

Calculated Factors:

Total Cost: 688,400 C-Bills

Battle Value: 99


User Reviews

11/20/2009 5  Ydnic
Excellent design. Don't think I've ever seen this in BT before. Ydnic

11/19/2009  jadedtoxicpixie
Good endurance, decent cargo capacity, fluff is concise and very much does the job. Nice machine

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11/17/2009  Isamu
I decided to create this as a fixed-wing support vehicle with the VSTOL chassis upgrade rather than a standard VTOL. I think this is a better in-game representation of the attributes and abilities of a real world tiltrotor aircraft (that is: the VTOL and VSTOL capabilities of a helicopter combined with the long range and relatively high cruising speed of a conventional fixed-wing turboprop).


Lasergunner posted this 11 July 2017

MAD-9S Marauder

Marauder MAD 9S-ELH

Custom Level 2 / 3060 Inner Sphere  Biped 75 Tons
Isamu Tredegar MechWorks

Faction Availability

Marauder MAD 9S-ELH

Rules Level: Tournament Legal

Technology Base: Inner Sphere

Chassis Config: Biped

Production Year: 3062

Extinct By: Never

Chassis: Tredegar 9S Endo-Steel

Power Plant: GM 300 Light Fusion Engine

Cruising Speed: 43.0 km/h

Maximum Speed: 64.5 km/h

Jump Jets: None

     Jump Capacity: 0 meters

Armor: Kallon Special FF Light Ferro-Fibrous w/ CASE


     1 Imperator Dragon's Fire Gauss Rifle

     2 Andurian-Westover Hellion X-III ER Large Lasers

     2 Diverse Optics Sunbeam ER Medium Lasers

     1 Andurian Westover Hellion P-II Medium Pulse Laser

Manufacturer: Tredegar MechWorks

     Primary Factory: Dixie

Communications System: Lassitor-3QZ

Targeting and Tracking System: Tredegar Deadeye II


The Tredegar Mechworks version of the Marauder 9S; this mech is a custom design first ordered by the Eridani Light Horse before that unit shipped out to Clan space as part of Task Force Serpent. The 9S-ELH is now beginning field trials with the 1st Dixie Heavy Cavalry Regement under the watchful eye of the local FWL government.  Though not as susceptible to overheating as the standard 9S, the Tredegar variant can still get hot when pushed to it's limits.  Some of the local Dixie test pilots have unceremoniously dubbed it the "Beverly-Coleman Stove". 

The Marauder 9S-ELH will soon see service with the FWL along the League-Lyran border, as well as with other PDFs and Mercenary Units (most notably, the 151st "Dark Horse" rgt. of the Eridani Light Horse and other units folded into the new SLDF)

Known Variants
The 9S-ELH is a variant of the standard Marauder-9S

Technology Base: Inner Sphere 75.00 tons

Chassis Config: Biped Cost: 13,003,125 C-Bills

BV2: 1,955 Tech Rating/Era Availability: E/X-X-E

Equipment     Mass

Internal Structure: Endo-Steel 4.00

Internal Locations: 1 HD, 1 CT, 4 LT, 2 LA, 2 RA, 2 LL, 2 RL

Engine: 300 Light Fusion Engine 14.50

Walking MP: 4

Running MP: 6

Jumping MP: 0

Heat Sinks: 15 (30) - Double (12 in engine) 5.00

Heat Sink Locations: 1 LT, 1 LA, 1 RA

Gyro: Standard 3.00

Cockpit: Standard 3.00

Actuators: L: SH+UA    R: SH+UA

Armor: 231 points - Light Ferro-Fibrous 14.00

Armor Locations: 1 CT, 2 LT, 2 LA, 2 RA

CASE Locations: 1 RT 0.50


  Internal Armor

  Structure Factor

Head: 3 9

Center Torso: 23 35

Center Torso (rear):   11

R/L Torso: 16 24

R/L Torso (rear):   8

R/L Arm: 12 24

R/L Leg: 16 32


Weapons and Ammo Location Heat Criticals Tonnage

ER Large Laser RA 12 2 5.00

ER Medium Laser RA 5 1 1.00

ER Large Laser LA 12 2 5.00

ER Medium Laser LA 5 1 1.00

Gauss Rifle RT 1 7 15.00

Medium Pulse Laser LT 4 1 2.00

@Gauss Rifle (16)


2 2.00


BattleForce Statistics

MV S (+0) M (+2) L (+4) E (+6) Wt. OV Armor: 8 Points: 20

4 4 4 3 0 3 1 Structure: 4  

Special Abilities: SRCH, EEE, ES, SOA


Created using Solaris Skunk Werks
Downloadable here

User Reviews

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11/14/2009  TechWarrior
" Isamu
It's true, I did agonize over that for a while. But I went with it anyway because it gave me what I wanted overall."

Believe that is one of the criteria in producing a BattleMech. XL is or could be a bit much but I like the idea. As for cost unless you are a Merc most governments just mouth about costs as long as they get results or are payed well enough.

minor fluff edits Design Updated on 11/14/2009 10:40:58 AM

11/13/2009  Ice Hellion
You have a bit more firepower than most Marauders but the XL engine is probably the weak point of this design.

Interesting idea.

11/12/2009  Breetai
I see where you're going with the design, but I'm just not sure that the XL engine is justifiable when you consider that it really doesn't offer that much more firepower than you could get using a standard engine. Having an XL Engine plus a gauss rifle also means that one errant crit and you're out of luck to the tune of fifteen million c-bills when your right torso disintigrates.

Design Updated on 11/12/2009 9:072 PM Design Updated on 11/12/2009 8:54:17 PM

11/22/2009  Isamu
It's true, I did agonize over that for a while. But I went with it anyway because it gave me what I wanted overall.

Update- I updated the design to reflect everyone's helpful suggestions. I lost one Heat Sink and a Med Pulse Laser, but I was able to switch to a Light engine and add CASE to keep the 'Mech from going supernova if the Gauss criticals (and it's over 2 million c-bills cheaper too .