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Lasergunner posted this 20 July 2017

TUESDAY, JULY 07, 2009
3025 Atlas

Dwarf Atlas DWFATL

Custom Level 2 / 3050 Clan Invasion [Tournament Legal] Clan  Biped 65 Tons
jadedtoxicpixie Blackburn Leyland Industries

Dwarf Atlas DWFATL

Rules Level: Tournament Legal

Technology Base: Clan

Chassis Config: Biped

Production Year: 3070

Earliest Production Year: 3051

Extinct By: Never

Chassis: Unknown Endo-Steel

Power Plant: Unknown 260 Fusion Engine

Cruising Speed: 43.0 km/h

Maximum Speed: 64.5 km/h

Jump Jets: None

     Jump Capacity: 0 meters

Armor: Unknown Ferro-Fibrous


     1 Ultra AC/20

     1 LRM-20 w/ Artemis IV FCS

     1 Streak SRM-6

     2 ER Medium Lasers

Manufacturer: Unknown

     Primary Factory: Unknown

Communications System: Unknown

Targeting and Tracking System: Unknown

Just a bit of a 'what if' fun, not actually made by BLi even though it's in the armoury.

What would an Atlas built by a martial, high tech but resource concious people look like?

Ladies and gentlemen, wonder no longer for here is the Dwarf Atlas!

A two thirds scale Atlas, with all the firepower and (most) of the durability, retailing at under 7.5 million C-Bills for a BV2 value of over 2000 points!

Mounting similar, but Clan spec, weapons to the original Atlas, the Dwarf Atlas has better engagement range with the use ER laser and advanced Streak technology, more accuracy with the addition of Artemis for the LRM launcher, and double the point blank punch with Ultra technology on the massive autocannon.

The use of Endo Steel and Ferro Fiberous armour as well as the reduction in raw tonnage allows the Dwarf Atlas to increase speed over its parent by a third, cruising at the dizzying heights of about 60kph flat.

Although small (a mere 65 tons!), the frame is plated with enough advanced armour composites to max out the protection. With the in built CASE the Dwarf Atlas is a dangerous zombie, falling only to the most extreme damage or lucky head shots.

Battle History
A planning exercise only at present, but any pilot would be proud to pilot such a steed!

None as yet, as it's just a design exercise. Anybody who wants to take her for a sping in MegaMech etc is welcome

Known Variants
For the Mech Jock who likes to stand off, replace the UAC with a Gauss Rifle. For the sand paper fans, replace with an LB-X model.


Technology Base: Clan 65 tons

Chassis Config: Biped Cost: 7,345,909 C-Bills

BV2: 2,195 Availability: F/X-X-D

Equipment     Mass

Internal Structure: Endo-Steel 3.5

Internal Locations: 1 HD, 1 CT, 1 LT, 1 RT, 2 LA, 1 RA

Engine: 260 Fusion Engine 13.5

Walking MP: 4

Running MP: 6

Jumping MP: 0

Heat Sinks: 12 (24) - Double (10 in engine) 2.0

Heat Sink Locations: 1 LL, 1 RL

Gyro: Standard 3.0

Cockpit: Standard 3.0

Actuators: L: SH+UA+LA+H    R: SH+UA+LA+H

Armor: 211 points - Ferro-Fibrous 11.0

Armor Locations: 1 CT, 1 LT, 3 LA, 2 RA

CASE Locations: LT, RT 0.0


  Internal Armor

  Structure Factor

Head: 3 9

Center Torso: 21 32

Center Torso (rear):   10

R/L Torso: 15 24

R/L Torso (rear):   6

R/L Arm: 10 20

R/L Leg: 15 30


Weapons and Ammo Location Criticals Tonnage

Ultra AC/20 RT 8 12.0

LRM-20 LT 4 5.0

Artemis IV FCS LT 1 1.0

Streak SRM-6 LT 2 3.0

ER Medium Laser RA 1 1.0

ER Medium Laser LA 1 1.0

@Ultra AC/20 (5) RT 1 1.0

@Ultra AC/20 (5) RT 1 1.0

@Ultra AC/20 (5) RT 1 1.0

@LRM-20 (Artemis) (6) LT 1 1.0

@LRM-20 (Artemis) (6) LT 1 1.0

@Streak SRM-6 (15) LT 1 1.0


Created using Solaris Skunk Werks
Downloadable here

User Reviews

Design Updated on 5/18/2010 8:574 AM

7/13/2009 5  Prince of Darkness
Wow. Your reply went and kicked reason to the curb.

But you STILL aren't a member of Team Gurren, Phelan: and talking about a show few remember fondly isn't going to win you any hearts, either.

As for the machine, it's pretty amazing. I like how munchy, and yet not munchy, clan tech can be when you use it correctly.

7/13/2009  jadedtoxicpixie
Cheers for the reviews all, I think you've pretty much all hit the nail on the head - it's a Dwarf Atlas

Lafie - I'm not sure I could squeeze ECM on and keep the feel right (to me, anyway). Could lose armour but that drops it well under max, could lose a ton of AC ammo but that scrapes the barrel dry for reloads. Possibly lose a heat sink?

PK83 - I think you've missed the point. First, the weapons fit. You'll note that the Atlas carries an AC-20; therefore the 'Dwarf' version mounts an AC-20. Now, if you take the time to read the variants you'll also notice (as others have) that there's three suggestions - 1/ the basic UAC (max damage!), 2/ the LB-X (max sandpaper!) and 3/ the GAUSS RIFLE.

Onto ammo - if you hadn't noticed, it's a Clan 'mech. Y'know, the people who consistently underload their ammo bins because they fight mano-a-mano and expect every fight to last a minute tops? If anything, this is actually OVER AMMO'd for the design constraints!

Onto heat. You can run & fire everything except the LRMs, and worst case build up 6 heat, and that's assuming the Streak actually connects. Given that the LRMs are the 'ranged punch' then you won't be using them close in. If you are, then the situations probably desperate anyway. So decent but not exceptional. Compared to most Clan designs this runs quite cool!

Ammo explosion - well, with Clan tech that's not so much a worry, and with no XL it's not bad but it's not a straight killer.

The 'back up ER Mediums. Well, they're Clan so effectively it's two Large Lasers as back up, which isn't bad at all. Especially on a 60 ton 'mech - notice, the design is only 2/3rds the tonnage of the original. Sure, I could knock it up till I fitted a pair of ER LLs or ER PPCs but then it wouldn't be a dwarf any more!

Same goes for the rear facing MLs of the original - just no room.

Now, I'm interested in why you think it's been done the wrong way. Let me see - it's a mini Atlas. It has max armour - check. It has the same weapons fit (only better!) - check. It has similar lack of issues with heat - check. It's slow for its tonnage - for a clan 'mech, yes (so check).

What parts of a mini Atlas do you feel it doesn't tick? Sure, it's going to have some issues being an ammo based 'mech with possible ammo explosion & running dry, but that's a price you pay for using non-laser weaponry.

7/12/2009 4  TheMagister
I like this 'mech! If you take if for what it's meant to be (an attempt to reproduce the old Atlas using Clanner tech on a smaller and still effective scale) then it's a heckuva nice effort.
Mech: 4 Phelan Kell: -1

7/12/2009 4  Lafie
Actually have a idea that might improve it. Think you could squeeze a ecm suite into it somehow? It would help it get in close which is of course exactly where you want to be when you are packing a ultra-20.

That having been said, and in spite of herr Kell, it is a pretty good mech and certainly not a foe you can just take for granted.

7/12/2009  Donteras
Wow! This from the guy who YELLS at other people about badmouthing others. Not only did you badmouth a good 'mech, you also gave it a bad rating. I really think you need to step back and take a chill pill, man. Seriously, Phelan Kell 83, did you notice your negativity has focused on the worst possible scenario, rather than the most likely? Granted the gauss rifle is a really good weapon, but I'm sure that jadedtoxicpixie has his reasons for wanting an AC/20 there. Just because you can't see it doesn't mean you should be an ass about it.

7/7/2009  Ice Hellion
Nice job: the mini Atlas.

7/7/2009  LostInSpace
Fun! I'm a sandpaper fan though.


Lasergunner posted this 20 July 2017



Custom Level 2 / 3050 Clan Invasion [Tournament Legal] Clan  Biped 95 Tons
jadedtoxicpixie Blackburn Leyland Industries

Faction Availability


Rules Level: Tournament Legal

Technology Base: Clan

Chassis Config: Biped

Production Year: 2900

Extinct By: Never

Chassis: BLI Mammoth

Power Plant: Pitban 285 Fusion Engine 285 Fusion Engine

Cruising Speed: 32.25 km/h

Maximum Speed: 53.75 km/h

Jump Jets: None

     Jump Capacity: 0 meters

Armor: Clan Composite Ferro-Fibrous


     4 Various Large Pulse Lasers

     6 Various ER Medium Lasers

     1 Various ECM Suite

Manufacturer: Various, mostly recovered from Brian Caches

     Primary Factory: Clan refit depots

Communications System: Clan ComCon upgrade

Targeting and Tracking System: Clan TacSure upgrade

For Ice Hellions' Historical competion. Thanks Lafie for pointing out it needed proof reading, banged it up last minute without checking!


The original Mamut was introduced shortly before the Amaris Coup, and was an all energy brawler intended to close with and destroy opposition through its sheer firepower.


Serving with distinction in that conflict, most of the remaining examples left with Kerensky on the SLDF Exodus. The ravages of the Succession Wars exterminated the design from the Inner Sphere and it was thought permanently lost.


Until the Clan War and the return of Kerenskys' descendants the Clans, that is. Initially unseen by the Inner Sphere due to its status as a Second Line garrison mech, the Clan Mamut IIC is a fearsome beast to behold on the battlefield.


Still equipped with a massive laser array and phenominal cooling capacity, the upgrade to Clan 'Golden Century' technology vastly improves its accuracy and firepower without any loss in proctection or mobility.


It is thought by Our Order that the Mamut IIC was built as an upgrade to Mamut chassis' taken from Brian Caches or to ones already in service, which could be placed quickly into the field once the decision to upgrade was implemented.


It is a deliberate attempt to create an assault class design incorporating as much of the then newly developed technology as cheaply as possible, to provide garrison & second line Clusters with affordable but massive firepower.


In this it succeeds admirably. Quad Large Pulse Lasers slaved to an advanced Targeting Computer give great range, massive throw weight and superb accuracy. backing these up is the traditional triple mount of Medium Lasers in each forearm. These are also upgraded, but to the Clan ER model (vastly superior to the IS ER model recently released by the FWL).


This frightening weapons array is cooled by a frankly amazing array of 21 DHS, meaning the pilot can manoeuvre and fire either battery without pause.


Whilst the basic chassis is unchanged, 15 tons of the highly efficient Clan Ferro Fibrous armour provide an even solider defence against incoming fire than the original had, which is backed up by an ECM module to degrade opponents sensors and targeting.

Battle History

References to the use of the Mamut in Clan history are obscure, and most often disguise a successful victory for its pilot as the ignoble and dishonourable act of a second rate warrior.


One mention in the Hells Horses archives paints a more favourable picture, however, and tells of a recently raised Garrison Star whose leader fought off a determined assault by a Clan Wolf Binary. By fighting a mobile action through woods and canyons she held them at bay for over a day, delivering crippling fire against barely glimpsed targets of opportunity weaving in and out of cover before being cornered by the Binary Commanders Timber Wolf and driven into the guns of his subordinates Dire Wolf and his mech destroyed.


Clan Hells Horses still celebrates this, as although the warrior was taken bondsman, she later proved her performance no fluke & rose to earn a blood name celebrated by all the Clans - that of Kerensky, ironically the man who nearly killed the development of the original Mamut!


With our limited access to Clan records prior to the Truce of Tukayyid, Comstar archivists have uncovered that the design was met with solid acceptance at first but fell rapidly out of favour.


With the Clans drive to be the best possible warrior, the Mamuts' Pulse technology backed by the Targeting Computer was seen as something akin to cheating. Even an inexperienced or Dezgra warrior could cause great damage, solely by relying on the mechs own abilities and not their own.


The growing acceptance of Omni technology also worked against the Mamut. With 'real' Clan mechwarriors seeking to pilot the infinitely configurable and highly dangerous Omni's, and second line troops who were assigned the Mamut being sneered at for their lack of talent and cowardice in facing battle only with such a crutch the mech rapidly became unfashionable and again relegated to Brian Caches or reserve formations at best.


Only its durability and low price tag have kept it ticking quietly over in many Clan Toumans until the invasion of the Inner Sphere. With several Clans finding it suddenly necessary to garrison huge numbers of captured planets within the Inner Sphere, and also with the drain of resources from the Kerensky Cluster to frontline Galaxies now engaged in continuous gruelling attritional combat, the idea of a cheap, sturdy and terrifyingly affective Second Line mech has become very attractive.


They do not care if less experienced warriors use it as a crutch; after all, against Spheriod Dezgra who lack any sense of Honour then even second rate Clan warriors may shine. Our Order has noted with alarm a mushrooming of the deployment in Mamuts amongst garrison clusters in the Inner Sphere, and it will likely not be long before raiders from the Great houses find their mettle tested against the tusks of the fearsome beast.


Known Variants

Technology Base: Clan 95.00 tons

Chassis Config: Biped Cost: 10,382,775 C-Bills

BV2: 3,215 Tech Rating/Era Availability: F/X-X-C

Equipment     Mass

Internal Structure:   9.50

Engine: 285 Fusion Engine 16.50

Walking MP: 3

Running MP: 5

Jumping MP: 0

Heat Sinks: 21 (42) - Double (11 in engine) 11.00

Heat Sink Locations: 1 CT, 1 LT, 4 RT, 1 LA, 1 RA, 1 LL, 1 RL

Gyro: Standard 3.00

Cockpit: Standard 3.00

Actuators: L: SH+UA    R: SH+UA

Armor: 288 points - Ferro-Fibrous 15.00

Armor Locations: 4 LA, 3 RA


  Internal Armor

  Structure Factor

Head: 3 9

Center Torso: 30 45

Center Torso (rear):   12

R/L Torso: 20 30

R/L Torso (rear):   10

R/L Arm: 16 31

R/L Leg: 20 40


Weapons and Ammo Location Heat Criticals Tonnage

3 ER Medium Lasers RA 15 3 3.00

3 ER Medium Lasers LA 15 3 3.00

2 Large Pulse Lasers RT 20 4 12.00

2 Large Pulse Lasers LT 20 4 12.00

Targeting Computer


6 6.00

ECM Suite HD 0 1 1.00


Created using Solaris Skunk Werks
Downloadable here

User Reviews

Design Updated on 3/11/2010 6:42:27 AM

3/12/2010  Donteras
"even solider"? Shouldn't that be "even more solid"?
@jadedtoxicpicie: lol

12/8/2009  jadedtoxicpixie
Design Updated

Donteras: my poeticness sometimes carryfies me away

Warhawk: Yeah, it's actually a bit difficult to avoid similar flavour with the Stone Rhino; I suspect they were aiming at the same sort of thing!

I think the Mamut is better, though

11/30/2009 3  Lafie
Not bad fluff at all, but needs to be run through a spell check as I spotted a few errors in there..

Still a usefull design, and would have gotten a higher score if not for the spelling errors.

11/30/2009  Warhawk
Very nasty with Clan tech included in the mix. I can see this 'Mech being the idea of one of the later Stone Rhino models as well.

Good fluff to boot. Well done.