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Lasergunner posted this 01 July 2017

Main Gauche Light Support Tank

Sturmgeschutz IV

Custom Level 1 / 2750 Inner Sphere  Tracked 65 Tons
Loose Cannon Thun Designs
Sturmgeschutz HMV (Heavy Metal Vee) File

Faction Availability



Type/Model:    Sturmgeshutz IV 
Tech:  Inner Sphere / 3025
Config:        Tracked Vehicle
Rules: Level 1, Standard design

Mass:  65 tons
Power Plant:   260 Magna Fusion
Cruise Speed:  43.2 km/h
Maximum Speed: 64.8 km/h
Armor Type:    Standard
  1 Autocannon/20
  3 Medium Lasers
  3 Flamer (Vehicle)s
Manufacturer:  (Unknown)
  Location:    (Unknown)
Communications System:  (Unknown)
Targeting & Tracking System:  (Unknown)

     As the success of the Sturgeshutz (Stug) III spread throughout the
Sphere. Some manufacturers began to modify the chassis to use other weapon
systems. In Davion factories, they bagan to modify the design to hold the
largest autocannon available. The original Stug III chassis was enlarged to
fit the AC20, or at least that was tried first. The frame, already extended by
the fit of the cannon, would fail when the cannon fired, or even over moderate
off-road terrain. The sight of a huge autocannon breach exploding through the
engine and out of the rear of the tank made for a sobering display of the
futility of continuing this line of modification. A couple of designers
requested another chance at the project. They were given six months to come up
with a solution. After the alotted time, the designers came up with a simple
answer. The design was sound, but the scale of everything needed to be
enlarged. Larger frame, larger axels, larger road wheels, everything could be
beefed up by almost 1/2 more tonnage without any structural failure.
     After a long series of trials and tests on the structural integrity of
the new design. The tank, dubbed "Stumgeshutz (Stug) IV", began to be
delivered throughout House Davion territory. When the design first appeared on
the battle field against Liao troops. Capellan targeting computers would miss
the first one or two shots, and they were aleays short of their target. After
the battle, the Capellans discovered the Stug IV so mimics the Stug III that
the targeting system belived the vehicle was closer than it was, and changed
its firing angle to compensate. This was quickly fixed in the software, and no
other times has the Stug IV had such an advantage. This did give the tank a
good review by other Houses, and prompted a re-tooling of factories, or
expantion of existing Stug III plants.

     The Stug IV is in almost every way, the bigger brother of the Stug III.
Everything looks identicle to the Stug III, just larger. Bigger main weapon
and more armor are its main attributes. The AC 20 has 4 tons of ammo to allow
it the ability to stay in the fight for a reasonable amount of time. Even
Assault Battlemechs respect what kind of damage the cannon can do. A trio of
Medium Lasers, 2 foward and 1 rear, allows some dependable back up when the AC
20 runs out of rounds. Like its smaller brother, the Stug IV has a flamer on
either side, plus one more to the rear. With only one ton of gel, there aren't
many shots to go around, so they are used sparingly until the time the tank
commander wants to disengage from the battle. At that point, depending on the
materials nearby, and wind direction, the Stug will fire all three togeather
in an attempt to create either a smoke screen and/or a fire toward the enemy.
Since the assault gun moves at the same speed as its little brother, it wil
usaully avoid getting caught in any "backdraft" towards it.

     The Stug design lent itself to many different variants of the chassis.
Some of the more notable are the twin LRM 15's with 4 tons of ammo, the
"sweatbox" variant that pulls the AC20 and the lasers for a PPC, and a Large
Laser in an over/under configuration. With a MG tucked in beside them. Then
there is the "blockbuster" that swaps tha cannon for a LRM 10 with 2 tons
ammo, and a SRM 6 with a ton, along with the Meduim Lasers in the front. In
addition to the standard flamers around the flanks and rear, are SRM 4's with
one ton of ammo between them. And finally, the easiest of all changes swapped
a AC 20 for a AC 10 with 3 tons ammo, along with a Large Laser in the front,
and a pair of Small Lasers facing aft.

     The Stug IV has been around almost as long as the Stug III. Every House
and major faction in the Sphere has one or the other Stugs in production, if
not both. The design is realitively easy to repair and maintain, and parts are
plentiful, so it has become a favorite among armor and infantry mercenary
commands. The tracks of these two designs and their variants have crossed land
on almost every world that designs like the Patton/Rommel or the Bulldog have

Type/Model:    Sturmgeshutz IV 
Mass:  65 tons

Equipment: Items    Mass
Int. Struct.:  28 pts Standard       0      6.50
Engine:        260 Fusion    0     13.50
Shielding & Transmission Equipment:  0      7.00
    Cruise MP:   4
     Flank MP:   6
Heat Sinks:     10 Single    0       .00
Cockpit & Controls:  0      3.50
Crew: 5 Members      0       .00
Armor Factor:  176 pts Standard      0     11.00

  Internal    Armor
  Structure   Value
   Front:     7 56
   Left / Right Sides:        7      43/43
   Rear:      7 34

Weapons and Equipment    Loc  Heat  Ammo   Items    Mass
1 Autocannon/20  Front    0   20     2     18.00
2 Medium Lasers  Front    6  2      2.00
1 Medium Laser   Rear     3  1      1.00
1 Flamer (Vehicle)       Rear     0   20     2      1.50
1 Flamer (Vehicle)       Left     0  1       .50
1 Flamer (Vehicle)       Right    0  1       .50
TOTALS:   9  9     65.00
Items & Tons Left:   9       .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:        3,003,275 C-Bills
Battle Value:      615
Cost per BV:       4,883.37
Weapon Value:      741 / 741 (Ratio = 1.20 / 1.20)
Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 28;  MRDmg = 4;  LRDmg = 0
BattleForce2:      MP: 4T,  Armor/Structure: 0 / 7
   Damage PB/M/L: 4/4/-,  Overheat: 0
   Class: GH;  Point Value: 6


Lasergunner posted this 01 July 2017

Main Gauche Light Support Tank

Sturmgeshutz  III

Custom Level 1 / 2750 Inner Sphere  Tracked 50 Tons
Loose Cannon Thun Designs
Sturmgeshutz HMV (Heavy Metal Vee) File


Type/Model:    Sturmgeshutz III
Tech:  Inner Sphere / 3025
Config:        Tracked Vehicle
Rules: Level 1, Standard design

Mass:  50 tons
Power Plant:   200 LTV Fusion
Cruise Speed:  43.2 km/h
Maximum Speed: 64.8 km/h
Armor Type:    Starshield Standard
  1 Defiance Killer Type T Autocannon/10
  3 Diverse Optics Type 2 Medium Lasers
  2 Zippo Vehicular Flamer (Vehicle)s
Manufacturer:  Various
  Location:    Varoius
Communications System:  Ceres SuperComm 3
Targeting & Tracking System:  Eagle Eye B-18

     The Sturmgeshutz III is a design with a past. Its genesis is in the mid
20th century, with a conflict that involved most of the nation-states on the
planet. Like then , the primary mission of the Stug III is to support
combined-arms operations. It is a flexable design, ready to mix it up with
mechs or armor, or blasting fixed emplacements in infantry support. It can be
used on most terrain, and is small enough to be transported in lighter vehicle
bays on dropships.
     Its main problem is that bieng a jack-of-all-trades means you master none
of them. While having a reasonable range with its primary weapon, there are
other weapon systems that have the range advantage. Not having a turret is a
limitation against speedy opponents unless proper training is taught on
covering formations.
      Overall this design is a solid, durable, and adaptable tank. A good fit
to any garrison unit, or an infantry support unit within a larger mixed unit.

     The StugIII main weapon is the Defiance Killer Type T AC10. This weapon
has a solid reputation for reliability and is very accurate. Good for taking
on fortifications, armor, and even mechs (with help). The AC 10 has 3 tons of
ammo for long engegements, and for longer periods between resupply. The fusion
powerplant allows for 3 Medium Lasers, 2 in the front, and 1 facing to the
rear, to support the autocannon. Their are a pair of flamers mounted on each
side to discourage infantry from assaulting the Stug III, with 1 ton of ammo
between them.
     While the Stug III will never compete for any land speed records, it has
enough speed to join most IFV's or heavier mechs and armor, which it means to

     There are many different variants created by the Great Houses,
mercenaries, bandits, ect... There are to many to list here, but will be added
at a later date.

     The Stug III's design is simple and efficient. This made it easy to mass
produce by all House militaries. They are easy to maintain and parts are not
hard to find. So it is very widespread amongst the entire Inner Sphere. The
biggest suprise is that it took this long for anyone to record the design.
Each House thought that one of the other Great Houses had designed it, and
would claim the design as their own. It seems that there is no information as
to when the design first appeared. By the time it was first mentioned in
history, It appeared in 2 different reports from 2 different Houses fighting 2
other different Houses on opposite sides of the Sphere.

Type/Model:    Sturmgeshutz III
Mass:  50 tons

Equipment: Items    Mass
Int. Struct.:  20 pts Standard       0      5.00
Engine:        200 Fusion    0      8.50
Shielding & Transmission Equipment:  0      4.50
    Cruise MP:   4
     Flank MP:   6
Heat Sinks:     10 Single    0       .00
Cockpit & Controls:  0      2.50
Crew: 4 Members      0       .00
Armor Factor:  152 pts Standard      0      9.50

  Internal    Armor
  Structure   Value
   Front:     5 43
   Left / Right Sides:        5      38/38
   Rear:      5 33

Weapons and Equipment    Loc  Heat  Ammo   Items    Mass
1 Autocannon/10  Front    0   30     2     15.00
2 Medium Lasers  Front    6  2      2.00
1 Medium Laser   Rear     3  1      1.00
1 Flamer (Vehicle)       Left     0   20     2      1.50
1 Flamer (Vehicle)       Right    0  1       .50
TOTALS:   9  8     50.00
Items & Tons Left:   7       .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:        1,786,000 C-Bills
Battle Value:      486
Cost per BV:       3,674.9
Weapon Value:      566 / 566 (Ratio = 1.16 / 1.16)
Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 21;  MRDmg = 7;  LRDmg = 1
BattleForce2:      MP: 4T,  Armor/Structure: 0 / 6
   Damage PB/M/L: 3/3/-,  Overheat: 0
   Class: GM;  Point Value: 5

User Reviews

12/17/2007 4  LostInSpace
Still cheap even with the fusion plant, I like. Great combination of weapons. However, your picture only shows three road wheels and no return rollers. This is inaccurate! (kidding...)

12/16/2007 3  Vidar
nasty little hunter.


Lasergunner posted this 13 July 2017

3026 SavMaster

Savannah Master IIC

Custom Level 2 / 3067 Clan  Hover 5 Tons
Loose Cannon Thun Designs
Savannah Master HMV (Heavy Metal Vee) File

Faction Availability


Type/Model:    Savannah Master IIC
Tech:  Clan / 3067
Config:        Hovercraft
Rules: Level 2, Standard design

Mass:  5 tons
Power Plant:   25 Clan Type Fusion
Cruise Speed:  140.4 km/h
Maximum Speed: 216.0 km/h
Armor Type:    Compound VH30 Ferro-Fibrous
  1 Series 2a Mk. 5 ER Medium Laser
Manufacturer:  Auxiliary Production Site #4
  Location:    (Unknown)
Communications System:  TJ6 "Bell" Integrated
Targeting & Tracking System:  Hunter (3) Dedicated TTS

     Seeker Dane Scott's journey began the night of his being Bloodnamed. He
had fought a grueling series of duels to claim the Scott name. including his
final bout that nearly claimed his own life from the heat of his Night Gyr's
damaged reactor that happened early in what became a four hour-long fencing
match against mechwarrior Brady in his Timber Wolf. As his opponent fell from
an Alpha Strike that crippled his opponent's Gyro. Dane slipped into a vision
of the future of the Clans, the Great Houses, and of a new, yet unknown enemy
that will threaten all of known space with destruction.
    When he awoke, after a three week long "coma", he immediately called for
the Loremaster and recounted his visions with all of the detail that could
remember. He proclaimed he would begin his search for the seven items that his
vision required that he must find before the coming conflict if their clan is
to survive. Though such visions without the use of Necrosia are considered
even more powerful, the detail of his vision made some doubt the validity of
his claims of the coming utter devastation. That was until his prediction of a
new Flashman design would be debuted by the Star Adders, and a predicted
Supervolcanic eruption on the Alula Australis and its effective destruction of
Hume's Hubbes river valley and its largest city Sturgeon in House Steiner
territory silenced most of the critics, but it was his first required item to
find that removed any doubt, and earned his name "The Great Dane".
     After his recovery, Dane requested that he be given complete access to
The Temple of the Nine Muses complex. He said that his first item was within
the temple and that he must find it first before he could begin his quest for
the other six, which were outside the Clan home worlds area. Critics jumped
upon this saying how can you find something that has already been found?
Loremaster Ben-Shimon granted his request to explore the vast network of
chambers filled with thousands of star league era items. As Dane and his group
approached the hanger doors to the temple, a Roche Dane, a much larger version
of the terran "Great Dane", its ancestor, and the feral type of this canine
Has become the top predator on Roche. This one was large, even by Roche
standards, standing nearly two and 1/2 meters tall at the shoulder! His Yeomen
were about to shoot the creature, for fear it would attack. Dane Scott calmly
stated that she was here to guide him in locating his first object, and walked
slowly over to her and scratched her head behind her ear. Her tail wagged
happily and she turned toward the door. They spent several weeks searching
through the complex until they came upon a chamber that its door was jammed.
Once they opened it, all that appeared to be inside was broken down civilian
vehicles of all sizes. The chamber log stated the jam of the door occurred
after an earthquake had rocked the area over twenty-five years before, and had
not been bothered to fix it because this was one of the "junk" rooms that had
nothing but broken equipment that they already had pristine models on display,
or equipment deemed too damaged to be worthy of renovation. Vespa, the dog,
let out a series of barks that hit everyone like a punch to the gut, and ran
towards the rear of the room. There sat a small, badly damaged hovercraft
under a tarp. The records said that this was believed to be a personal
transport vehicle, and not a combat vehicle. "Here it is" Dane said without
much fanfare, which drew looks from his bondsman with him. He sighed and said
"Before now, I secretly hoped my critics were right, that my vision was a
fraud. Now I know the devastation that I have seen may truly come to pass."
He brightened then and stated "The vision has also shown me that this can be
avoided if we move quickly and with determination."

     Once the original Savannah Master was repaired. The scientists and
technicians began to evaluate the design and saw what potential the design
could bring to the Scorpion Touman. The hovercraft was fast, small, and
elusive to most enemy gunners. It had good firepower for its size, with a
Medium Laser providing a solid and durable weapon. It is also very inexpensive
to produce, particularly now with smaller and smaller fusion engines for
Protomechs being produced.
     This new model has been upgraded with Clan Ferro-Fibrous armor gives it
more protection, and a Clan ER Medium Laser now give the Savannah Master IIC
more damage and range. 
     It had one interesting side effect to the hovercraft's design was the
attitude of it's one man crew. It has been likened to the attitudes of Shamash
pilots in Blood Spirit vehicle stars, except this is more akin to Aerospace
pilots. Vehicle stars in clan doctrine place ten vehicles, broken down to five
two vehicle points within the star. These two Savannah Masters act very
similar to a two fighter point in aerospace stars, with a lead and a
"wingman". One instructor tells his classes "Your an aerospace pilot with a
fighter that doesn't leave the ground." The SM IIC pilots use many of the
tactics that fighter pilots use in combat, and seemed to have developed the
same "esprit de corps" of their flying counterparts.
     This makes the vehicle somewhat uncomfortable for commanders who feel
that vehicles are not worthy to take the field and are not used to the idea of
deploying them in anything but a support role to the rest of the Touman. The
performance of the SM IIC has helped to change minds, but still to few to
change Clan philosophies.

==Battle History:==
     As this design is just now becoming available, there has not been the
chance to test the SM IIC on the field of battle.

     The only variant is being produced alongside the SM IIC switches out the
ER for a Heavy Medium Laser. This version offers more in damage at the cost of
accuracy and range. It seems to be as popular as the primary version amongst
the garrison units.

     Clan Goliath Scorpion fields the most Savannah Master IIC's and its
variant IIC2 and prefers to keep them in complete stars. The speed and
"head-on" nature of the SM IIC doesn't lend itself to recon stars, and most
other types of vehicles can't keep pace with it. It is used as a deep raider
behind enemy lines, and as a cavalry styled flanking force to get in behind
the line of battle and force the enemy to weaken his line by forcing some
elements to turn to face its new threat, or risk being shredded by the SM IIC
to their rear. There are ongoing tests of other types of missions the
hovercraft is capable of handling.
     Of the other Clans, the Snow Ravens have a few stars worth scattered
amongst its garrison units. These are primarily used as a scout and as a
harasser to the enemy formations trying to lure units into ambushes. The Hells
Horses have purchased twenty SM IICs and another twenty SM IIC2s for testing
the design within their own combined arms units. Lastly, Clan Blood Spirit was
given 2 hovercraft, one of each, through the help of Clan Snow Raven's
contacts. Though surprised at this "gift", and wary as always, the Blood
Spirits were distrustful of the overture until convinced by the Snow Ravens
the sincerity of the offer. Not wanting to feel indebted to anyone, and
wishing to show their gratitude for this gesture. The Blood Spirits sent to of
their coveted Shamash Recon hovercraft to the Goliath Scorpion enclave on
Strana Mechty. These are being tested as a Command point in Savannah Master
IIC stars.

Type/Model:    Savannah Master IIC
Mass:  5 tons

Equipment: Items    Mass
Int. Struct.:  4 pts Standard        0       .50
Engine:        25 Fusion     0       .50
Shielding & Transmission Equipment:  0       .50
    Cruise MP:  13
     Flank MP:  20
Heat Sinks:     10 Single    0       .00
Cockpit & Controls:  0       .50
Crew: 1 Members      0       .00
Lift Equipment:      0       .50
Armor Factor:   29 pts Ferro-Fibrous 1      1.50

  Internal    Armor
  Structure   Value
   Front:     1 12
   Left / Right Sides:        1        7/7
   Rear:      1  3

Weapons and Equipment    Loc  Heat  Ammo   Items    Mass
1 ER Medium Laser        Front    5  1      1.00
TOTALS:   5  2      5.00
Items & Tons Left:   4       .00

Calculated Factors:
Total Cost:        152,167 C-Bills
Battle Value:      350
Cost per BV:       434.76
Weapon Value:      53 / 53 (Ratio = .15 / .15)
Damage Factors:    SRDmg = 6;  MRDmg = 4;  LRDmg = 0
BattleForce2:      MP: 13H,  Armor/Structure: 0 / 1
   Damage PB/M/L: 1/1/-,  Overheat: 0
   Class: GL;  Point Value: 4

User Reviews

11/5/2007 5  Vidar
Nice clan Savannah Master. I like the fact that they are primarily used by the clans that would most likely except them.