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Lasergunner posted this 01 July 2017

3050 Annihlator

Annihilator ANH-1B

Custom Level 1 / 3025 Inner Sphere  Biped 100 Tons
rhgunguy The Way Things Ought to Be

Faction Availability


Equipment   Mass

Cockpit: Standard 3T

Engine: Fusion 200 8.5T

Gyro: Standard 2T

  Walk: 2 MP

  Run: 3 MP

  Jump: 0 MP

Standard Heat Sinks: 42  32T

  8 in Engine

Actuators: L: Sh+UA, R: Sh+UA

  Internal Structure Armor

  Standard Standard

Tons 10 12.5

Head 3 9

Center Torso 31 25/10

L/R Torso 21 21/9

L/R Arm 17 24

L/R Leg 21 24



Battle Value: 1343

C-Bill Cost: 7,724,666

Qty Weapons and Equipment Location Critical Tonnage

1 PPC LT 3 7

1 Medium Laser LT 1 1

8 Heat Sink LT 8 8

1 PPC LA 3 7

1 Medium Laser LA 1 1

6 Heat Sink LA 6 6

2 Heat Sink LL 2 2

1 PPC RT 3 7

1 Medium Laser RT 1 1

8 Heat Sink RT 8 8

1 PPC RA 3 7

1 Medium Laser RA 1 1

6 Heat Sink RA 6 6

2 Heat Sink RL 2 2

2 Heat Sink CT 2 2


50 32


The Annihilator is an oddity, appearing only among Wolf's Dragoons. A recent upgrade to the 'mech appeared among the Dragoon's ranks after one of their mysterious hiaduses.


The improved Annihilator removes it's farmiliar Autocannons in favor of PPCs. Where the Dragoon's found so massive a store of these increasingly rare weapons is subject to intense speculation. In order to deal with the massive amounts of heat generated by the four PPCs, a massive cooling system was installed.

Configuration / Variants:

The -1B is the only know variant of the Annihilator.

Battle History:

The Annihilator sees most of its action with Zeta Battalion. There it is used as a fire-support 'mech laying down withering fire for its lance mates. However, this is the only use for which it is suited due to its below average speed and weak armor.


The Annihilator is only seen amoung the Wolf's Dragoons.

User Reviews

1/1/2008 4  mik
A powerful long range fighter. It is devastating when supported by a lance of close range fighters.
(Hey, I am also a warrior of the Wolf's Dragoons! Can you give me some?)

11/9/2007 5  Ice_Lion
I'm not a fan of Assault Mechs personally, but as an upgrade of the original, I do like it. It still suffers the same problems as the original, but remember, it worked as part of a team, not alone, and it is that familly enviroment of the Dragoons that is why this mech survives.
In the tradition of the Dragoons, it's a perfect evolution.

10/20/2007  Ice Hellion
More range and less ammo explosions but a little less firepower.
From an fortification breaker to a direct heavy fire support 'Mech.

Interesting job.

10/18/2007 3  Cowboy

10/15/2007  rhgunguy
I feel the same way about the survivability of the 'mech. It has so many down sides that I decided to fix the range and ammo-dependancy issues and leave the speed and armor issues for fun.

10/15/2007  Prince of Darkness
I don't think I have ever seen that many SHS on a 'mech before...but it is viable.

The problems with the standard Annihilator remain- you are dangerously slow, and you have an extremely low ammount of armor. However, you have some heavy med-to-long ranged firepower, and (amazingly) you have the heat sinks to back it up.

Still, like Ironraven, it makes me wonder how this thing has surrvived to this day.

10/14/2007  Ironraven
I had to count your crits, but it is kosher. It doesn't fix the speed and armour issues, but the lack of ammo and the range improvements means this is not a fun playmate for most mechs. I always wondered how the origional model survived.