IIthur Super Heavy Tripod

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Thunder posted this 1 weeks ago

Phase one.  In which I write down the basic stats, any maybe share the idea of what its for.


200 tons
- 5 tripod super heavy cockpit

-22 tripod reinforced endo structure

-13 compact 200 rated engine.

-4 heavy duty gyro

-43 standard armor


-24 2 Clan arrow IV's left toros, Right torso.

-8 8 tons arrow iv ammo. (2 slots left torso, 2 slots right torso.)

-1 TAG.  Head.

-5 Risc AMS with 2 tons ammo.(rams in left arm.  Ammo in left torso)

-2 small shield right arm.

-1.5 AMS with 1 ton ammo.  (AMS in left arm.  Ammo in Right torso.)

-2 2 CASE II Left and right torso.

-2 Angel ecm right arm

-2.5 C3i CT

-6 Clan double heat sinks. 2 in each leg, 2 ct

-9 3 Harjel iiI systems. LT CT RT

-26 2 HAG 30's.  LA RA

-6 HAG ammo.  LA RA CT

-18 3 cLPL LT RT CT

No lower or hand actuators.  Endo is 3 LA 3 RA 1 CT



Its a design intended for alpha strike.  Between the shield, the harjel, the ams systems it already has a massive amount of damage mitigation.  Weapons are a mix intended to pick off smaller units and aerospace.  Why?  because the intended strategy is to use small fast suicide bombers to wipe out anything with meaningful firepower, and let this monster slowly move in a clear out the survivors.  That being said... Need to work on the conversion...  Also maybe rework it a bit in terms of electronics.  Kinda want a probe of some form on it.

Naming.  Its a tripod, mars. John carter, no it does not jump.  what where those big ape things. White apes... how original.  Non canon name of iithur or llthur or lithur.  eh.  That will work.

Battletech story.  Sadly, this is something the republic could pull off if they wanted.  There are just no bounds to mixed tech anymore.  If I were to make something more in line with the universe.  Probably put harjel in all locations, use IS arrow IV, and silver bullet gauss.  Fill out with other secondary weapons as space permits.

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Thunder posted this 6 days ago

Conversion to alpha strike.  In like 11 easy steps

1. Unit Type  Its a Battlemech,  BM
2. Unit Size   Superheavy  4*

3 Movement and Movement modes:  2 inches.  Nothing special.

4 Armor 43*16/30 rounded. 23 points of armor

5. Structure 200 tons. Compact engine.  Do chart things. 20 structure

6 weapons 7.284/6.9/6.9

7 Heat 67 maximum output 32 dissipation = .5079365079 modifier...

8 Weapons and heat 3.7/3.5/3.5   Rounds to 4/4/4.   Flak: 4/4/4

9 Overheat: Overheat 3.  Overheat long 3

10 Special abilities

11 define unit role. Juggernaut...

12.  Point Value...

Offensive.  16 (Guns) + 2 (Size) + 2 (Overheat) + 12 (Errata artillery) + .75 (OVL) +.5 (TAG)

33.25* (1 +.1 (C3i) -.1(SHLD))  = 33.25  Rounds up to 33.5

Defense.  .25 (Move) + 1 (AMS) + 10.5 (BHJ3) + 1.25 (RAMS) + 7 (SHLD) + (46 armor + 20 structure)*1(Can not dodge... should really be .9 to be fair... but oh well.) = 86

Force bonus.  3 (AECM) + 2 (MHQ2)

Grand total. 33.5+86+5=124.5 rounds to 125....   Which is too big for the custom card generator to handle last I checked. (2 seconds ago.  Skyhigh!  We summon Thee.)

13.  Errata check.  Later.  Fairly sure I caught the important part with the artillery.


icehellion posted this 6 days ago

Will you turn this into a drone?

Thunder posted this 6 days ago

Nope.  Can't so far as I know.  Requires the special super heavy tripod cockpit.

The drones would be the suicide bomber units, nominally VTOL's or hovercraft. (Though I could probably modify that lightweight drone battlemech... would be more in keeping with the setting.)

Prince posted this 3 days ago

Modifying the Celeriy is an idea, but seems far too resource-costly to simply turn it into a suicide drone. Maybe a cheap Tarantula refit for the nessessary drone bits and booby trap? You can make one without guns that still goes 8/12/7 with guardian ECM.