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Cowboy posted this 4 weeks ago

So umm What happened?  I lost the ability to internet for a while and .....   Everything is gone?

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Thunder posted this 4 weeks ago

About 2 years ago...  Skyhigh said to save anything you wanted to have access to, S7 is going down for awhile.  About a Year Later S7 came up again in its present format.

The reason why is the previous version of S7 wasn't compatible with new servers.

I'm really hopping to get a backup copy of the previous S7 someday.

Cowboy posted this 3 days ago

Ahh....  Well...  That makes sense..  ( Hey Thunder!!!!)   Anyway... I missed the post about saving stuff, luckily I didn't have too much of anything that wasn't re-doable.. Or already backed up on a computer somewhere.  ( except for the recipe for the Blue Stuff)     I can still figure that one out in a bit.